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Team Umizoomi - Meet Shark Car

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I have to admit that we really love Team Umizoomi in this house!  The only problem I have is that we didn't learn about this show until Broxton was  getting too old for it.  I love that he will still watch and yell the answers out to the questions, but I know the time is limited until he thinks he is too grown to watch this kid show!  (Lucky for us, we have another one on the way, so she will be able to learn from these DVD's soon enough!)  Team Umizoomi teaches all about math and the great thing is his teacher says he does really well in math and wanted to know if we worked on it a lot at home!!! 
Milli, Geo and Bot are back with all-new friends and adventures in the brand-new DVD, Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car. Preschoolers are invited to join Team Umizoomi as they use their mighty math powers to find Shark Car and return him to their friend Jose. Created by Nickelodeon and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car will be available on DVD on May 19, 2015 for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car includes the following episodes:
  • Shark Car – Team Umizoomi jump into action to find Shark Car and get him back to their friend Jose before the ferry leaves.
  • Umi Toy Store – Team Umizoomi travel through a giant store to find their friend Colin’s coins so he can purchase his favorite toy, Sparkle Pup.
  • Stompasaurus – Team Umizoomi must travel to the aquarium, bowling alley and ice cream store to find Stompasaurus’ toy pieces and bring them to their friend Wyatt.
  • Lost and Found Toys – Team Umizoomi set out to return missing toys to their rightful owners in Umi City.


Fun Hours Ahead with @InRoadToys Play Tape

FTC Compliant Review Policy:
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
We have been lucky to review the road tape from In Road Toys in the past.  The great thing is that they offer so much more than just a plain, boring tape!  You can choose from their tape that is "Classic Road" in colors such as Black, Red, Orange and Purple.  It gets better though... You can also choose between Railroad Tape, Trolley Tape and even over grown railroad tape!!!  

We decided to go with Purple Road Tape (*remember, he likes LSU too) and since he has always loved trains, we went with the train tape too! As soon as it arrived, he was excited to play with it, as it is easy for him to put down and play with. Not to mention the fact that it lays flat on the ground, so he doesn't have to clean it up when he is done playing like he does with other tracks..   Lets be real, are you going to let your kids have a train track dead in the middle of the living room floor for days and days, or would you rather them lay out their railroad tape for several days?  (No worries of tripping over things this way!!) 
On this particular day of play, he decided he wanted to go with a train track that crossed over a road.  Then, to add to it, we needed to get the Lego Minifigures out, since there was about to be a parade in town and they had to line up on the road to see the excitement!!!
The best part for us?  He can play for hours, or even just a little bit.  There is less to clean up and his imagination is great for endless activities!   I love that it sticks to carpet, as well as hard floors.  There is no sticky residue and for all of the times we have used it, you can not even tell where it was put down to begin with.  (Did I mention you can pick it up and reposition it if you are not happy with the placement?) 
I think that this would be a great gift to give for trips out of town. (* I mentioned before how we used it on vacation for rainy days, you can make the track on a bed or anything.)  I think this would also be great to take to have on hand at a grandparents house.  It is just a small roll of tape versus big bulky tracks that would have to find storage space.  I even thought about giving some to his teachers.  They have indoor recess on rainy days and have different toy areas for the kids to play in.  This would be great to have on the floor for one of the activity areas!  
We have used this for birthday gifts, Easter basket items, seriously, the happiness it brings is great for any gift giving need!   I think this is a great product and love that it makes my kiddo super happy when we have it on hand!  (Would be great for any rainy summer days ahead!) 
What do you think you would use more, road or train tape?

Let's ALL Have a Bright Future - #ReimagineThat @UnileverUSA #ad

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
What do you do with your shampoo and conditioner bottles when you are finished with them?  In our house, Broxton turns them into magic potion bottles for a few days and then they magically disappear to the trash can when he is at school one day.  I know, I know... I should recycle them, but let me tell you...  growing up, the only thing that was recycled around our area was cans...  then, when I moved into an apartment, I tried ( I really, really did!) to do the whole recycling thing, but it just never worked...   I received an email the other day that put a different look on things, so guess what... We are going to try it again.  I think it might be easier now that we have a house (more room to try and recycle.) 
Check out a few facts from the email I received:

Think that empty shampoo bottle is just a bottle? Think again. With just a rinse and a recycle, empty bath and beauty bottles can take on new life and return as hairbrushes, backpacks or even backyard play set.   ---  Are you kidding me?  I had no clue... hairbrushes, backpacks or play sets?  NO WAY! 
Common bathroom products like shampoo, body wash and lotion bottles could be more likely to end up in landfills than their kitchen counterparts, contributing to the nearly 29 million tons of plastics sent to landfills each year!  --  Sad to say I am part of the problem.  I just never really thought about it,  before now.
Unileverthe maker of products including Dove®, Suave®, St. Ives®, Caress® and more – is stepping in to inspire Americans to clean up their act in the bathroom.  
Beware the product hoarders: 1 in 5 Americans (20%) have more than 10 bathroom products in plastic bottles in their bathroom at a given time. 
What gets Americans moving: Americans are more likely to go the distance to get a drink when thirsty, charge their phone, or answer a phone call than walk an empty plastic bottle from the bathroom to the recycle bin. 
Battle of the sexes: More men (80%) reported recycling their empty bathroom bottles than women (74%).
Unilever can’t do this alone, and so the company has introduced the Unilever BrightFuture initiative. What began as Project Sunlight in 2013 has evolved into a larger movement designed to bring Unilever’s purpose to life and inspire Americans to take small actions that add up to a big difference – whether that’s wasting less, sharing more, turning off the tap, turning on community activism or, simply, recycling – because everyone has a role to play in creating a brighter future.
Unilever needs help from America to make this change a reality, and is asking people nationwide to step up and join the bathroom recycling movement. Go to to learn more, or share a photo of your bathroom recyclables on Twitter or Instagram using #ReimagineThat and #Sweeps for a chance to win reimagined recycled prizes. Daily and grand prizes range from Unilever beauty kits to goods made from recycled plastics like an umbrella or a backpack. By taking simple steps at home – like recycling –Americans can also help the environment and address climate change.
Wouldn't you like to help Unilever get more people in America recycling and helping to make a change?  That would be awesome... and not only for now, but by recycling, we are teaching our children and they will do it as they get older as well!  
To help get people motivated to shoot for a Bright Future and RECYCLE, Unilever is hosting a sweepstakes!  (Make sure to click and read the official rules before entering!) 
Highlights for Sweepstakes:
·       Timing: April 29 – June 9
·       Daily prizes (42 in total) and a grand prize (1 for a $500 gift card)
·       Users must include #ReimagineThat and #Sweeps and tag @UnileverUSA in order to qualify.
DO YOU RECYCLE? Will you try to now?

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