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Lonestar Secrets - Review

I received Lonestar Secrets by Colleen Coble from Thomas Nelson Publishing.
I have to admit, I have never read a “Christian / Fiction / Romance” book before, but I was very impressed! I actually did not even realize that was the book category until I was finished!

The book Synopses, as found on Colleen Coble’s website, states:

Shannon Astor returns to southwest Texas to serve as the town’s veterinarian, believing she’s finally found the space to get her life back on track. Then she catches a glimpse of Jack MacGowan, the man who ruined her life years before. But even more shocking is the sight of Jack’s five-year-old daughter Faith, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Shannon’s own daughter Kylie. Is it possible that their similarities could be more than just coincidence? Could Faith be the daughter that Shannon has believed to be dead for all these years? As the truth emerges, everyone is forced to take sides–in a story with a heart as big as Texas.
From the moment I read the firs…

Will someone please help me? :)

Okay, I just moved my post from a post to a draft, because I need some help!

I am trying to figure out how to post pictures...
I went to photo bucket and I uploaded a couple of them.
I then went to Blogger and went to the Edit Html part of a new post.
I then copied and pasted the HTML code from photo bucket into my blog.

When I click on review, it looks fine!
BUT, when I just came back and looked at my blog, it is only showing half a picture...

That would be fine, if I was trying to get you to use your imagination for the rest, but I am not playing that game today..
I want you to see my whole picture!

If anyone can/will help...
I would REALLY appreciate it!

Thanks !

Trying to post pictures: Broxton's Room

Hey all!
I have something I want to talk about...
BUT, I want to wait until I can figure out the whole posting pictures thing...
Lets cross our fingers that I somewhat know what I am doing...
Here we go!
Just wanted to share what Broxtons room sort of looks like:

Here is his bed:

The changing table:

His mobile. (*we had to take it down, he was starting to pull at it!)

Let's cross our fingers that I know what I am doing!
Joanna helped me....
I hope this works!
:) Smile!!!!!!!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!

Remembering 9/11 (BlogHop)

Remembering 9/11 (BlogHop)
September 11th...

That date will always be in our minds and our hearts.
That is the date when things changed. For all of us!
I will always remember September 11th.

I was going to college in Buckhead (part of Atlanta, Ga)
I was driving to school that morning and my dad called my cell phone to tell me what happened. I got to class and we all were trying to figure out what was going on. We were told to go home. Rumor had it that the area we were in could possibly be a target. (Some say that we were in the Financial Area of Atlanta.)
Well, I went home and could not leave the TV.
A few friends came over and we watched TV all day. Well, watched TV and cried.

We did leave to go to the store, I will never forget it...
There was a guy riding down the street on his bicycle and he was wearing an American Flag.
That is when the Flag started flying again...

People grew closer to their loved ones.
People began stereotyping their neighbors.
People changed.

Today, September…