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Bodycology- Review

Please do not ever enter my bathroom!
LoL, I have a problem.. I love soap, lotions... you know what I mean.
I have to go through the aisles at the stores to see what new scents are out... I have seenbodycologybefore, but for one reason or another, I have never purchased it.
STOP. Yes, it stops now!
I am tired of spending too much money on other brands!
This stuff works!
It smells good.
The packaging is cute enough to display...
I was sent a few different items to review and I am glad I did! They sent a bottle of Vanilla Cupcake Body Mist.
Not that Broxton isn't sweet enough, but I love spraying it on/near him!
When the boys were here, I would spray them at random times as well.
I love the smell, just not on me! :) It was a bit to sweet... it sure did make me want a cupcake!
I was also able to review their Cucumber Melon Body Cream. Of course, you know it was wonderful! Not to greasy, not to thick. Just a rich creamy texture that was quickly absorbed into my skin to provide much needed mois…

In A Heartbeat - Book Review

How many of you saw the movie, The Blind Side?
I know I did!
My brother went and saw it with a group of friends and he spoke of how great the movie was, so I knew that it was one I would have to see.
In A Heartbeat is sort of like a "behind the scenes" of the Tuohy family.
I really loved reading this book.
In the movie, it was more of the story of Michael... In this book, you get more of the story of giving.
Every few pages, I would have to stop and share with Marc what I read. I asked if he ever heard of certain people named in the book.
Sean Tuohy has most certainly came a LONG way from where he grew up to where he is now... and I honestly believe that God has granted him much in life because of the life he lead. Sean learned how to be appreciative... and that at the end of the day, giving really does make a difference!
Leigh Anne Tuohy cracks me up! She is a feisty lady that is not to be messed with! She sets her mind to something, and it has a ripple affect. I love…

Aloha Friday - 45 i think

I have totally lost count on what Aloha Friday Number I am on.. Oh well.. Head on over to Island Life and link on up! You know how it goes...
ALOHA my friends!
Enjoy your weekend..
My question: What did you do for your last birthday?

My last one was the BIG 30... Marc was gone, just had a few family members over for a cookout... This year will be great because Marc is here... Not sure what we will be doing...
By the way... August is my BIRTH MONTH! LoL, remember when you used to celebrate like forever around your birthday? Well, I know that we used to celebrate mine for a week... August marks my 31 years of being here... and my first year of blogging!
Woooooooooo Whooooooooo
Have a great weekend!

Giggle.Com - Giveaway

I do not know about you, but I used to get TONS of magazines!
I saw an ad for these cute alphabet coloring place-mats at, so of course I had to take a look at what else they offered! Giggle has a little of this and tons of that... From furniture to clothes and everything in between! Currently, giggle is hosting a contest to win a $1,000 gift card... Never hurts to enter!

Also, Gina over at giggle has graciously announced that they would like one of you lucky people to win "The Giggle Guide to Baby Gear." It is written by non other than Ali Wing, the CEO and Founder of Giggle! Included in this book are the following chapters:

Checklists: Expecting parentsChecklists: The first six monthsChecklists: ToddlerhoodChecklists: Getting out and aboutProducts: baby on the goProducts: the nurseryProducts: feedingProducts: bath timeOne thing that this book offers, is the fact that it grows with your child!
Yes, instead of just telling you about needs for your newborn, it even includes…

The Cream Perfume Company - Review & Giveaway

Okay, so I have never been the French Riviera, but I would LOVE to go!!!!
Have you ever been there?
Ever heard of "Grasse?"Well, it is ON the French Riviera... and it is considered to be the WORLDS capital of perfume.
I had the chance to review several products from The Cream Perfume Company and I have to say, I might not be on the French Riviera, but I felt pampered enough to at least think I was!
The Cream Perfume Company carries a 12 scents of solid fragrances as well as 4 scents of their smooth and silky body lotion. Being honest, I opened the box and thought "oh no, I am not going to like this rose lotion" but I wanted to at least try it out! Ha! That was a funny thought because I have more than just tried it out... I am not sure how many of you watch Army Wives, but the Claudia Joy character is ALWAYS putting lotion on her hands before she goes to bed... I have started doing that more now since I have the lavender body moisturizer. I mean, lavender helps t…

W/W - Thai Food

Marc and I tried Thai food for the first time... It was good... and the Mango Sticky Rice was really YUMMY!!!!
I can mark that off our list! LoL

Mango Sticky Rice My food Marc's food

Creamery Creek - Review

Okay, I do not know if I am the only one that has never heard of Goat Milk Soap...
I have heard of people drinking the milk (nope, I have never done that)
But, now I can tell you that the soap is such a great product!
I have seen of a few different places that make this soap and I was so lucky to get to review Creamery Creek and share my find for you!!!!
Let me tell you a bit about Creamery Creek First...
Creamery Creek is a family owned business! They started raising goats 25 years ago and then eventually moved on to making goats milk soap. Creamery Creek is south of Salt Lake City, Utah. One of my best friends used to live in SLC, so that grabbed my attention right there! :)
Once I started reading about their product, I learned that is safe for people with eczema, so that was a plus for Broxton!!!
I was sent 2 bars of soap.. One was unscented (for Broxton to try) and the other was a Red Clover Tea for me...
This soap lathers up SO GOOD!!!
As soon as I saw the lather I knew that meant I was…

Supergoop - Review

Being a red-head, I normally try and get the highest SPF level I can find... Well, I used to.. but truth be told, a 30 SPF level works just as good as the higher ones, as long as you apply it like you are supposed to!

I saw Supergoop on the Internet and I thought that this might be a product that Broxton and I could both benefit from. I have been reviewing Supergoop for over a week now and so far, Broxton's skin has had no reaction to it... and I am not getting burnt either!! Yay!!!
When it came, I was expecting it to be a nasty smell or thick or all of the above.

We were able to review the Supergoop Everyday Lotion . It comes with this easy to use little squirt nozzle. Just pump the amount you want, no more squeezing the bottle and getting too much! I really liked the fact that it has NO ODOR!
Yes, no odor at all!
One of the boys said, "Ooh, it is soft and it feels good!" Ha! Needless to say, he was the main one telling me it was time to reapply!

Chris also sent me the Q…

Hosting a Giveaway?

Not sure if you have heard of the newest site to help spread the word of your giveaways... I have seen it on a few other blogs and it looks as though it is taking off now!
I am going to give it a try...
I would love as many people as possible to learn of the outstanding companies I have the pleasure of working with. Are you interested in knowing more? Just head on over to Giveaway Scout and read up on it... ( you can also enter a few contests while you are there!)