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It's Getting Hot In Here... Well, Everywhere Is Pretty Hot, Right?

What do you do to cool down in this heat? I am telling you what.. It is hot as anything lately and I am so appreciative of my husband. The other day, we had a friend call to see if Marc was working, or if he would be able to take Broxton to a ball game, you know.. Father / Son - Guy day...   Marc was working, so he couldn't go.. but we were talking about it being so hot that we didn't know if the game would really be fun anyways... and then it hit me..  My husband goes out and works in this every day to provide for our family...  That just makes me so proud of him!
So, getting to the heat.. We were lucky enough to try a few new frozen treats to help us beat the heat and I will tell you this..  THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!!!!!!!
With the Breyers Blasts, I am holding out until I see the Banana Split in stock.   Marc loves banana split ice cream, so I am hopeful that he will enjoy it.  Honestly, I think the blasts of other flavors mixed into the ice cream adds to it, I would so …

Protect Your Kids Health With Culturelle Probiotics

I never noticed the importance of Probiotics until Broxton was sick one time.  We had just started a "play group" of sorts and he was around kids (and yes, germs....)  He got a nasty bug and I did not know what to do.   It was the middle of the night, so I called the on call nurse and tried to figure out what I needed to do to make my little one "all better."  She asked questions to figure out what was going on, gave me advice and then started telling me that I needed to get probiotics in him.
Truth be told, I had no clue what that was, so I had to google to figure it out.
Long story short, I took it to be that probiotics are the good bacteria that helps your immune system.
It can be found in yogurt and other items, but the sure fire way to know if you have them on hand and ready is to just purchase probiotics to keep in your medicine cabinet.
One point when we had the boys, I noticed they were all not feeling well, so I quickly started them on probiotics... Their…

Smart Packing - For Today's Traveler

Whenever I travel, I tend to over pack.  I have always done so and I think I always will....
Marc on the other hand has to be the person that knows how to pack the best.  From packing the car full but still managing to get the doors to all close (and nope, we do not even have to ride with luggage in our laps!) To packing bags to make everything fit.
You see, I count the number of days I am going some place..
Then, I must have an outfit for each day... plus extras. You know plenty of extra shirts( you never know when something might spill) to plenty of panties and bra's.  (Not really sure what I am expecting here, but hey... I am prepared!) OH MY GOODNESS... When Broxton was born... Do NOT even get me started, I packed a huge suitcase for me... and then like 4 other bags for him... you know, diaper bag, extra diaper bag, enough clothes to outfit him for a month, bottles, formula, toys and if you name it, we might have packed it...  
Had I read the book, Smart Packing for Today's …

Stargate Atlantis Complete Seasons Available August 28

If you are a fan of Stargate Atlantis, you will love to know that Seasons One through Five are being released as Complete Seasons on BluRay August 28th. I have never watched, but I know how excited I get when I hear about my shows coming out on disc, so I thought I might make someone happy!  
Continuing the journey of “Stargate: SG-1,” television’s longest running sci-fi series,“Stargate: Atlantis” explores the great city of Atlantis built thousands of years ago by the Ancients and the new home base for an elite expedition team from earth.  Overflowing with exciting quests and surprises, fans will experience every captivating, and spine-tingling mission of the Intrepid Team from their first hostile encounter to their last rescue mission.  Available as individual season sets for the first time ever on Blu-ray beginning August 28 exclusively at Best Buy, the compelling ensemble cast includes Jason Momoa (Conan the Barbarian, “Game of Thrones”), David Hewlett (Rise of the Planet of the …

Sprout Introduces New Shows and A New LineUp

Just as Broxton is preparing for a great school year ahead, Sprout is planning their new TV lineup.   August 27 kicks off their new lineup and I am able to share the new to US shows and what current shows have new episodes...

On Monday, August 27, Sprout will debut three new series exclusive to U.S. television audiences, Olive the Ostrich,Wibbly Pigand64 Zoo Lane, as well as all-new episodes of Sprout originals PajanimalsandThe Good Night Show

Olive the Ostrich Olive is an ostrich with a big imagination, huge heart and a gigantic appetite for adventure! She lives in the outback with her family, but Olive is different…while her family is running, pecking and laying eggs, Olive can be found imagining herself going on exciting adventures when she buries her head, down, deep down into the sand. Written in a story book style, Olive the Ostrich is a CGI animated series where animators bring to life real pictures drawn by children. The children's artwork i…

A Thank You To ALL Teachers - Because You Are My Teacher

Having a great teacher can really make a difference in the life of a child.  If you think about it, they spend so much time with your kids... and (we hope) that they are positive role models for them to look up to.  I know when I was younger, we would play school from time to time... and we would teach the lesson, grade their work and so forth... If you don't have a teacher that you like, why would you even play a game like that?  I mean, you wouldn't enjoy it, would you?   
I am also not just talking about teachers in elementary school... 
Nursery school teachers teach about socialization and many other aspects that are ideal for a great learning environment, then you have your school teachers, from Kindergarten to your Senior year... But you then go off to college and you have your "professors" there... They are still teaching you ... 
Let's not forget all the homeschooling parents out there... 
To me, that is someone special!  I mean, not only are you parenting th…

Change The Way You Sit With @backjoy

Now that school is starting back up, there are so many places you will have to be.  Did you know that we all could use a bit of help in sitting to help out backs out?  Yep!  I have had the chance to review a product from BackJoy and I am going to try and tell you a bit about it now...  As a blogger, you know that I am in front of a computer, but I also do other things that puts me sitting down as well... (Driving here there and everywhere... not to mention watching television and / or reading)  With others, you could use it from a desk job to a student... from studying to driving...  So that is an extra plus with the BackJoy... Not only does it help with your back and your posture, it is easy to carry wherever you need it... 
I think that a student would enjoy using it when they are doing their homework and studying...
It is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can use it while driving to the library, carry it in to use while studying and then use it again at home or a friends house…

Jim Longworth and The Glades - Season Two on DVD NOW #giveaway

Last year, I had the chance to review The Glades Season One on DVD... I am so glad that I did, as I was immediately hooked on that show!  I was able to get Marc into watching it... and even my parents are now fans!  The great thing about last year was that we watched Season One RIGHT before Season Two started, so we did not have to wait like we do with other shows... I HATED when Season Two was over, as it seemed like AGES for season Three to come around... (We are currently in Season Three now and yes, I am still loving it!)

Launch Highlights:
● A&E’s highest rated original series, THE GLADES follows Jim Longworth, a Chicago homicide detective with an attitude, who relocates to a sleepy town outside the Florida Everglades where people keep turning up murdered. The drama and mystery of THE GLADES Season 2 continues on DVD July 10th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
● Loaded with exclusive extras including extended episodes, deleted scenes, a gag reel, featurettes, and…

Broxton Has His Own Waterbottle @LibertyBottles #madeinUSA

Whooo Hoooo... 
Broxton now has a water bottle of his own, make that a water bottle of his own for when he starts school.   Yes, we have several different water bottles, but I wanted one that was perfect for him to take to school.  I really want him to drink more water, so I am hopeful that this cute thing might work in helping...  We were sent the green one with the owl, isn't it cute?!  I think it could be used with both boys and girls, so that works great for us!   Let me tell you why I like Liberty Bottle Works so much.

First of all, they are MADE IN THE USA.  With so many people looking for jobs, it makes me happy to see USA made products, opposed to the products we import from other countries.   Second of all, they are just adorable and come in different styles and sizes.
Third reason, they are easy for Broxton to open to drink, but not to spill! Finally, (and could be the most important one)  is the way you can drink out of it. When you receive your water bottle, you open…

There ARE Still "Good People Everywhere"

With so much negative everywhere, it is nice to be reminded of the good people out there...  I mean, you hear these horrible stories of mass shootings and it makes you scared to leave, but then you hear the story of the good Samaritan (that we heard tonight that stopped to help a stranger out, yet ended up dying in the process...) I do not want Broxton to think that the world is all chocolate milk and candy canes, but I do not want him to think it is full of nothing but bad and evil either...  I want him to know what is around him and to appreciate everything...   I was excited to get a surprise book in the mail, Good People Everywhere...  It starts with " Today, in neighborhoods all over the world, millions and millions of people are doing very good things... "
It might not be next door, but there IS good going on... This book tells us that we need to remember that...  From the parents that are working to provide a cooked meal for their family to the truck drivers that mak…

W/W - On a Mission With @harleydavidson

Marc has a Harley and loves it...  Broxton WISHES he had a Harley, so we pretend...  (Yeah, one day... he will have a little Harley... Wish they made hotwheel sized ones that he could have a couple of them until then.. but anyways)   So... Marc washes his Harley... and Broxton has to wash his too...  We have now decided to collect Harley Davidson Poker Chips..  They are around $1 or $2  each... Each dealership has one with their logo on it... I am collecting any and all colors (and Broxton has a mini collection with red and black ones...) I told Marc to grab me a purple one from the Cartersville location (he was working there)  and I said, if they have pink to grab one of those as well...  Well, he came home with each of the colors that they had! Ha! Ha!  Ha!!! So far, my "collection" includes: Cartersville, Ga - from Marc Lithia Springs, Ga - first we collected Newnan, Ga - I bought it in hopes that they had a zombie on it, since Walking Dead is filmed there.. Nope Tenness…

My Charmed Life

Do you ever read a book and immediately think of people you think would like to borrow the book when you are done?  I do from time to time and with the book, My Charmed Life, I had two people in mind... For starters, my mom... and then my friend Himee.  
In the book, you are told stories of the memories that come with different pieces of jewelry.   As I read the story and saw the memories, I knew my mom would enjoy the book... for the memories as well as the jewelry...  As for my friend, Himee, we both love reading  and she is always on the lookout for that special someone... as I turned the pages, I was immediately thinking that this was one that Himee and I could read and discuss... Not to mention, we all love jewelry, so this would be fun.  
Long story short, this book takes us from a watch being given as an "engagement ring" to her mom all the way through the authors teens/twenties and so on.. up to age 50.  We not only learn of her love of jewelry, but also the struggles …

Books for Parents and Kids to Enjoy Together. @FreeSpiritBooks

I really enjoy working with Free Spirit Publishing.
I have been able to review all sorts of books that are not the typical ones you find at the local store.
We have had the opportunity to review their latest series, ParentSmart / KidHappy .
I thought that these would be great to work with Broxton since we do need to get  more of a stricter schedule with him getting ready to start school.  So, this was the perfect time to read these.
Up first:  Ready for the Day.
In this book, you have a daddy getting his little girl up to start her day.  As with some kids, she is not eager to get ready for school.  Instead of daddy snapping at her, he kindly tells her that he too wishes he could stay home with her, but that they will have time to play that night and for her to pick out a game for them to look forward to.  He also picks out a couple outfits and has her choose the one that she will wear.  No, he is not giving her complete control, but by giving her a say in the decision, it seems as thou…

Stick A Note To Show You Care With @postitproducts

I love school supplies.  I get it from my mom... My mother loves pens...   I remember going to her office and she would have these big cups FULL of pens.  I did as well, until I started waiting tables and if you have ever waited tables, you know how fast your pen can grow legs and vanish!  
Well, although I am no longer in school... I still love walking through the stationary section... and once the school supply sales start, I have to look and check everything out!   That being said, I can tell you a guilty pleasure of mine these days...  Post-It-Notes.

I love them and I have them all over. I get that from my dad.  You see, his office has a nice little supply closet and I would always ask for paper... and then I spotted it... The post it dispenser... It was awesome... It had different colors, not just the classic yellow.. and from that point, I was hooked!   So yeah, my post it obsession... 
You do know that post-it is no longer just the yellow squares... 
I was recently surprised w…

Keep Your Snacks Cool With Cool Gear

With Back to School Planning for Broxton, I am also trying to think of things for me... I mean, as a stay at home mom for these three years, what am I going to do with myself while he is in school?  I know that I want to try and get out more.. Be it going to take pictures or going to the gym.. Making time to enjoy a book in the park, really... I do not know what I will do, but I did find some pretty cool products that I want to tell you about.

Originally, I stopped over at the Cool Gear Website to see what they had as far as idea's to help Broxton with his lunch at school, but the more I started looking, I thought that several of their products would make great teacher gifts... as well as great mommy gifts too!
(Never to early to start thinking about Christmas gifts, that is what I think anyways..)
So, Cool Gear:

Cool Gear has been around since 1986.  As you guessed by the name, it is Gear to keep things COOL.. 
And it looks pretty cool too!  If you are thinking of something to sta…