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Weekend Take Me Back - Sweet 16

Welcome back!
Hope you are joining me in my Weekend Take Me Back!
This week, I am going to talk about my Sweet 16.
My mom is under the impression that I don't talk about her enough, so I want to show you just how awesome she is!!!
I didn't realize it when I was younger, but I do now... Love you mom!!!

So, Noelle turning 16.
Oh, I guess I should tell you about my moms car first. She used to own a Cougar. I was not a fan of it, I thought it was pretty cool for her, but it was not one I wanted!
So anyways... Photo by: bsocialis on flickr
I left for church camp. It was a great time!
We went to Florida for the week and had an amazing time!
I returned and it was the month before my 16th birthday. My parents picked me up from the church.
They gave me a birthday card (kinda weird since it was a month away... but hold on!) In the card was a set of car keys!
They had the Ford Logo on it and I got nervous... Being ever so ungrateful, I prayed that it was not to that Cougar.
Yes, any car would be app…

In Atlanta and Looking for Fun?

Got this email and thought it would be nice to share...If you are in or near Atlanta THIS Weekend, August 25-28th, head on over to the Georgia Aquarium and help "stuff the barrel"! Have fun and help out? Sounds like a great deal!!!!

Check this out:
ATLANTA (August 19, 2011) –As students head back to school, Georgia Aquarium is partnering with Kids In Need, a free store for teachers, for a special “Stuff the Barrel” two-in-one school supply drive and promotion. Offering $5 off general admission to all guests who donate school supplies from August 25-28, Georgia Aquarium provides a special way for guests to give back to local schools, while giving back to their wallets, as well.During this special promotional weekend, guests of the Aquarium will be “stuffing” barrels and bins with school and art supplies for educators and students from financially-challenged Atlanta area schools. Guests will receive $5 off their purchase of a general admission ticket with the donation of new scho…

Photo's for Sale - Week Two

I posted last week that I wanted to try and sell some of the photo's that I have taken. I really hope that you enjoyed them, and maybe even bought a few as well! I would love for you to share this link with your family and friends, I appreciate any help in getting more to see my work! If you are interested in purchasing any of them: Please leave me a comment (with a way to contact you) or send me an email: Jumpin.beans09 at
Headlight: Gold Bond: Freedom: Happiness: Happiness with Flair:
Prices are as follows: (Plus shipping) 8x10 = $30 11x14 = $50 16x20 = $75
They can also be printed on canvas, for an additional charge.
Thank you so much for your support!

Earn While You Spend! Mabel's Labels

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Football and Weddings? Yes or No?

I hope that you had a great week and are planning to have an amazing weekend!!!!

I was thinking, football season is right around the corner, so with that in mind, I am asking a rather odd (to some) question!

When it comes to wedding planning, does your teams football schedule come into thought?

For us.... YES!!!!! Take our wedding for example... We totally had to look at the UGA and LSU schedules when setting the date!!
There was NO WAY we could have expected our family and friends to miss a big game! Ha ha!!!
(Yes, Marc's LSU played BAMA, but we worked it out so that the wedding and reception would END before the game, so that everyone could make it to be in front of a TV for it... As for UGA, we played Troy that day (not a big game) so it was alright!

SO, does it matter to you?

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Organa Kids - Kids DVD Collection Review

We had the chance to review a couple new DVD's from Organa Kids.
They are both geared for kids ages 2-5...
So I thought it would be great for Broxton to see.They are kid shows from England, so I too was excited to watch!!!!

About Happy Valley: HappyValley, a charming series also from England, is set in a beautiful countryside by the sea.Using traditional and contemporary nursery rhymes and songs, each episode tells a story about the children who live in the valley as they learn about the world around them.Whether taking a school trip, visiting grandparents, or a simple walk in nature, the tales are endearing and captivating and appeal to even the youngest of viewers.HappyValleyVolume 1 contains the episodes “Rain is Tumbling,” “There You Are, Blackbird,” “Tree on the Hill,” “Where Are You Hiding?,” “Autumn Leaves,” Gee Up Little Horsie,” Wakey, Wakey!,” “Far, Far Away” and Little Donkey.”
MY Opinion:
This was a cute DVD. Being that it was from England, we had never even heard of it.…

W/W - My hometown

This is in my hometown.... I think it is beautiful!!!!
Side note... I am going to give it a try and hopefully sell some of my pictures. Would love it if you took a look at what I have to offer so far. (Feel free to buy one ... or all... of them!) Just click here to look at my previous post with what I have available.
Happy Wednesday!

Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz - Available August 23

If you are a fan of Tom and Jerry, then their latest movie is one you really want to see!
Marc and Broxton enjoy Tom and Jerry and WE ALL love The Wizard of Oz, so I was excited to see how this would work.Were Tom and Jerry going to be the characters Dorothy meets in Oz? I could just see Tom as the Cowardly Lion...
Maybe Jerry as the Scarecrow!
Ha! How funny!

We were in for a treat!
As soon as Broxton saw the case, he immediately started in...
I want to watch Tom and Jerry!
So, we planned for family movie night and we all settled in to watch it!
It was cute!
Totally not what I expected. Tom and Jerry do not play roles, they are just... Tom and Jerry. Auntie Em asks them to stop their fighting and promise to watch after Dorothy!
Wow, I never thought that day would come!!!

They then condense the movie of the Wizard of Oz to keep young one's attention. We still meet all the characters that we love, but it isn't as long as the original movie. Tom and Jerry have to try and keep Dorothy …

Mom Blogging for Dummies - Book Review

When I was offered the chance to review, Mom Blogging for Dummies, I thought it might be a good read!
Now that it is here, I am learning so much!
I wish I would have read this back when I was first starting out!!!!

This book covers so many different aspects of "mom blogging" and I have really enjoyed learning so much!!!
I am not going to touch on all of it, as you should get the book and learn all you can... But, I do want to touch base on a few things...
First of all, I just LOVED the first cartoon of the book. It has a couple people looking at a photo album and it says, "These are the parts of our life that aren't on my blog." How true is that for some of us?!
Gotta love it!!!

Wendy Piersall did a great job in explaining things in here in every day terms!
Oh, and don't worry... No matter if you are on WordPress or Blogger... She covers both when need be!
Hey, she even has a section about the Pros/Cons of each!!!
( I am still trying to decide if I am brave enou…

Paper Scissors Rock #giveaway

If you love art at all, you really should head over to the Paper Scissors Rock website and have a look around!
Pamela Corwin is the artist and she is based out of Olympia, Washington.Using acrylics and watercolor, she paints amazing works and then uses her artwork for other products that are great!!!
Paper Scissors Rock carries: *Nightlights *Alarm Clocks *Clocks (small and large) *Bookmarks *Greeting Cards *Magnets
I started looking around and I really had a hard time narrowing it down! For Broxton's room, we went with the SailBoat Alarm Clock!
No, Broxton doesn't wake up to an alarm clock yet, but it is a cute addition to his "transportation" themed room!
I just love the second hand!!!! (All of their alarm clocks have the floating second hand with cute little images! From Las Vegas with Dice, Flowers with bees... They are just too cute!) We also got a sunflower night light. I love sunflowers.. As long as I can remember, they have just always reminded me of happiness. …

What Do You Expect? She's a Teenager - Book Review

I do not have a daughter, but I am one.....
So, I was eager to read the new book, "What Do You Expect? She's a Teenager!" by Arden Greenspan-Goldberg, LCSW, BCD.Well, that and the fact that my little cousin is in her "tween" years, so I thought it might help my aunt out!
This book is labeled as: A Hope and Happiness Guide For Moms With Daughters Ages 11-19. Talk about a wide gap in the ages it covers! In What Do You Expect, you get 15 Chapters filled with information on how to handle different situations. This book is 326 pages of helpful items!

The Chapters Are:
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Aerial Parenting Chapter 2 - Why Is She Like That? Chapter 3 - Technology Chapter 4 - Independence Chapter 5 - Family Dynamics Chapter 6 - School Chapter 7 - Peers Chapter 8 - Bullying Chapter 9 - Dating Chapter 10 - Sex Chapter 11 - Body Image, Health and Personal Identity Chapter 12 - Alcohol and Drugs Chapter 13 - Mental Health Chapter 14 - Special Needs Chapter 15 - How to Choose a The…

My Soapbox for the day

I am a very opinionated person, but for the most part, my personal views are not really on this blog.I thought about this and I would love your thoughts...
I was online this morning when I was reading about the University of Georgia. I am a bulldog by birth! Born and raised in Georgia, my dad went to Georgia... My brother goes to Georgia... So, I bleed red and black.
Anywho, on this particular post, I am not here to convert you to the Bulldog Nation :)
I am here to ask you about something else...
Yesterday was fan day in Athens... It is where you go and meet the players... Get your picture with them, get their autographs... Basically hang out and have fun.
We went in the past. I have autographed items...My brother has an autographed football. Then, I read it. Citing concern for selling autographed memorabilia, the players were only allowed to autograph posters... What?!
I told Marc, as that was just crazy to me.... He said it probably had something to do with Terelle Pryor. I had no clue, so I…

#Giveaway : Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

******* GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED*******
Before Broxton was born, I was not a fan of steak.When my dad would grill steaks, he would always throw on chicken or burgers for me... I know, I know... I was missing out!

Once I was pregnant with Broxton, I tried steak and then craved it. To this day, I LOVE steak and yep, Broxton does too...
The only problem?
I like my steak with steak sauce!
According to my dad, if a steak is done right, no sauce is required...
I just like the taste of steak sauce, so I have to have some...
I kept hearing about this "Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce" and I really wanted to give it a try.
I asked if I could review it... Guess what, they not only said "YES," they are also giving two of you a chance to win and try it out for yourself!

Let me tell you about this sauce...
We got it in the mail and true to its name, it clearly says "ALL PURPOSE SAUCE" on the bottle. Steak * Hamburger * Chicken * Fries * Barbecue Well, we don't have a grill here, so…

Just like Nonni made them! Nonnis Biscotti - Review

In college, I made one of my best friends...Well, the best friends I have now, all came from my college years... Those were the best of times!
But, I am talking about one in particular here...
His name is Matt and I can remember the two of us sitting around talking about our grandmothers... I called mine, Nana and he called his, Nonni.
Nonni is an Italian term...
I had not given much thought about that until the other day. I was sent biscotti for us to review. The brand? Nonni'sBiscotti! Talk about memories flooding back!

Thinking about Matt and his Nonni, I set in to try these out. Now, let me tell you, my mom enjoys biscotti, but I have never really cared for it. I see now that I was eating the wrong kind!!!
Broxtonimmediatly wanted to try the Caramel Milk Chocolate Biscotti Bites. OH MY!
They were wonderful!
I admit, we planned to just eat one, but they were too good to put up... So, Marc, Broxton and I each had a couple.
We eventually tried all of them. I see now that it isn't the bi…