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Weekend Take Me Back - My Brother was RAN over!

Did I tell you about the time my brother was ran over? For real... This is not a joke. He is okay, this was a few years ago... But I have to warn you... I am adding pictures to it, they are kind of nasty... So, if you have a weak stomach, you might want to not to look.
I live in Atlanta and he was still living at home. It was his senior year and they had just had graduation practice. My parents were both out of town and he had a "few friends" over to hang out before graduation.
Everyone was there hanging out having a good time. One of his friends came over to show off the jeep that he just got for a graduation gift.
Anyways, he was going out to check the mail. He got the mail and was heading back to the house when he remembered that he had forgotten to pick up the newspaper. He bent down to get it, at the same time, the buddy with the new jeep decided he was leaving. He hopped in the jeep, took a quick glance back (he had a huge spare tire on the back.)
He floored it!
My brother thought h…

Have your Little One In Style - @Babiators Review

With summer eventually going to end...We need to remember that wearing sunglasses is not only great for the pool, but also for any outdoor activities. (Hey! College Football starts THIS SATURDAY and last I checked, they played outdoors!)
Did you know that a child's eye lets in 70% MORE light to the retina than an adults?!
Wow, just think how the sun gets bright and you need your sunglasses when out and about... Did you ever think about your "back seat driver" needing them as well?
I never did, at least not in that aspect!!!

Lucky for Broxton, I received an email telling me about this...
Babiatorsare awesome!
They are BPA free, so no need to worry once they head to the mouth, as we all know they will eventually be there at some point!!! I heard they were virtually indestructible. That cracks me up!!
As soon as they arrived, Broxton wanted to check them out. Marc was quick to say, no that he might break them if he was holding them in the house...
I told him that they were made of…

MY Own Pet - Balloon - #giveaway

We will eventually get a pet at some point...Maybe. Like a pet - dog. I am not a fan of cats, snakes or those other creatures...
So, a puppy dog is the pet of choice if/when that day comes...
Until then... There is My Own Pet Balloon. Okay, so they do have puppies and what not... BUT, they also have cool pets that you are not going to get anywhere else. (Some you might, but not if you live in Atlanta!)

They have it all!
Cats and Dogs. Horses and Chickens. Elephants and Dinosaurs!!!
We were offered the chance to review one (and stay tuned... Host a giveaway!) After looking at them all, we decided to go with a Penguin. How cute!!!
Not like we will ever own a real penguin, so this was fun!!!!
It came in the mail and when we went to visit my mom, we took it with us. (She has a helium tank at home.) We filled it up and my mom named it Penny Penguin.
Broxton just called it Penguin!
He played and played. He took it for a walk around the house.
He sat down and played with it... Then........... He decided that …

Aloha Friday - Football?

It's that time of the week again...Friday... Yay... No worries, I am not going to sing that song to you... Ha ha ha!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.
College Football Season is kicking into gear... My question to you: Who do you pull for during the college season?
My answer: The GEORGIA BULLDOGS, of course!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For those of you that read my post about the Baby Dipper...
I just found out that they now have the Baby Dipper in Pink as well!!!!
Just thought you might want to know.....
Great gift idea!!!!
Head to the Baby Dipper site to order yours today!

***** I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just received the email and wanted to update letting my readers know that it comes in both pink and blue now.*****

New Craze? Lyric Bands?

You know those rubber bracelets that all the kids wear? Like the "Livestrong" bracelets? Yeah, I have tons of them.
Everywhere we go, they are always giving away these bracelets!
Well, one of the boys completely LOVES them!!!
He used to wear tons of them and it seemed as though he could not get enough...
I saw that there was a company that made "LYRIC BANDS" and I just knew that he would love them!
What exactly is a Lyric Band? It is one of those rubber bracelets, but it has song lyrics on it!
I love the idea and he thought it was so cool!!!

I had him tell me which one he wanted and he decided that he wanted the "Whip My Hair Back and Forth."
He thinks that song is just too funny... He also picked it out in purple (hello, die hard LSU fan!) He was so excited to get it for review...
Once he got it, he immediately put it on and was really liking it!
It is thicker than the regular ones and the writing is in fat font, so it makes it easy to read!


Fire Fly Toothbrushes - #giveaway

Is it a hassle to get your younger kids to brush their teeth? Broxton loves it and asks throughout the day if he can go and brush his... Now that he has a new toothbrush!!!
We were sent a couple toothbrushes from Fire Fly Toothbrushes and I just love the concept!
With Fire Fly, they light up!
You just press the button and they light up for a solid minute.
What we do here is a little system. First, Broxton brushes his teeth for the first minute. (just a teeny bit of toothpaste) Then, I brush the next minute (once again, minimal toothpaste.)
Finally, he gets to brush them a final minute (no toothpaste.)

The system is working and his teeth are clean!
During the day, when he wants to brush them..
He can, but with no toothpaste. He really just likes the way it lights up. Doesn't hurt that the toothbrush is a hot wheels car!!! He also has one to leave at my parents house.. It is a snoopy one and lights up blue!
Talk about a cool item to show the grandparents!!! Not only can he be excited about h…

W/W - My silly boys

The other day, I was in another room and when I came out, Marc and Broxton had headed outside...I grabbed the camera to capture a few fun moments...
They were washing the bike!!!!
Then, Broxton got daddy!!! Of course, daddy got Broxton again!
Happy Wednesday!

FAST #giveaway : Carmex Prize pack! ENDS 9/1

Not sure if all of you know, but I am on the Carmex Blog Squad!
I was sent a great gift for our house and lucky for you...One of you get to win the same exact thing!!!!
So, what is it? Just a really cool picnic blanket with a couple tubes of Carmex for all of you Carmex Junkies!
You know you are!
(Is it bad that I also keep one in Broxton's bag, just in case the one in my purse can not be located?) I used to keep a tube in my car, but we know it is hotter than anything in Georgia right now, so that has ended!!!

I am really enjoying the Carmex Lime Twist... That was the reason I posted that picture!

What makes the Carmex Lime Twist so special? Well, it... (and the Carmex Vanilla) have three additional moisturizers that are not found in the original Carmex products!!! I tell you what. My lips are soft!
Also, Broxton has been requesting a little on his lips... Which in turn gives me even MORE kisses!!!
So, aren't you ready to win?
One winner will win: Carmex Prize Pack consistin…

This Ain't Nothin - SO PROUD, Why I Love My Husband

Marc loves his motorcycle...That of course means that he has joined a motorcycle club. Well, they just hosted an event to try and help "rebuild" Alabama.
Please watch this video... I cried, you knew I would!!!!
Just look at all the bikers!!!!

As if I wasn't proud enough of him for being a soldier, I can now add this to the long list of why I love my husband!!!

Don't you think that is just so cool?

Top 100 Pasta Dishes - Review

WHEN I cook, I look for easy and something that I think Broxton will like.Don't get me wrong, he isn't picky... It is just that somethings seem more appealing to him than others!

So, when I heard about the latest book from AnnableKarmel, I was all over it!
Top 100 Pasta Dishes : Easy Everyday Recipes That Children Will Love!
Did you read that?
Top 100 Pasta Easy
Children Will Love

That is right up my alley!!!
I got it in for review and I tell ya what, just looking through all the pages, you just want to eat the book!
Right then and there!
The pictures of the food are just so delicious looking!

Chicken and butternut squash pasta risotto!
Truthfully, I have never eaten Rissoto, but watch enough Hell's Kitchen and I want to try it, that is for sure!
What main thing do I really love about the book? At the top of each recipe page: Suitable for: with the appropriate age for the little ones Makes : number of portions Preparation Time : Cooking Time: Suitable For Freezing : Yes o…

Dinosaur Train - Dinosaur Big City Available August 23rd.

Have you ever been watching TV and they tell you that they are sorry, but such and such a day's shows will be interrupted?Luckily for us, it doesn't happen that often, but if it does... We have our shows on back up!!!

We also know have Dinosaur Train to add to that collection!
Broxton LOVES this show!!!

We stumbled upon it by chance one day... He was immediately interested in what the dinosaurs were doing!
He just loves the song and always has to dance to it!

We actually just received the Dinosaur Big City DVD and he has already asked for it a few times now!!!!
This is full of shows that we had not seen before. I love the dinosaurs that were on here and I love that it teaches about all the different species.

Of course, I always SMILE when the KING is on... In this one, he was nervous to perform, so Buddy and Tiny help him out... They even got to help him sing it!!!
Also, Buddy is excited to go to the Dinosaur Convention (the reason they are going to the City!) so that he can talk to…

Just a HINT for back to school snacks!

I blogged before about how I enjoy HINT water.Now, don't get me wrong... I am not a huge fan of water. I don't hate it, but I know for sure that I do not drink as much as I should...
Why? Because there is no flavor!
It is rather boring to me. Yes, you can add the flavored drink mixes, but that just ruins the whole drinking water thing... That is why I enjoy HINT water. It is good and it isn't full of all the powdered drink mix.
HINT water comes with just a little "hint" of flavor. I love it, Broxton and Marc both drink it from time to time!!!
I have actually given it to the delivery guy too!
It is great and it makes you not dread the daily water amount that we need to be drinking!

They have several great flavors and I am still having a hard time picking the one I like the best!

I think that with school back in, Hint would be great to have at home!
Think about it, all day long at school...
I know we did not drink that much... Just at lunch, so to have a big bottle of cold …

Glee Season Two Coming Soon! #giveaway

I am a "GLEEK" , I admit it... I never watched the first season, until I caught one as a rerun... Then, I was hooked. Every week for season two, I was right there... (Yes, I now own season one on DVD, it is that good!) I am so excited that season two is about to come out on DVD!!!! LOVE THIS SHOW! I just got this email and I wanted to share:
Giveaway Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Glee Tackles the Tough TopicsHelping kids go back to school
The TV musical sensation GLEE has been a magnificent success in its second series, bringing more show stopping tunes, dazzling dancing and witty one-liners. But most importantly, Glee has also brought to our screens contemporary issues in society and has tackled these tough topics in a sensitive yet effective manner. Here are so…