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Rubbermaid Winner

Sorry it took me a bit longer than normal to put up the winner of the Rubbermaid Drawer Organizer...
Bakersdozen is the winner! picked entry number 32 out of 116 entries!

Bakersdozen said...

My whole family dumps everyone's stuff on my desk and in my desk drawers. I would clean up my desk with it.


Aloha Friday # 24

Hey all!
It is Friday...
You know what that means!
Head on over and link up here once you are done...

My question this week:
What song is in your head right now?
As for me...
You are my sunshine, My only sunshine...
(Are you singing it yet?!)
Have a great weekend~


Custom Canvas Giveaway

Guess what?
The great people over at U-Printing are letting me host yet ANOTHER giveaway for one of their custom canvas prints!
I am not sure if you remember, but I hosted before...
I ended up getting a picture of Broxton and Marc done on the canvas for us. (Before he left for deployment... Broxton was not even 4 months old then)
It turned out great and the process was so easy to do, I just picked the picture I wanted, uploaded, looked at the proof and then WHAM... It was off to be done..
It arrived nicely packaged and when I unrolled it to see it, I was amazed at how great it looked! I have always wanted prints on canvas, but being unemployed, felt it was better to spend my money on diapers! :)
After looking at all that U-Printing has to offer, I know that once we are working again, there will be SEVERAL canvas prints on our walls!
They are so affordable from U-Printing!

What will you win?
A 16 x 20 custom rolled canvas print

1 Business Day Turnaround

Now that I have your attention...
Are you ready to enter?
Pretty simple..
Go check out all that you can print online from U-Printing...
Tell me one service that you like that they offer..
Doesn't get any easier...

You must do that first...
Please do not comment with would like to win or anything like that, that does not count as an entry...
For extra entries (after the mandatory is done first)
Follow my blog publicly - 2 entries
Subscribe by email - 1 entry
Comment on any other post - 1 entry
Enter any other giveaway I am hosting - 2 entries

Please leave a separate comment for EACH entry.
Also, if your email address is not visible in your profile (or you post anonymously) leave me your email in the comment...
I have no way to tell you if you won if I can not contact you! :)

Must be 18 to enter. Valid for US residents only.
Contest will end on March 30th.
I will select a winner using

***** Huge thanks to U-Printing for the giveaway prize. I will receive a complimentary canvas print for hosting this giveaway. *****

Thankful Thursday - military

I know I have not posted a Thankful Thursday in some time...
and I really have no reason as to why I haven't done so...

So, for today, I would like to go ahead and shout it to all of the blogosphere...


He is not home yet...
He is headed home, but he is out of Afghanistan, so for that, I am thankful.

I am thankful for God, for HE gave me the strength to deal with all that has been thrown my way this past year.
I am thankful for our FRG leader, she has been great throughout this whole deployment.
I am thankful for my son, because during this deployment, I have had him here... a little piece of Marc with me while he was gone.
I am thankful that Army Wives will be starting back up soon...
(April 11 if you did not know)
I am thankful for all of you...
This blog has allowed me to make wonderful friends and I am so very thankful!

I am also thankful for my giveaways I have going on...
Head on over to enter:

Have a great day... and Thank a soldier if you see one!


W/W - much appreciated...

Okay yall...
I have GREAT news!
Marc will be heading home soon...
Nope, I can not tell you when or anything, but soon...

They will do a convoy bringing them home...
The bus and then family behind them.
So, I would like your help...

I need to have my car decorated for the convoy...
What should I do?
How should I do it?

Some people with the cricut are cutting out letters on vinyl and sticking it on the car...
Well, I do not have a cricut, so next...

Should I use window paint pens?
What should I say/draw?

Any advice?
I would love it!

Time is starting to go SO SLOW now..............

Easter means baskets

  • So, with Easter sneaking up on us so fast, I thought it would be perfect to go ahead and tell you what Bea's Baskets has going on now...
  • She has several baskets and they are all ADORABLE!
  • I also like the fact that she doesn't put PEEPS in all of them, everyone I know loves peeps, but I am not a fan... Give me other candy and you can have the peeps!
  • Ready to see what all she has?
  • Go and look...
  • But here are my favorites:

  • Deluxe Easter Gift Basket
  • Kids young and old will enjoy this Deluxe Easter gift basket! Filled with chocolate galore as well as traditional Easter favorites, this basket of goodies will delight the recipient with loads of Easter joy. Send the Deluxe Easter gift basket this Easter season.
    • White Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Chocolates
    • Easter Gift Box filled/ Fudge Brownies
    • Fudge Filled chocolate Easter Eggs
    • Key Lime Sour Drops Candies
    • Smooth & Melty mints
    • Milk Chocolate Foil Easter Bunny
    • Deluxe Easter candy corn
    • Spring Butter Mints
    • Buttercrunch Caramel Corn
    • Easter Peeps Marshmallow bunnies
    • Butter Shortbread cookies
    • Willow Basket
    • Easter Of Fun Family Deluxe Care Package

    • 8" Plush Easter Bunny Candy Bubbles
  • Skittles Easter Egg
  • Russell Stover Cream Filled Chocolate Easter Egg
  • 2 Mini Easter M & M's
  • Milky Way Chocolate Cream Filled Easter Egg
  • Mini Easter Puzzle 1.25
  • Chocolate Cream Filled Mini Easter Bunny
  • Silly Putty
  • Coloring and activity book
  • Crayola Crayons 24 Colors
  • Easter Bobble Head with Jelly Beans
  • Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy
  • 6 Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Easter Eggs
  • Blue Easter Basket (lining not included)

    • SO, stop on over and let me know what you would get if you were ordering...

      • Don't forget, free shipping over $50.00

      • Also, no clue what is going on with the bullets and all that stuff, my computer has a mind of its own the last few days, please excuse the mess!
      • 15.3.10

        Just a little thought...

        Have you ever noticed that sometimes time goes really really fast, yet other times it goes so slow it seems like forever?
        I know to me, it seems like just yesterday that Broxton was born and he turned ONE last month!
        But, at the same time... It seems like a million years since Marc was home... and he left for Afghanistan in June.
        It is just so weird to me.
        I sit here and think of how much my life has changed in the past year.
        I mean, before Broxton, I worked in a bar... I worked mostly nights, so I went in at 4:45 and stayed till midnight or later...
        Now, I am a mommy! I love this, it is just wonderful and as I sit and watch Broxton, I ask myself how I ever had fun before him. I mean, I can not imagine my life without him in it!
        Sometimes, we sit and do nothing but just laugh and laugh and it cracks me up how the little things make him laugh! I was shaking a plastic bag the other day (to put trash in it) and he just thought I was doing the FUNNIEST thing!
        He really is my joy. I am such a lucky mom and I know it!

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