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For the Wino In Your Life : @WineWear Review

One of my best friends absolutely LOVES wine.
To the point that another friend of ours always gets her a couple nice bottles every year for her birthday.
Now, instead of giving a nice bottle of wine and a card, why not dress it up and make it extra memorable?

For Fathers Day, I was sent a couple cute "Wine Wear" greeting cards for me to share with you.
Now, don't worry...
They have more than just Fathers Day!
This is the one we reviewed:
If you have a couple getting married and you want to buy them a nice bottle of wine, you can get the Wine Wear to go with it!
They make one sporting a Tux or you can get one with a Wedding Dress!
( I personally like the Bridal Bouquet the best!)

Now, for the few who still take host/hostess gifts when going to someones house...
They have several cards for all occasions!
Christmas Party?

Check - Between Santa, Ornaments or a few more, you are sure to put a smile on faces walking in the door!

If your family is the one that enjoys wine at Thanksgiving, spice it up and slip a Turkey Card on it!
They even have you covered if you want to share in the celebration of a New Home or even Halloween!
Didn't I tell you, they "have you covered!"
While all of those are great, and conveniently priced at $3.49 - - -
They do have other items if that doesn't satisfy your needs.

You can even choose to purchase little decals that stick to your wine glass, or you can really dress it up...
Instead of just a cute card, you can go all out and actually buy a costume for your wine bottle.
Having everyone over to watch the Masters or the British Open?
Decorate your space... and dress up your bottle!
Purchase a Golfer Outfit!!!

At $9.99, they are sure to be a hit!!!
So, if you are looking to make a statement, or just to be extra creative...
Keep Wine Wear in mind for your future gift giving!!!

Be sure to follow Wine Wear on Twitter and Facebook!

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Picture Perfect Photo Contest - B&W

Picture {Perfect}

I hope that you have noticed by now that I am trying to add more photos to my blog.
I would love any input you might have...
But please, lets leave it at constructive criticism!

This post is linking up at Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 8.
She hosts a monthly photo challenge.

So, here is my Black and White entry...
Tell me what you think, please!

We love being outside!!!

We love being outside!
I am so glad that we do not live in our old apartment...
There are multiple reasons that I am not even going to get into, but the one I am talking about now is that our old one did not have a porch.
This one does!

So, what all do we do?

We play with REALLY COOL TOYS!!!
(Sprig Trucks Review Coming Soon!)
We watch the cars go by and eat our snacks while drinking our water.
Oh yeah, we have to yell "HEY!" to everything that passes...
Cars, Trucks, People, Birds, Dogs... You name it!
We sing and dance!!!
You KNOW we play with all of our cars!!!
We play with play-doh!
And of course, MORE play-doh...

Check back Sunday for even more of what we do...
Oh, and this time...
IT'S GONNA GET MESSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do during the summer?


Where do you blog?

In my first apartment, we just threw the desk in our "eating area."
You know, the little square where you put your dining room furniture...
Since you do not have an actual space...
It worked, since it wasn't like we were having big get togethers over dinner!

My second apartment, I made sure to have a "sun room" and that was where I put my desk.
Oh, let me back up..
My first desk, I do not even know where it came from, but I had it a million years!
My second desk was a little thrown together thing I picked up from somewhere...
Nothing nice like the bush furniture you can see online!

Now, we have this big monstrosity of a desk now...
So big, it took all the strength Marc and Mark had to move it in..
Plus a hand truck!!!
Only thing is, it isn't moving until we do!
No rearranging here!!!

Marc has said that with the time I am online, he would love for us to have an office space for us whenever we get a house.
Meaning, we can go looking for office desks and office furniture!
Have to make it look just right!

It doesn't bother me being in the same area as the living room, as far as the being online goes..
But, I do think it would look nicer to have a separate area.
I don't know, even if it was joined with a playroom or something...
(Just thoughts here, nothing in stone!)

Actually, I would love an Ipad/Tablet/Playbook...
Then, I could look things up when I was in the living room, but then go to my office to post blogs and then there is Photoshop...
Oh how I would love photoshop...
I could have so much fun in there..
(Mom, are you reading this... Birthday is coming up...
Photoshop would be great for me to have...
That would equal great photo gifts for you to receive!)

But back to building my office space!
I need plenty of space.
Between all the notes I write on paper...
And then Marc writing down things for work...
Not to mention I really LOVE desk calendars!
I really like the L- Shaped Bush Office Furniture Desk!
Doesn't it look great?
Room for the computer...
AND the desk calendar...
and then there is PLENTY of drawers!
Something about drawers...
Maybe it is the ability to hide my mess? :)
Not only the drawers, but it has file drawers as well!

But then I also really like this:
Not only is it the whole L Shape with plenty of drawers/filing space...
It also includes a hutch!
I could put books and things up there!
Do you think it is to overpowering?
I know it would depend on the size of the room and where the desk is going to go, but in general.
Do you like this, or think it is too big for a home office?

So, tell me...
Do you have your own office area for blogging?
Or do you do most of it in bed on your laptop?

A Guide is a Guide? Or Not? Review

I hate history.
I would say that I hate learning, but that is not the case.
I just can not get into history, it just seems rather...
I tried and I tried...
In high school. Nope.
College? Not a chance.
I can smile and say that when Broxton needs help in history when he gets older, he is lucky that Marc LOVES it.
He loves watching all sorts of history stuff.
He googles it all the time.
Well, little did I know that they have a competitor in the Complete Guide for Dummies.
How lucky for Marc...
Because of this, we were able to get TWO history books for him to take a look at.
Okay, he did more than look.
He started actually READING.
If you know Marc, he doesn't sit down and pick up a book that often.
He just has other things to do...

Of course, I figured that I could take a look at both and see which one I liked better.
First, I started with The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History.
383 Pages of information.
I do not know if that is considered good or bad!
I will say, they do an AMAZING job of breaking everything down.
The Table of Contents is 12 pages, the Index is 24 pages!
They break the book down into 9 parts and in total, 38 chapters!

378 pages of information.
The table of contents is 11 pages and the index is 11 pages as well.
The Dummies book has 6 parts and 24 chapters.

Now that I threw out a few numbers for you...
Do you want to know what I really thought about them?

Sorry to say, but they both have parts that I liked!
I know, you were really wanting me to let you know which one to pick up to have at your house.
I can not do it.
I can tell you why though.

For the rest of this, it will be Idiot's vs. Dummies.
Or Dummies vs. Idiot's, you call it what you want...

With the Idiot's:

(They are off to the side and are in their own little individual blocks.)
American Echo: "memorable statements from historically significant figures and documents."
American Life: "biographical sketches of an era's most significant and representative figures."
What's the Word: "defines the buzzwords that defined a time and place."
Vital Statistics: "key numbers relating to an era or event."
Remember this: "most significant or representative single event of an era."

With each chapter, you get the "In this Chapter" section that basically bullets what is ahead in the following pages.
The best part? The end of each chapter includes "The Least You Need to Know."
It is a couple bullets that summarizes the key points to take out of that particular section.

With the Dummies:

Normally, they are blocked off into their own area, but there are times that the icon is beside the paragraph in the chapter.
I particularly did not care for the times the icon was placed beside the paragraph.
I like the extras being separated, as it gave a small break in the reading of the chapter.
Their Icons:
American Faces: "mini profiles of those people who make an impact on American History or who are just interesting to read about."
In Their Words: "quotes from letters, speeches, documents, advertisements, and such of the past."
It Started Here: " origins of customs, events, phrases and other aspects of American life."
Technical Stuff: " names, numbers, and other stats behind the news."
Remember: " a fact or idea that you may want to stash in your memory bank."

This also has a bullet style with the "In This Chapter" at the start as well.
The thing I liked best about the Dummies?
They have a couple maps/photos to let your eye have a bit of rest throughout the reading.
Also, they include a "Part of Tens", a bit of a top 10 for the book.

I felt that the Idiot's Guide was more informative of the information and would be more of a text book type reference.
The Dummies Guide seemed to be more of a bit of information for conversation starters/pieces.

With Marc, the jury is still out..
He is still flipping back and forth through both of them!
He says that although they are both very informative, he is a bit put off as they are both VERY biased and the author's opinion is blatantly obvious for both books.

As I said, I can not say which would be better for you..
Are you looking for something to teach?
Or more to discuss?

Now, until July 1, 2011...
Use Coupon Code:
That will get you 50% off your order from The Complete Idiot's Guide Website.
(If history isn't your thing... they have SO MANY different subjects to choose from!)

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Zippies - Just the Right Pal to Have Hanging Around

When the boys come for the summer, you can only imagine the water bottles and sometimes drama that ensue's over who's drink is who.
You see, all the water bottles look the same.
I really do not like writing their names on the side, as it ends up getting on their hands...

So, I was quite happy to hear about Zippies ID Labels!
Now, these are not just any label.
Better than that, they can be placed on just about anything!
You know how some labels are...
They are stickers and you put them there and that is that...
Well, why would you want to put one of those on a disposable water bottle?

With Zippies, YOU CAN!!!!
Let me tell you about Zippies!
They are just the cutest!
Zippies are actually little plastic pieces.
One one side, it is a cute character...
On the other, a place for name and information.

Of course, when we got them...
Broxton thought they were toys!
First of all, we had been at the doctor all morning, so he thought he had a stethoscope for the house...
Then, I showed him how we would write his name on it and then it would be for everyone to know it was HIS drink! He really liked that idea!
But then, he thought he could put them ALL on there, maybe like one of those toys that makes the noise when you move it and it hits the bottle?
This makes me smile for two reasons.

One, germs.
I am not a HUGE germaphobe, but I am enough that I do not like drinking after people...
Nor do I want Broxton drinking after others!
This will let everyone know what bottle belongs to who and we can all be more careful!
Especially at the pool, pulling water out of the cooler and throwing it back in...
This way, everyone can look for their Zippie and drink the right drink!

The other reason I like it?
When it is time to throw away the bottle.
With the boys, they normally try to say that it is not theirs, it is the other brothers...
This way, we will all know who it belongs to!

The Zippies are easy to place on.
Just slide the little ponytail type holder around the neck.
I like that it is adjustable.
See, we used it for the HINT water, which has a bigger mouth than say, a Dasani.
Either bottle will be able to have the Zippie on it!!!

Also, you can take the loop off and use it on your keys!
Add it to your belt loop for a little "bling."
You can even add it to your book bag to spice it up a bit!!!
On the Zippie site, they even have a little girl wearing the Zippie as a charm type on her necklace!
The opportunities to show off your zippie seem to be endless!!!!

They also have several great characters, not like you just have to stick with one...
I wanted:
But, we received 5 and I really did not see the boys wanting:

Just looks like we might be buying more sooner than we thought!!!!

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Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge - Week Three - Water

I have been looking forward to this weeks theme as I LOVE the pictures I have been getting of Broxton.
Here are just a few..
Hope you enjoy!!!!

Please tell me which you like the best!
Also, if you know of any photo meme's...
Please let me know of them, looking to do more with photography these days!
Also, I just found another blog, they have a photo challenge with this weeks theme being "Smiles," that being said, I am entering the second one of Broxton!!!!


Aloha Friday - Phone Hours?

Linking up with Kailani at Island Life...

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question this week:
What is the latest time you allow your kids to receive phone calls?

My answer:
Growing up, our phone did not ring past 9:00

Oh, and for those that made a visit last week...
I did cut my hair!
Check out my pictures HERE!!!!

EEZE Does IT - Review

As long as I can remember, I have always dreaded the summer...
Of course, the main reason is because I hate being hot...
But the other reason?
I ALWAYS get a summer cold!!

Luckily, I have not had to worry about that yet...
But I am sure it will be coming my way soon.
This time, I will be ready!!

I have seen Cold-EEZE, but I have never tried it.
I now have it in my cabinet!!
I wanted to do a post talking about how wonderful it is, but I have not used it yet...
So, I can not say.
I will tell you that I am impressed with the different flavors that are offered.
(I always think Cherry/Grape/Citrus)
Not this time!
They have Cherry. but also offer others..
Including Strawberries and Cream... Maybe even Mint Frost!!!
For those wanting Sugar Free, they also have Pomegranate!
Having it all covered, they even offer Sugar Free Chocolate Mint that is safe for Diabetics!

I am sure you are wondering why I am excited for the chance to try out the Cold EEZE brand...
Well, it says that Cold EEZE helps to make the cold leave faster, so you can get back to feeling good and ready to go!
It is "believed by researchers to interfere with the cold virus' ability to reproduce."
How does that sound?

Cold EEZE is to be taken as soon as you show symptoms of a cold...
And you keep taking it until the symptoms disappear!
With the Cold EEZE, you let it dissolve in your mouth.
No chewing or swallowing.
You take them every 2 - 4 hours, up to 8 a day.
The box should last you three days!!!

Also, you can not beat: Natural Flavors, no preservatives or colors.
It also doesn't affect blood pressure and is non-drowsy!!!
Extra Bonus Points here!!!

Now, if that wasn't enough...Cold EEZE has decided that Kids EEZE would be great for children!
Hey, if it is good enough for one, shouldn't the brand be good enough for the other?
Kids EEZE is from the makers of Cold EEZE.

With Kids EEZE, they offer 3 different formulas.

Kids-EEZE Chest Relief
is a single-ingredient product that specifically treats chest congestion without overmedicating your child.
Kids-EEZE Cough/Cold
targets coughs and sinus congestion, the main symptoms of a cold or hay fever.
Kids-EEZE Allergy
relieves the symptoms of hay fever and upper respiratory allergies, such as runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and an itchy throat.

Not only does that make me happy, I also like that it comes in a chewy little tablet!
No more trying to measure and hoping that they swallow the right dose!!!!
Also, (kids will like this) it comes in a yummy Strawberry or Grape flavor!

Last thing, they come in these little packets, so you can throw a couple in your purse or suitcase and then you are prepared!!!
Take Kids EEZE with you and you are always good to go!!!!
Head on over to the Kids EEZE site, you can sign up to be first to know about special promotions!

You can also keep up to date on Kids EEZE on Twitter too!

Thanks to Kids EEZE, I am including 5 remedies to the summer cold:

1) Make sure you drink a lot of Vitamin C. Vitamin C will help shorten the length of a cold. Try drinking cold drinks such as orange juice or grapefruit juice

2) Pick up a pack Kids-EEZE soft chews. They target coughs and sinus congestion, the main symptoms of a cold or hay fever. It comes in delicious summer flavors like grape!

3) Try using a humidifier. These are great in the summer time because they do not add any additional heat to the room and it cleanses the air.

4) Honey is one of the best remedies if you’re having a sore throat along with a cold. Try adding honey to every day meals such as pancakes or to your ice tea.

5) Get plenty of rest. Whether you are sick or not, a good night’s sleep will always improve a person’s overall health.

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I Spy - 365 * Railroad Tracks

I just thought I would join in with Mommytography's 365 Sunday Assignment this week.
I know I was doing the whole 365 on another site, but it just sort of fell off...
So, this week, the assignment on her blog was RAILROAD tracks!

You KNOW we can do that!!!!
So, here you go:

Please tell me what you think about my pictures...

Sprig Toys - Eco Friendly and WALLET Friendly Too! Review

So, I recently learned of this company, Sprig Toys.
Yeah, I know some of you must think that I just have to live under a rock, but hey...
I am still learning about everything out there!

Anyways, enough of my learning...
For now!
Well, I was excited to see what the toy was going to look like...
They talk about being Eco Friendly, Battery Free, Kid Powered...
What was this going to be?

I was so excited...
No, make that VERY IMPRESSED when the toy came for review.
Marc was equally impressed and Broxton was ready to play!
I was hanging out with a friend and I immediately had to tell her about it...
She just HAS to get some for her son!
We chose the Dino Adventure Rig.
Tell me this is not just the cutest?
It has a mommy dino, a baby dino, an adventure truck and an adventure guide!!!!

I thought it was just too cool because it is made with recycled paper and reclaimed wood!
It is even paint free, as they add dye during the production process!!!

How cool is that?!
If you ask me, Very!

Broxton loves to play with them!
We take them outside on our porch and the concrete has yet to mess them up!
Also we play with them in the house, both with the dino and with other toys!!!!

Great thing?
You can buy all of this for $24.99 for the set!!!!
Talk about a great price!
I have noticed that the more "eco friendly" things are, the higher priced they are as well!
Not the case with Sprig Toys!!!

I think that Broxton might have to add the Eco Trucks to his Christmas list!
I just LOVE the LOADER ECO TRUCK that they carry!!!!

Don't you want to visit Sprig Toys to see what your little ones just have to have?!
Don't forget to follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to stay up to date!!!!

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Winners announced!

Gianna said
Mari said

esluka said

llinda29 said

Anonymous said

Don't forget to click the GIVEAWAYS TAB and enter my current one's while you are here!
Thanks for your support and Congrats to the winners!!!!!!!

W/W - MY Haircut

If you read my Aloha Friday Post...
I asked if anyone had ever donated to Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids...

Well, look who is:
This was taken right as I was leaving to go get it cut:

The picture I took RIGHT after it was cut will not work on here...
So, I snapped this really quick...
I know it is horrible, we were at the pool all day...
BUT, I wanted to show it was WAY shorter!!!!

I am so happy, as my hair is THICK and that means SUPER HOT during the summer...
Also, now that it is thinned out like crazy.........
I do not have to throw it in a pony tail 24/7 :)

Now, enough of me...
Here is a picture of Broxton for you.

He is fine...
Just likes showing off his "Bo-Bo"
Want to know how he got it?
Being a typical boy...
Playing and climbing!
He "falled on a tree" as he says.
He was climbing a tree and fell on the part where they cut a branch off...
It looks like it is going to leave a scar, but he loves showing it off.
He even pulls his shirt up to show strangers where he "falled on a tree!"

I guess this is just a glimpse as to what all lies ahead!

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Oh, back to haircut...
Should I donate Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids?
Any suggestions?

Green Dragon Herbals Makes It Happen! GIVEAWAY!

When you visit the Green Dragon Herbals website, you can not help to notice:
Flavored Powders
(Along with many other products, those just jumped to me first!)

As tempted as I was to try the Flavored Powders, I decided to be sweet to Marc.
Hey, Fathers Day is around the corner!
I went with the Commando Lotion.
I have mentioned many a time how Marc has super dry skin...
Add to that it is summer time, he is working outside and sweating...
Needless to say, he comes home and showers... and then puts on lotion!

With the Commando Lotion, we are both happy!
It is described as:

Commando is a MANLY scented body lotion that will not only smell good to a man BUT women love to smell it on you!
It's rough, it's tough, GO COMMANDO!

Marc likes the way it feels on him.
He says it feels extra moisturizing.
He also loves that it absorbs nice, without leaving a greasy feeling to his skin.

I like it because it smells WHOOO HOOO!
Really, the smell...
It is as though they took the lotion and added cologne to it...
Now, he just puts that on and we are both smiling!
We also got to check out the Big Bad Banana Massage Oil.
It had a great banana smell... and taste...
but no worries, the scent leaves once the oil is gone! :)

I am glad that I was able to review these two products...
As great as they are...
I want to try the Body Powder!
For this reason RIGHT HERE:
Edible powders can be spread on your sheet for a silky, relaxing feeling.

About Green Dragon Herbals:
Green Dragon Herbals, located in Central Oklahoma, develops natural products to help improve your lifestyle and create healthy habits.
All of our products are handmade when you order to ensure that you receive the freshest product possible.

- NOW -
Who wants to win a bottle of Commando Lotion for their honey?

Mandatory Entry:
Tell me, does your honey wear cologne?
Please leave email address if not visible in your profile.

Extra Entries -

Follow my blog, must be a public follower – 1 entry

Subscribe by email – 1 entry

Follow me on twitter – 1 entry

You can tweet daily, linking back to this post - 1 entry per day

I just entered to #win commando lotion

#giveaway from @jumpinbeans09 ends 6/28

Follow me on Networked Blogs – 1 entry

Like my facebook page – 1 entry

Visit Green Dragon Herbals and leave a LINK to another product that you like - 2 entries

Comment on any REVIEW from past 60 days (non-giveaway) - 2 per review, limit 3

Place my button on your blog, leave the link to where it is – 2 entries

Contest will end June 28 at midnight.

Contest for US residents, 18 and older. will select the winner.

Winner will have 72 hours to respond to winning email or a new winner will be selected.

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