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Aloha Friday - Did you ever

I hope you had a great week!
As for us...
We are STILL unpacking! :)
How much longer will it be?!

On to my ALOHA Friday Question:

Did you ever watch the movie(s)
~ Savannah Smiles
~ Pippi Longstocking
~ Cry Baby
~ Bye Bye Birdie

Those are some "oldies but goodies" in my opinion!
If you have not seen them, go and check them out ASAP!

Have a great weekend you all!!!

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w w - boots are made for walking

My mom reminded me that I never posted the picture of Broxton in Marc's boots...
This isn't the one I was referring to, I can not find it...
BUT, this picture was taken right when Marc first returned home from Afghanistan...
Once I find the other one, you know I will post it too!

Have a HAPPY Wednesday everyone!

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Triple Paste - Review

Okay, I have to admit...
As a first time mom, I went based upon what my family and friends told me to use for Broxton.

BUT, I am always looking at other products when I am in the stores...
And OF COURSE I listen to what all my bloggy friends think about other products.

I have seen
Triple Paste Medicated Ointment in the diaper rash section, but I was not sure if I wanted to try it or not... I have used a certain brand whenever Broxton had a problem... and top it off, I won another brand and after I tried it, I was glad I had not purchased it...
That is not the case here...

I really enjoy the Triple Paste Medicated Ointment.
Honestly, it took me a bit to post this review, because
Broxton luckily has been diaper rash free!
But, as always, a small little rash snuck up on us...
and I had the Triple Paste ready to go!

I think it worked great, just a few uses and it was all cleared up!
I do have a pro and con on this product though.
The Con is the fact that the top has to be screwed off in order to open it (as opposed to other brands with the flip top.)
The Pro goes along with the con! I also like that it has a screw top versus the flip top, because now I do not have to worry about it opening and getting all over everything in the diaper bag!
Looks as though they wash each other out!

Erika with
Summers Laboratories also sent me the Triple Cream for severe dry skin/eczema care.
Broxton's eczema just kinda pops up from time to time... and I like being able to treat it right away to get it cleared up...
The cream does not have any funny odor, in fact, it is fragrance free, so that helps alot!
I occasionally put it on
Broxton after his bath to try and keep the eczema from coming back...
It is not greasy or anything like that and it seems to really absorb into his skin as soon as its on. (I will admit to you now, after I put it on him, I sneak a little myself to keep my hands from getting really dry. Thanks to my mom, that happens alot!)
I have seen Triple Paste at several of the stores that we go to, but you can always click here to see what stores carry their product lines.

Did I mention that both of these products are backed their unconditional guarantee?
Both packages state that if their product isn't the best you have ever used, they will refund you your full purchase price! I like a company that really stands behind their product!

Thank you to Erika, at Summers Laboratories, for sending me these products to review.

***** I was sent both the Triple Paste, as well as the Triple Cream, for review purpose. The opinions in this post are mine. *****


One EskimO - Review

Working with the One2One Network has allowed me the chance to hear a group I might not have had the pleasure of listening to.
I was sent a c.d. of an English Band by the name of One EskimO.
Marc and I put it in the car and prepared to see what they are all about.
(One EskimO currently has a song, Kandi, that is the #1 adult alternative song.... )

Marc and I try to decide who to relate One EskimO to...
There are a few songs that have the feel of Jason Mraz, but then they also have a bit of a feel that reminds me of Oasis.
Overall, Marc and I were both impressed!
The first couple of songs gave me a very relaxed sense of place...
They were very mellow.
But then they come on and change it up a bit!
The c.d. is a great representation of all that One EskimO has to offer their fans (and I know that they will have a very large following!)

I really liked the song Kandi and it just might be my favorite, but I also really enjoyed Simple Day as well! I think that this a great c.d. to put on if you are wanting to just relax and take it easy. The c.d. is in stores now, so head on over and purchase one today!
If you want to try and catch a show, you can click here for a list of upcoming dates!

Please be sure and check them out on their facebook page.

***** Thank you to Michelle at the One2One Network for sending me this C.D. for review. *****

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