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Here's a HINT - Review

Do you like water?
Do your children?
What about your spouse?

Well, we try to keep water on hand at all times...
I actually have bottled water in the fridge at any given time.
I like the ease of it... and the clean taste.
If I have to drink tap water, I prefer it with a lemon.

No, he hates it.
I think he would rather be thirsty than drink water.
I have tried any and everything, but he just does NOT like it.

Broxton likes water, he likes to swim in it.
He likes to play in it.
Yep, he even likes to drink it.
Out of our water bottles.
Not so much fun in a cup or glass.

I am all about trying to find ways to get all of us to drink more water.
When the boys were here last summer, I went and bought them each water bottles and let them chug out of there...
It seems easier to get ANYONE to drink it if you make it fun.

So, imagine the smile on my face when I heard about HINT flavored water.
Luckily, I was able to get a chance to review it...
Hopefully getting Marc to like it...
Here is what arrived...
Well, after I opened it...

See that nice box, just waiting to be enjoyed...
They sent 6 different flavors to try!
Six... and that is not even all they carry!
Now, I will admit, I thought that I would be all over that Pomegranate-Tangerine one.
Nope, I really enjoyed the Strawberry-Kiwi.
Now, I liked all of them, but surprisingly, the Pomegranate-Tangerine was actually my least favorite.
Of course, you ask Broxton and he is quick to tell you they were all "Yum-Yum!"
I figured I really wanted Marc to try them, so I would let him have first pick.
He went with Watermelon...
Of course, I wanted a picture, so...
He had to make sure the label was showing for all of you...
He did drink "water!"

Now, what did he think?
Of course, it was "just water..." Wait a minute...
"With a HINT of Watermelon flavor."
He admitted, he would not be going to the store to buy it himself...
BUT, if I have some at home...
He just might drink it from time to time.

Let me tell you, it really is kind of weird...
It tastes just like fresh water...
It is perfect ICE COLD.
Then, right when you pull the bottle from your lips, you are left with just a hint of flavoring.
It is like a hint of an aftertaste.
Maybe it sneaks in right when you stop drinking it.
I like it... and due to the flavor of not "just water," I know the boys will love it.
How about it is made with NATURAL Flavors!
NO artificial sweeteners or sugars in this bottle!
Oh, I also like the fact that the "mouth" of the bottle is wide, perfect for adding ice cubes to it!!!

Want to stock your fridge full of Hint Water?
Just purchase right here from their online store.
(Free ground shipping in the USA)
Or click here to see where you can buy it near you!
(Whole foods and fresh market near me!)

I do not see that they offer mixed cases...
Hope that they add that soon!
I would like mixed cases for our fridge!

Keep up to date with them by following on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

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Aloha Friday - Travel

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My Question:
Do you have any travel plans for the summer/spring break?

My Answer:
We don't have anything planned. For Spring Break, we will have the boys here, staying close to home... Or rather, staying AT home... As for this summer, there are a few places we would like to try and go... but nothing planned YET.

Have a great weekend!

Time for Winners!!!!

The original TeeWit winner is now hosting a review on her blog, so the new winner is :


Ablaze Candle Luminary -

KidSwitch -

Ballad of The Rag Man - Review

With all the bullying going on around us these days...
This is a perfect book to read with your child.
I was able to review, Ballad of The Rag Man by Cynthia Gustavson.

This book teaches all of us a very simple lesson.
Do not judge a book by its cover.
How can a book teach us that?

The Ballad of The Rag Man is about a rag man that travels all over town.
Picking up what others have deemed as trash.
Just what does he do with what everyone no longer wants or needs?
He puts them in his cart as he goes all over.
Once he returns home, there are piles of others items that they no longer thought were of any value to them.
The other character in the book is a little girl that gets rid of her teddy bear.
Her well loved and rather worn out teddy bear.
The Rag Man picks it up in his daily excursion.
Of course, curiosity gets the best of the little girl, she has to know...
So, she sneaks to see what he is doing.

Judging him on outer appearances, she is a bit put off..
But once she follows, she sees that the Rag Man takes the "worthless" items and mends them to lovable condition!
Now, if this is not a story that we need to share with our kids...

Remember, we are the ones that teach them good from bad..
Right from wrong.
If we can help them to know that you should not judge based on outer appearances...
Then, we are making one step towards the end of bullying and peer pressure.

The illustration is something else!
I love it!
It is abstract at times, but then also looks as though a few have actual photos in the art work.
Quite honestly, I have never seen a children's book like this!
Thinking outside the stereotypical artistry in my opinion.
Given the storyline, it works amazingly well!

How cool is this?
You can click HERE to learn about the RAG MAN PROJECT.

Also, click here to follow on facebook.
Cynthia Gustavson posts daily tidbits...
I just wish I had started following her sooner!

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Fashion To Figure - Review

Cute plus size clothes are hard to come by...
It seems as though everything cute always seems to be made for the super skinny!

Have you heard of Fashion To Figure?
They have everything from tops to dresses.
Jackets and Jewelry too!
I think that this top is super cute!
Top it off, it is only $22.
Most stores have them priced a lot higher than that!
Check out the pants they have too:
(Only $26)
If plus size clothes aren't your style...
You can always stop over to see what types of jewelry, handbags and what not they have to offer!
Keep up with Fashion To Figure on Facebook and Twitter.

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Momma Must Have - Exergen Temporal Thermometer- Review and Giveaway

As we all know, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to take the temperature of a sick child.
Hey, some adults are known to be big babies...
The longer they have to wait, the fussier they become.

Well, with the Exergen Temporal Scanner...
Wait is something that can be eliminated!
Why do I say that?
Just because the wait is merely 2 seconds!
During that time, you will already be finished a gift giveaway blog hop, exergen temporal scanner, mom must have, R nd moving on to something else.

I really like the ease of the Exergen Thermometer.
It has a soft tip on it that you gently swipe across the forehead of your "patient."

There are two things that make this stand out compared to others that I have used.
One - If you are sweating, you can place it behind your ear to get your temperature.
Two - There is a light on both sides to show you that it is on.

I like that, as I sometimes worry if it is on or not...
You know how I can be!
First, remove the protective cap...
Turn it on...
Press the button (it lights red) then swipe it on the head.
Read the temperature and then press the button to turn it off.
(Reason I say remove the cap, Marc was sick.. Broxton was fussy... I totally didn't. Yes, I forgot! I know... I know... I am not a doctor, thank goodness! Anyways, remove it and go!)

You can use this to take a temperature when they are sleeping or awake.
Best of all, it doesn't bother them!
I really think that this is a momma must have for all households.
(As well as for the grandparents house!!!!)

I have used it checking on my sick hubby...
Broxton didn't want to miss the excitement, so he had to have his taken too...
Of course, I wanted to know how it felt...
So yes, one sick person...
But, all three of us tried it.
It just feels like you are barely rubbing something on their head, not hot, not cold...
Just "something" that tells mommy what their temperature is.
I like the ease.

Also, I like that it is made that it has a sturdy base, easy to place back in the medicine cabinet.
Oh, did I mention it comes with a battery?
Yes, that way, you don't have to search for one the first time you need to use it!

Now, if you are in want/need of a thermometer, or in need of a better thermometer...
Exergen Temporal Scanner is what you are looking for!

Want to win an

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365 Updated - FINALLY

Wow, I had no clue that I was slacking THAT MUCH with my 365.
Wow, no update since Feb 6th?
Well, that is now over and behind us.
I posted lots of pictures...
Broxton and of course, more Broxton!!!
Head on over if you want...
Would love for you to see our 365 page

Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels Review

I was recently contacted to see if I wanted to review Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzel line.
Knowing that we like to snack... and that the boys will be coming soon...
That means LOTS of snacking.
I love pretzels...
I prefer the nice, soft, fresh and yummy ones from the mall food court.
Marc and Broxton will eat any and all kinds.

I had NO CLUE that the delicious soft baked ones can be found in the freezer section at Target, Wal-Mart and a few other stores...
What makes it even better?
They are not just the plain ones...
They are yummy stuffed ones.

I guess they knew how much we like to snack because they sent us several different ones to try.
I quickly opened up the Spinach and Feta stuffed one.

I asked Marc what he wanted and he immediately wanted to try the Pizza stuffed one.
(I kind of knew that was going to be his choice!)

I was not a fan of the JalapeƱo Cheddar one, as I am not one that likes ANYTHING with spice.
Although it is barely noticeable, it is noticeable enough to me...
Of course, Marc thought I was crazy, as it was not spicy at all to him.
Go figure.

Top it off, they have more than just these delicious snacks!
You can even get them to satisfy that sweet tooth!
You read that right... Chocolate Crumb or Apple Cinnamon.

You know what I will be buying next?
The Sourdough Parmesan...
Tell me, doesn't it just sound
Also, the Egg and Cheese!
The Egg and Cheese would be great for a quick breakfast on the go.
So much better tasting than a quick breakfast bar!!!!
Head on over to Kim and Scott's Site to see what all varieties they carry...

What is really cool to me is that they are all Made from Scratch and Twisted By Hand!
(Of course, my outstanding cooking skills LOVES that you just throw it in the microwave, but lets not get carried away here... I would hate for Marc to realize how simple it is! Ha ha ha!)

Now, Marc thought that they should have been stuffed more...
He wanted them oozing with the stuffed goodness.
I thought they were stuffed enough for snacking on the go.
I mean, if you are looking for a quick snack that is easy to take while running out the door...
This is it!
If you are looking for more of a stuffed to the point of explosion, this is not going to satisfy you.
I did notice that they are more "stuffed" at the middle cross section of the pretzel.
The flavoring is there throughout the whole thing, but the actual stuffing is more centered.
I would like to see the Pizza flavor eventually added to include pepperoni or sausage versus just the sauce and cheese.
But this is coming from a household that always orders SUPREME when getting Pizza.

I am also thinking that we need to branch out from just their pretzels.
If they are that good, I can only imagine the stuffed bagels!
Now, maybe it is just me...
But, I love a bagel with cream cheese on it...
I can skip all of that and just get one of their CREAM CHEESE STUFFED BAGELS!
You know I love companies that give back, so please head on over to see who Kim and Scott are helping out through their Pretzels With A Purpose.

Please, head on over to your freezer section and check them out, unless you already have!
They are even carried at Barnes and Noble!
Makes me wish we had one closer to us!

(Go to their website and get a coupon HERE)

Follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


W/W - Daddy Time

Here Broxton is getting ready for a "match" against daddy.
Ready, Set, Fight...

My boys... being boys...
and yep, I love it!


Pain in the Neck? Bengay helps! Review

I have never been a fan of Bengay.
I hate to say it, but I always thought it was for old people!
(Nope, never even gave a bit of thought to any athletic people...)
I still do not know what I had against it...
Just something I did not like.
Never even tried it...
Guess its like mushrooms, they were nasty... until I tried one...
Now, I like them!

Once I married Marc, we started keeping Bengay in the house...
You know, soldier, INFANTRY at that...
Meaning, always on the move.

I was recently sent Bengay Pain Relief and Massage.
Yep, I used it...
and now....
That good!

Actually, I slept funny the other night.
Not a walk in on me and laugh, but a wake up with a huge pain in the neck.
All day long.
So, I decided to see if this Bengay was all it is cracked up to be.

Now that I did, I could kick my own self in the behind.
It is that good.
One thing that I REALLY like about it is that the tube is actually an applicator tip.
Not just any old applicator either...
One that has massaging bead type things on it!
It was great!
Lucky for me, Marc was home, so he applied it to my neck.
But, I think that they made this perfect do that you can apply it yourself if need be!

Of course, as soon as Broxton saw my relief, he immediately needed some on him.
Don't worry, I did not put any on him...
But, I did rub the tube (with the lid on) on him...
He smiled and was satisfied... He knows a good thing too!

Once I was healed (and Broxton as well) I figured I would try and take care of Marc.
He had been complaining of his knees hurting.
So, Bengay to the rescue!
I put the Bengay on and started massaging it into the skin.
He really liked the beads as well.
(So much better than just me trying to massage him, I guess!)
It really does make it easy.
Think about it, you don't have to worry about it getting all over your hands when applying it!
Great concept that they came up with!

I thought that the menthol smell would get to me...
But it didn't.
I could smell it when it first applied, but the scent quickly fades away.
The tingling sensation of relief stays with you though, so you are good to go!

If you or a loved one tend to have aches and pains...
Bengay should be stocked in your medicine cabinet!

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