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Bathtime Basics from Baby Sebamed

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I was unfamiliar with eczema before Broxton was born, but we quickly learned about it... Now, I am prepared with Savannah and according to the doctor, looks like she has it as well. Know what that means?  Lotion, lotion, lotion... and soaps with no fragrance... and all that good stuff.  We were recently sent several items from the Baby line at Sebamed.  I had no clue anything about this brand before, but I guess celebrities are familiar. Yep, the Kardashian babies are using it, so it can't be totally new to the world. ( Maybe just me?)  I have been most impressed with the Baby Cream.  It honest to goodness looks and feels like I am greasing her down with diaper rash ointment, but hey... if it works!  I don't use this in the morning, as it is thick and greasy, but I sure enough put it on her at night.  You can tell too, because I leave a thick layer and it looks like white paint on her body.
We had fun giving her a bubble bath with it, although she wasn't a fan.  She is totally opposite of her big brother, he loved baths... she, not so much! It did make for a fun picture, if I do say so myself.  As impressed with the line that I am, I do want to try out the cleansing wipes. That will be next on my list!!!  Broxton has used the wash / shampoo and seems to like it as well!  I am posting the list of all their baby line for you to check out.  Also, here are a few tips for bathtime from the folks at Baby Sebamed!  Let me know if you try them out!   

From prepping to washing, these bathtime basics will keep babies' skin at its healthy, huggable best. Baby Sebamed has a few tips for you:  
  • Organize: Once your little one is in the bath you won't be able to leave them, so set out everything you'll need before you begin: A cup for pouring water, a soft wash cloth, cotton balls for cleaning baby's eyes and ears, a towel, a brush or comb, lotion or oil, a diaper, diaper ointment and a clean set of clothes. Make sure to wear something you don't mind getting wet!
  • Prepare the Bath: Fill a baby bathtub or a clean kitchen sink with a few inches of lukewarm water. Test the temperature using your elbow or wrist to make sure isn't too hot or cold. A quick tip to prevent little ones slipping is to line the bottom with a washcloth. As you carefully lower them into the tub be sure to keep one hand supporting the baby's back, neck and head. Continue supporting the baby throughout the bath with one hand, and use the other hand to wash.
  • Skip The Soap: Traditional soap has a pH of 9, which can leave skin dry, tight and even more vulnerable to damage. For a healthy scalp and balanced skin, try a soap-free milky cleanser like Baby Sebamed Shampooor Baby Sebamed Wash, which are uniquely formulated to rebalance and maintain a healthy skin pH level of 5.5. 
  • Maximize Moisture: A quick coat of cream after any bath is just as important as the bath itself. Dry skin can leave little ones itchy and uncomfortable. To avoid loss of moisture, take three minutes to apply a baby cream like Baby Sebamed Cream after every bath.

Sebamed Baby is a uniquely formulated and clinically proven collection designed to rebalance and maintain baby’s delicate skin pH level of 5.5 – keeping it nourished, comfortable and undeniably soft.  

BABY SEBAMED CHILDREN’S SHAMPOO gently washes a baby’s hair and scalp. Its mild, dermatologist-tested botanically-based formula helps to preserve the scalp’s natural oils and cut down the irritation that can come from the use of soap-based shampoos.  Maintaining a 5.5 pH, it treats normal, sensitive and problematic scalp conditions. Formulated with chamomile extract to naturally soothe the scalp and help calm irritation, the shampoo promotes a healthy scalp for the growth of healthy hair.   $12.99

BABY SEBAMED BABY LOTION contains a rapidly absorbing and non-greasy formula that combines a high concentration of moisturizing substances, such as glycerin and sorbitol, with a light 7% lipid compound to help preserve the natural moisture balance of a baby’s skin. Adds natural-based buffer substances, such as sodium citrate and sodium lactate, to the formulation to adjust pH to a desirable pH of 5.5.  $12.99

BABY SEBAMED BABY CREAM deposits a moisturizing and protective moisture layer on the skin, helping to prevent dryness throughout the day. The panthenol (Vitamin B5), allantoin and chamomile-enriched formula is designed to moisturize, protect and soothe irritated skin, including areas exposed to chafing. Furthermore, Vitamin E safeguards the skin against harmful environmental influences. Features a 42% lipid content to help protect baby's skin all year round, especially from the drying effects of cold, dry winter air.  $12.99

BABY SEBAMED BABY BUBBLE BATH gently washes a baby’s delicate skin with its hypoallergenic, non-irritating formula. Mild enough for everyday use, this tear-free bubble bath naturally softens the skin with extracts of chamomile for healthy, huggable skin. Avoids the use of harsh bubbling agents and ingredients that dry the skin. Instead, plant extracts help to soothe and protect the skin against irritation, resulting in smoother and healthier skin. $12.99

BABY SEBAMED LIQUID BABY WASH gently cleanses a baby’s delicate skin with a no-tears formula that employs ultra-moisturizing ingredients to soothe the skin. This “extra soft” wash contains sugar tenside complex, an extremely mild cleansing agent, to protect the delicate skin again dryness. The squalane and allantoin-rich formula provides the lipid support and moisturization that a baby’s skin needs, resulting in softer, healthier skin. $11.99

BABY SEBAMED CLEANSING BAR has emollient compounds that protect against dryness and lip removal during cleansing. Contains a moisturizing complex with Inulin and amino acids that nourishes and hydrates, reducing water loss through the skin and supporting the natural lipid balance. Panthenol stimulates the regeneration of the skin, while natural skin-related sugar inulin supports the moisture balance. Specially designed to naturally protect a baby’s delicate skin. $5.95

BABY SEBAMED CLEANSING WIPES contain a milk lotion formula for gentle, efficient cleansing. The botanical extract of chamomile recutita soothes irritation while panthenol counteracts inflammation. These soap, alcohol and PEG free wipes protect the developing acid mantle of the skin with its pH 5.5 value and are made of the best quality soft spun lace.$12.99 

Laugh, Cry and FLY with Eddie the Eagle

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Have you seen the previews for the movie (based on a true events) Eddie the Eagle?  We saw the previews a few times and I thought it would be a good one to see.  Broxton (nor Marc) mentioned it, but it looked like one of those "feel good" movies that are nice to watch from time to time.  We ended up getting an invitation to go see an advance screening and Broxton was out of school for a winter break. Of course, since it was his BIRTHDAY WEEK, I said yes and we headed out one night to go see it.
I thought it was a great story, although I will admit it was sad too.  Seeing his dad not really care about his dreams at all really broke this mama's heart , but it was awesome seeing the love and undying support from HIS mama. Broxton enjoyed it as well and when we left, I asked him "What message did you get from watching this movie?" His response?  "Never give up!"  It made me smile and it reassured me that he did get the message.  I also made it a point to tell him over and over on the way home that I have always told him not to give up and to always try his best.  I will add this as a heads up. It looks to be a great family movie with a good message, but  you do need to remember that is is PG-13.  I was pretty uncomfortable when Hugh Jackman was having a conversation about making love.  Yes, it could have been much worse, but luckily my 6 year old did not mention it during the movie and he has not brought it up since we saw it.  Other than that, LOVED it.  

EDDIE THE EAGLE (20th Century Fox)
Release:               February 26 nationwide
Run Time:           105 Minutes
Rating:                 PG-13
Inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle is a feel-good story about Michael “Eddie” Edwards, an unlikely but courageous British ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself – even as an entire nation was counting him out.  With the help of a rebellious and charismatic coach (played by Hugh Jackman),Eddie takes on the establishment and wins the hearts of sports fans around the world by making an improbable and historic showing at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.  Eddie the Eagle is produced by the team behind Kingsman: The Secret Service and stars Taron Egerton as Eddie, the loveable underdog with a never say die attitude.

I am excited to let my followers local to ATLANTA know something pretty cool:
20th Century Fox just announced that they will be hosting a special sneak preview of EDDIE THE EAGLE this Sunday at 4PM in select theatres across the country. Good news for Atlanta… Regal Atlantic Station and AMC Parkway Pointe have been chosen! Guests can purchase tickets


Invasions with @LootCrate (Dead is the next theme!)

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation

I have been excited each month to get the latest subscription box from Loot Crate.  They really are a great service and although I am not a big gamer, the family is... so this works out perfect!  Each month they send you an email letting you know that your package is on the way.  This past month (January) theme was INVASIONS.  It was once again a great box filled with awesome items (and in my opinion)  totally worth the subsciption!  
Loot Crate has a few different options you can choose from.
Loot Crate -  1,3,6 or 12 month plan
(filled with goodies like shown below) 
Level Up-  choose from socks, wearable, accessories or bundle
They also offer additional crates :
Anime, Pets, Gaming, 
Limited Edition:
Star Wars, Firefly, Call of Duty

January Invasions Crate - 
The Fifth Element Multi-Pass, Alien Facehugger Plush, Space Invaders Figure, X-Files Mini Flashlight and X-Files tshirt, 2 prints and an exclusive Loot Crate pin.
I think the fact that you are guaranteed a tshirt in each crate is an amazing thing.  I also LOVE that they include a collectors pin in there.  We have a bag that we are putting all of Broxton's different pins on, so this is fun to add to it. 

Level Up Items -
Space Invaders Hoodie, Heart Invaders t shirt, Destiny Socks, I believe friendship socks and a Star Trek friendship necklace.

As I said, I have been very impressed with the packages from Loot Crate.  In the past, other subscription boxes I have seen reviewed have left me thinking there was more to be desired and not really worth the money.  This time, I can proudly say that I think it is way worth it. Think about it, the 1 month subscription is $13.95 plus $6 (shipping) .  If you break it down, you will normally pay $20+ for a t-shirt... and at least $5 or more for a plush... Right there with those 2 items it is around $25.  You paid $20 for the subscription and you still have more items in the box....  Oh, did I mention that they are AWESOME in their packaging?  The package comes in a plain black box with Loot Crate on it... but once you open it and get your goodies out, you flip the box inside out and it is decorated (perfect to use for something else!)   Marc was excited with the items this month, especially the Space Invader items!!! (He has told me I have to watch Alien, as I have never done so before.  Not sure about that one!)

Just a heads up... 
February theme is DEAD... This is going to have something to do with The Walking Dead... and Deadpool... Not sure what yet, but you still have time to order it now... Cut off is the 19th at 9 pm PT. Hurry on over and order one now!!!! 


What would you call them?

Let me tell you a story that had me laughing the other day...

Long story short, Broxton has had in his mind he really "NEEDED" a pair of Nike's.  He got a pair from my parents as an early birthday gift.  Big thanks to Stride Rite for having a 50% off sale!!!!   He wore them that night and the next morning he was still talking about them excited to wear them to church...  That is when it happened... He walked in to Savannah's room (still talking about his Nike's) and then was so excited to see Savannah!  He yells out... "LOOK AT HER SHOES!!!! SHE IS WEARING PILGRIM SHOES!"



Dinner tonight? Church's Chicken #Giveaway

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

If you are looking for a quick and easy meal, why not swing by Church's Chicken?  We have one somewhat near us, so the other day we decided to go by and grab some chicken from them.  It was pretty tasty and they have several options to make the taste buds of your whole crew pretty happy! They had wings tossed in Texas Pete Hot Sauce for a limited time, it is over now, but that doesn't mean you can not recreate.  Just grab a bottle of Texas Pete Hot Sauce and keep it on hand for when you pull through and grab dinner.  Talk about a simple way to add a little kick to dinner! 

I am sorry to say that I was not able to take a photo of the chicken, it was a race to eat some before it was all gone! I know this is a super fast giveaway, but one lucky reader is going to win a gift pack with treats from Church's Chicken and Texas Pete! 

All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love Scooby? Check out Be Cool Scooby Doo

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
Hope you guys all had a great Valentines Day.  Ours was wonderful, as we had a great day being together.  Broxton used his money to buy Savannah a couple gifts for Valentines, so she had to get him something special too!   We all know how much Broxton has always loved Scooby Doo, so when I was given the chance to review the latest, BE COOL, SCOOBY DOO, I knew I wanted to put this up and let it be a gift for him from her.  He was so excited to get it and has already asked when he was going to get to watch it. 
Are you familiar with BE COOL SCOOBY DOO?  I had never heard of it until Broxton started to talk about it over and over again.  We watched it on TV once and he was hooked  I like it because it is Scooby Doo, up to date.  He likes it because it is still the mystery he enjoys, but it isn't "scary" like some are that he watches.  While it is the characters we know and love, they have more of a "today's" look and the Mystery Machine has been updated too!  

Read the synopsis:
In Be CoolScooby-Doo! Season 1 Part 1, high school is over and Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred have just completed their senior year. What better way to celebrate summer break than by going on a road trip? This couldbe the gang’s last summer together, so the teens decide to live it up by hitting the road in the Mystery Machine in search of fun, laughs and great adventures. Along the way, the teen sleuths encounter some of the most mind-blowing mysteries yet. Will Scooby-Doo and the gang complete their trip or will ghosts and monsters throw them off course? Viewers will want to come along for the ride in this freshly redesigned, smart, funny adaptation of the legendary cartoon classic!

If you are interested in ordering a copy for your house, click the link below to order through my affiliate link on Amazon.  (Available to ship Feb 23rd.)

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