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Do You Have the Next "Big Easy" at your house? @Globies Skills Clinic This Summer

Growing up knowing the name "Harlem Globetrotters," I think it is so neat that they are holding Summer Skills Clinics!  I just wish that we lived closer to where one was being held, as I know the boys would absolutely love it!!!!

Check this out:

For the first time, the Harlem Globetrotters are conducting summer skills clinics to bring boys and girls ages 6-14 behind the curtain to see the Globetrotters’ electrifying skills and tricks, while also having fun staying active.
Each participant receives:
  • A free ticket voucher (valued up to $40) to see the Globetrotters during their 2013 World Tour
  • Autographs and photos with the stars!
  • 3-day trial pass to 24 Hour Fitness
Clinic Locations:(These are just the clinics - the games for your tickets are in 200 cities)
Phoenix       Houston     San Francisco       New Jersey
Denver        Dallas        Los Angeles         Seattle
St Louis       Miami        Las Vegas
Save $10 on registration! Enter the Coupon Code USFAMILY on the cart page after completing your registration or mention when calling 1-800-641-HOOP (4667) Click Here:

Here is the way I see it:
The Harlem Globetrotters put on an AMAZING performance..  For kids of all ages...
 Really, I saw little kids and old adults all cracking up laughing during their game.
Now, add to it that it is the FIRST TIME EVER that the actual STARS of the team are going to be showing their tricks.. and teaching the kids.. not only all the skills they have... but also teaching the kids the importance of nutrition and fitness...
That is just too cool!!!
Another thing I think is pretty cool?
The Globetrotters will work with your kids to come up with not only a signature move for them to show off on the court to their friends and family... they will also help them come up with their own nickname!!!
Who is to say that you don't have the next "Big Easy" living under your roof right now?!

***** I will be receiving a voucher to attend a Globetrotters game. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  *****

Angelina Ballerina - Ultimate Dance Collection - DVD Review

It's showtime!  Step into the captivating world of dance with Angelina Ballerina and her friends as they steal the show in Angelina Ballerina: Ultimate Dance Collection!, a three- DVD set leaping into stores April 3, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.   Also included in this entertaining DVD collection is a BONUS music CD with 4 fantastic songs .  See Angelina Ballerina take center stage as she follows her heart and learns some important lessons about creativity, fun and friendship along the way.

Angelina Ballerina: Pop Star Girls Get ready to get your groove on because it’s showtime with Angelina and the Pop Star Girls! While all the dancers learn to work together, Angelina realizes she loves hip-hop, rock bands, fiddles and more! Move and groove along with Angelina as she directs a hip-hop musical and discovers she was born to be a star. The whole family will be star-struck with delight as Angelina steps it up in her best performance yet!
Angelina Ballerina: Shining Star Trophy 
Angelina shines brighter than ever in this exciting movie adventure! Ms. Mimi announces that there’s going to be a big talent show at Camembert Academy – and the winner will walk away with a Shining Star Trophy. When Angelina goes out of her way to help her friends find their special talents, she has little time to work on her own routine. With celebrity guest judge Perry Parmesan deciding the winner, every minute of practice counts. When the curtain rises, who will take center stage and win the Shining Star Trophy? Watch as Angelina follows her heart to be a true shining star.
Angelina Ballerina: Dancing On Ice 
Some sparkling performances are coming to Camembert Academy on the ice and on the dance floor! Angelina, Alice and all of their Mouseling friends know the importance of practice for the big show. But when Angelina’s skates go missing, will she find them in time for her ice skating solo? And will AZ ever learn how to do the “Cheese Roll” like his Granddad taught him? With help from her friends and some creativity, Angelina discovers the magic of working together in this very special treat!

We do not really watch much Angelina Ballerina around here... but, our neighbor has a little girl that just loves this show!  We have given different friends and family these DVD's and the little girls are always so excited about it!!!!  We plan on giving this DVD to a friend of the family that keeps kids at her house...  I am sure they would love this and since its a couple different ones, I know it will provide days of entertainment!
Do you know an Angelina Ballerina fan?
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Growing Big and Strong with Yummi Bears Organics #review

Let me start this by saying I am not a doctor.
Never have been either..
Okay, now that we have established that...

Flashback... my childhood...
My cousin would come to visit from Florida and she would always have this big ol' bag..  You know what was in it?  Vitamins...  We would laugh and she would try and not take them...   Her mom had her on tons of these big old nasty pills that were so large they would choke a horse..  But, a day or two into her summer vacation and she would be back taking them.  I still don't think she took them like her mom wanted her to, but still.. she did..   Why am I telling you this?  Because guess what.. she still takes vitamins today!  Not as many and I doubt that she has bags full of them, but still.  She says she can notice if she goes without them...  She just feels not as great as she normally does.

I slowly see now why her mom made her take them...  To make sure her baby was healthy and happy...
So, what am I doing?  I see more and more now that I am turning into my aunt.  No, I am not going to send Broxton off with a bag full of all these bottles of pills, but I can do my part to make sure he is growing in the right direction...

I was recently given the chance to review Yummi Bears Organic from Hero Nutritionals.
Let me tell you one thing that impressed me with this site..
You go to it and click on PRODUCTS.
Then, you click on HELP ME CHOOSE.
No, you don't have to just pick one that sounds the best... you answer a few questions...
One being to pick the most important issues you want to address by taking these vitamins.
Then, it tells you what they recommend to be the best for your needs.  Not only do they just tell you what is best.. they also tell you WHY they recommend the ones they did!
Love that!!!!

Broxton has been taking the Immunity Health ones.
With these, they are just a little gummy bear vitamin.
I tried them and they really taste good.  Its like a fruity flavor. Best of all, they don't stick to your teeth like other gummies... and Broxton doesn't have a problem with them at all.  The only problem I have is that he wants to take more than he is allowed.  (No, he doesn't take them, but he just still asks for more!)

We have another bottle, it is the bone health.
We actually left these at my parents house for when he is there...
He is really good about wanting to take his vitamins to grow up big and strong, so when I forgot vitamins in the past, he was pretty upset!  By leaving a bottle there, we know he will have them and he is a happy camper!!!!

You can buy the Yummi Bears Organics at some retail shops, or you can always purchase them online.
Look to see what would work best for you!

Do you take vitamins on a daily basis?

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Shaun The Sheep: Shear Madness - DVD Review

Spring into all-new lamb-tastic fun when Shaun the Sheep: Shear Madness leaps onto DVD April 17, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Join the playful sheep and his farmyard friends in seven all-new adventures; thwarting his pesky swine neighbors, experiencing his first crush, embracing curiosity and having a blast. Through it all, Shaun will always have your baaaa-ck!
SynopsisSheeps and Pigs and Aliens, oh my! It’s madness in the meadow with Shaun the Sheep and his flock of mischievous merrymakers! Shaun expertly stops the pigs from running amuck and turning the farm into a porky paradise. He amuses his friends when he falls head over hoof for a beautiful stranger and demonstrates what happens when curiosity gets the sheep after a hot air balloon lands and causes mayhem in the meadow…From the farm, to outer space and everywhere in between, Shaun and his barnyard buddies know how to have a wooly good time!
Episodes Include:
  • Pig Trouble
  • Sheepless Nights
  • Party Animals
  • Cat's Got Your Brain
  • Two's Company?
  • What's Up, Dog?
  • Draw the Line

Now, I have to admit.. I have said before that I am not a big fan of this one..
But... Let me tell you this...
When you are in the car and you want peace and quiet... and you have to put a DVD on for your little ones... (With no headset, so it goes through the speakers of the whole car...)
This is a great option for you!
Broxton enjoyed it and it made the ride that much easier to deal with!
If you travel... or have a Shaun the Sheep fan.. This is a must have!

Do y'all watch Shaun the Sheep?
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Act of Valor - Staring Real Life Navy SEALs

As we all know, I am married into the military.
Marc being National Guard, I have so much respect for him and his "brothers."  The military is a family in its own and the fact that I am part of it, I am very proud of.
That being said, there is a new movie coming out and you know I will be telling you about it.
Have you heard of Act of Valor?
As soon as I heard of it, I knew it was going to be one that I wanted to see.
Why?  Because I like seeing how our military is portrayed, and because I like telling others about it, so that if they do not personally have military connections, they might see a glimpse into what all goes on.
Now, some of it is totally absurd and you can tell it is all fake... but others are right on.

We had the chance to watch Act of Valor and I really liked it.

It isn't one that you can say "oh, it was a great movie!" but it is one that lets you see what really goes on and how things really happen.  No, not a breach of security or anything, but it does let you see how things go.

I am not going to give anything away, but it starts with the NAVY SEALs and their family enjoying time together.. just like most families.. Then, we follow them on a CIA mission.

The thing about this movie?  
It stars actual real life Navy Seals along with actors!  

Here is the synopsis: 


The only easy day was yesterday. In the Bandito Brothers' ACT OF VALOR, an elite military force, portrayed by active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs, carries out an impossible mission with insane courage and incredible teamwork in one of the most gripping and emotionally charged movies of the year. Landing June 5th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, the ACT OF VALOR Blu-ray and DVD is loaded with extras including several deleted scenes, interviews with Navy SEALs, director's commentary, exclusive featurettes, including a look at the real bullets and tactics used during filming, and much more! ACT OF VALOR was theatrically released by Relativity Media on February 24th and became the No. 1 movie in America in its debut.

An unprecedented blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, ACT OF VALOR stars a group of active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs, alongside actors Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, Jason Cottle and Nester Serrano, in a film like no other in Hollywood's history. A fictionalized account of real life Navy SEAL operation, ACT OF VALOR features a riveting story that takes audiences on an adrenaline-fueled, edge-of-their-seat journey.

When a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA operative unexpectedly results in the discovery of an imminent, terrifying global threat, an elite team of highly trained Navy SEALs must immediately embark on a heart-stopping secret operation, the outcome of which will determine the fate of us all.

ACT OF VALOR combines stunning combat sequences, up-to-the-minute battlefield technology, and heart-pumping emotion for the ultimate action adventure film-showcasing the skills, training and tenacity of the greatest action heroes of them all: real Navy SEALs.

Produced and directed by former Baja 1000 champion Mike "Mouse" McCoy and former stuntman Scott Waugh, and written by Kurt Johnstad (300), the ACT OF VALOR Blu-ray and DVD arrives June 5th just in time for Father's Day.

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Kidz Bop: Ultimate Hits Is Our Summer CD

Music is so fun for us!
We love it... 
We as in Marc, ALL the boys... and you know I love it...

I love country the most... and Marc is more into Classic Rock...  That means the car is normally turned to the classic rock stations when Marc is driving.. and if I am driving, we normally have a DVD going... So, I don't get to listen to much these days... 
Until I get to watch my shows... and then I hear all the songs... 
Back when I worked, we had a radio on in the kitchen, so if I was back there, I had music... and if there wasn't a big sporting event, we had music on out front.. (Remember, I worked in a sports bar...)
So..........  Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I want to tell you about a new CD that Broxton and I have been jamming to!
Kidz Bop: Ultimate Hits

The last time we went home, I put it in the car... 

Once we got on the highway, I turned it on and the next thing I knew... Broxton was in his car seat "seat dancing" and was trying to sing along!  It was so cute and I just cracked up laughing at him.

We did not know some of the songs, so I would skip over it... (They just were not doing anything for me.)
But here is the list...

1.      Tik Tok
2.      Dynamite
3.      California Gurls
4.      I Gotta Feeling
5.      Billionaire
6.      Party In The USA
7.      Break Your Heart
8.      Hey Soul Sister
9.      DJ Got Us Falling In Love
10.    Fire Burning
11.    You Belong With Me
12.    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
13.    Fireflies

Broxton's favorite is Dynamite and he sings it all the time... You should have seen him when we took him to the UGA football game last year, as soon as that came on, he was dancing and singing... and my dad was cracking up!  I loved the feel of it being like a "road trip mix tape" (come on, I know I am not the only one that ever had those!)  and I did not have to worry about it being any ugly words on there, since it is all sung by kids!!!!

I will tell you one thing that had me laughing out loud... 
We went out to dinner one night, so we loaded up... Broxton, my parents, my brother and myself... 

I put the CD on and my brother (who is 22) was like... HOLD ON A MINUTE... What?!
I started laughing and was like, what is it?   
He thought it was hilarious that it was today's popular music, but kids singing it...

So, if you are a family that loves music... or know one that is...
I think you need to head on out and grab this CD... 
Great for road trips, pool parties, birthday parties and more!!

(It's less than $15, so you could even give it as a gift to a party you are going to!)


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Fireman Sam: Rescue on the Water - DVD Review

On land, in water and everywhere in between, you can always count on Fireman Sam to save the day … and bring the fun along, too! Join Fireman Sam, his courageous fire brigade and the citizens of Pontypandy for all new seafaring adventure in Fireman Sam: Rescue on the Water, coming to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand April 3, 2012 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. It’s ready, set, rescue in six thrilling episodes filled with Sam’s trademark lessons in safety, loyalty, leadership, cooperation and friendship.

DVD SYNOPSIS Sound the alarm! Fireman Sam and his heroic team are always prepared for rescues. Whether it’s a flood in Pontypandy, dangerous shifting tides or trouble at sea for Norman and James, there’s no challenge too big for Fireman Sam! Join the squad and save the day with this collection of daring seaworthy rescues.
Episodes include: · “Stranded” · “The One That Got Away” · “Pirates of Pontypandy” · “Norman’s Ark” · “Sailor Steele” · “Dinosaur Hunt”
Now, for some reason, Broxton tried watching Fireman Sam and immediately wanted it off... I am not sure what it was about it, as he loves water and loves Firemen... Another time, he was coming on and Broxton ran to get one of us to change it.  I figure now that we have the DVD, I am going to try and sit down with him and watch to see if he can tell me what it is that makes him not want to watch it... (He acts as though something scares him...)  I see one of the episodes is "dinosaur hunt" so he might be more eager to see it with dino's in the story too!  The DVD is only $10 so its a great price if you are looking for a great gift idea for the Fireman Sam fans if your life...

Do you watch Fireman Sam at your house?
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Comfortable Shoes from @DawgsFootwear

I have found a pretty comfortable pair of flip flops and I just have to tell you about them.
You want to know why?
Because up until recently, I was not a fan of flip flops..
Not that there is anything wrong with them, but because I hate feet.

My feet are not the prettiest (no worries, I am not going to be posting a picture of them on here...)
That being said, I never wore shoes that would show my toes...
Not attractive!  I used to joke and say it was because my feet were all weird and blame it that my mom would not buy me shoes that fit when I was younger... Truth is, I just have ugly toes!!!!

All my life I wore tennis shoes and closed toed shoes... As to not worrying about showing those ugly jokers off!  Then, in Atlanta, I would wear them every now and then... nothing like an every day item, but I would wear them from time to time...
Once I married Marc, I noticed I would wear them more... and even more importantly, I would wear them in public!!!!  I guess since he loves me, it doesn't matter what others think.

I had the chance to review a pair of super comfortable rubber soled flip flops from
Image: Canada Dawgs
I love how they are a basic navy blue on top... but as soon as you see me walking away, you notice the neon green on the sole of them!  Now, if they would just make them BLACK, with a RED sole... We would for sure be wearing them to the Georgia Football Games!  
I found them to be super comfortable and I never noticed them slipping. I had a chance to wear them on several different surfaces and they always kept a grip on the ground... From concrete, carpet, hard wood, tile and grass... 
I was going to talk about how loud they were, but then I noticed that it had to be the floor, as every person that walked by was a bit loud...   (and those that weren't commented that they had the same problem with other shoes in the past!)
I will tell you this, since wearing them, I noticed a gentleman wearing a pair of Dawgs...They looked rather new, so I had to ask him how long he had owned the Dawgs brand... He mentioned it had been a couple years, they were so comfortable that those were his go to shoes now!

Image: Canada Dawgs

They also have bendable flip flops!
What does that mean?
You can carry cute shoes in your purse for when you need to change things up!
(Or you have shoes ready for when you go in for your well deserved pedicure!)

I have enjoyed my Dawgs.. LOL, I love the name... "My dawgs are barking!"
Anyways... I noticed that they have golf shoes.
No, I don't play golf, but my brother sure does.
Not only do they look really comfortable, they say they are the worlds lightest golf shoes.

So, besides having great looking and comfortable shoes for me... 
This would be a great place to start looking for Fathers Day gift ideas!!!!!
Head on over and see who all you can buy for..
With graduation soon (and Fathers Day as well) I am sure you have one or two gifts to get!
Don't forget to follow Dawgs on Facebook and Twitter!

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Is Your Mom an "Every Day Hero?" P&G #ad #giveaway

My mom is a pretty amazing woman. I know that I did not appreciate it when I was growing up, but I do now... Maybe because I am a mom myself?  Maybe because I finally stopped being stupid...
Either way, I think that Mothers DAY should not just be one day a year... 
I know, maybe Mothers Month?
Or maybe.. just maybe... every day we could try and show / tell how appreciative we are!
Dollar General and Proctor and Gamble are teaming together to do just that:
Throughout the month of May, in recognition of moms who do extraordinary things every day for their families and communities, Dollar General® is teaming up with Procter & Gamble® to honor moms – the true Every Day Heroes who have made sacrifices for their families and their communities.  To celebrate moms, Dollar General is inviting customers to upload videos describing why their moms are “Every Day Heroes.” Videos can be submitted and viewed at   

To help you honor your mom...
Be it Mothers Day, Mothers Month or just a random Tuesday...
Proctor and Gamble has a little gift pack to make it a bit easier to do so.
I loved the products... (Actually have not tried the Tide Pod yet.. but grew up on Tide...)

One winner will win a prize pack with the following: 

So, will you enter your mom?  
While you are there, go ahead and enter the Coca-Cola Olympic Training Contest as well!

***** Proctor and Gamble provided me with products.  I was not required to post a review.  I just thought it would be nice to have one of you get a box of goodies too! *****

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Rock City 80th Anniversary #Giveaway

I am in love with Chattanooga.  I know Marc is as well, so I was so happy to get one of the latest emails..
Rock City is celebrating its 80th anniversary in May!!!
Whoooo Hooo...

Have you ever been to Rock City?
We took Broxton to see Rock City and he loved it.
I honestly don't know who had more fun... Broxton or Marc... let me quit lying... I was loving every second of it as well!   If you have ever driven through Georgia, I am sure you have seen the famous Rock City Messages on old barns and what not... 
Image: Rock City

So, what exactly is Rock City? 
It is FAMILY OWNED.  From Rock City:  
Rock City will amaze's in our nature! Located atop Lookout Mountain, just 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is a true marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens with over 400 native plant species, and breathtaking "See 7 States" panoramic views. Take an unforgettable journey along the Enchanted Trail where each step reveals natural beauty and wonders along the woodland path. Experience the magic of Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village, visit one of our regional gift shops and dine at the Big Rock Grill. Rock City is splendid year-round - "Each season there's a new reason to visit!"

Image: Rock City

Rock City has more than just things to look at...
Check out their site to see when they have music going on..
and get this..Rumor has it that their Founders Day is going to be pretty cool..
Ticket prices at their original price 80 years ago for the first 80 people... oh, and a birthday party for the mascot, Rocky!!!!
Want to see something pretty cool?  Visit the Rock City Anniversary page and look the the "then and now" pictures.. .you just slide the gnome to see the changes!!!!

I am so happy to tell you that instead of just telling you how beautiful Rock City is... 
I get to host a giveaway so that one lucky reader can take their family to see it.
So, if you are planning a trip to Georgia, or need a reason to plan a trip...
OR - if you live in or near Chattanooga, just plan a nice stay-cation and go enjoy! You will love the trip and the time you are there!!!

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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My Birthday and Odd Life Of Timothy Green... August Will Be Awesome

If you remember, I blogged in the past about the Odd Life of Timothy Green that was filming in my hometown...

They have released the trailer... and I am DYING to see the movie..
It comes out in August... and my birthday is in August...
That means, August will be a great month!
Can August get here faster?!

Here is the trailer for you:
Looks pretty good to me!!!!

***** This is not a paid/sponsored post, just me thinking this looks awesome! *****

Flicka is Now Available for Purchase... and a Few Other Country Stars In Movies Too...

I have never seen any of the Flicka Movies, but it looks like a good one..
Just wanted to share the May 1st release of the third installment.

Country Music Superstar Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman Black shine in the Heartwarming Family Adventure Arriving on Blu-ray and DVD May 1
Exclusively at Walmart, Sam’s Club® and
From the pages of Mary O’Hara’s popular novel My Friend Flicka, the year’s most inspiring coming of age story arrives just in time for Mother’s Day when Flicka: Country Pride gallops on to Blu-ray and DVD May 1 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Directed by Michael Damian (Flicka 2Marley & Me: The Puppy Years), Flicka: Country Pride stars country music superstar Clint Black (Flicka 2), Lisa Hartman Black (“Knots Landing”) and Kacey Rohl (“The Killing”) in a heartwarming adventure for the entire family.
When Toby (Black) takes on a job at a stable with Flicka in tow, the owner’s teenage daughter Kelly (Rohl), quickly bonds with the wild horse. A budding equestrian rider, she hopes to break Flicka for an upcoming competition, despite her mother’s (Hartman Black) disapproval. With the competition approaching, a rival trainer stealing business, and a growing fear they may be forced to sell the stable, Toby steps in to turn things around for Kelly and her mother.
Grammy Award® Winner Clint Black is one of country music’s superstars with over 20 million albums sold worldwide.   Having written over 100+ songs including 23 #1 songs Clint is an active philanthropist overseeing numerous charities.

As a fan of country music... I thought it was neat seeing what other Country Singers have made it to the silver screen... Hope you enjoy the list as much as I did...

Clint Black is known around Nashville as a country music star, but he’s been spotted in film roles as well, including Flicka 2 and Maverick. But Black isn’t the first country star to find his footing in films! Here, we will count down the top southern singers in film, including Tim McGraw (The Blind Side), Dolly Parton (9 to 5) and Taylor Swift (Valentine’s Day).

When Toby (Clint Black) takes on a job at a stable with Flicka in tow, the owner’s teenage daughter Kelly (Kacey Rohl), quickly bonds with the wild horse. A budding equestrian rider, she hopes to break Flicka for an upcoming competition, despite her mother’s (Lisa Hartman Black) disapproval. With the competition approaching, a rival trainer stealing business, and a growing fear they may be forced to sell the stable, Toby steps in to turn things around for Kelly and her mother.

Tim McGraw in The Blind Side
Tim McGraw is a celebrated country artist, with hugely successful albums and a multitude of award wins. But his first starring film role was actually in 2006’s Flicka! Since then, McGraw has appeared in many successful television shows and movies, the most celebrated of which is 2009’s The Blind Side. In The Blind Side, McGraw played Sean Tuohy opposite Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock.

Dolly Parton in 9 to 5
We all know Dolly Parton for her hit songs like “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You,” but she is also a fantastic actress! Parton’s very first film role was as buxom secretary, Doralee Rhodes in 1980’s 9 to 5. Not only was Parton nominated for two Golden Globes for her role, but she also wrote and recorded the film’s theme song (also called “9 to 5”), which went on to become number one on both Billboard’s Country and Hot 100 charts. Parton has since starred in many successful films, including The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Steel Magnolias.

Taylor Swift in Valentine’s Day
Taylor Swift is, at the young age of 22, a beloved country artist with multiplatinum-selling albums and numerous Grammy Awards under her belt. Swift made her film debut in 2010’s star-studded film, Valentine’s Day, as the love-struck high school student, Felicia. For Swift’s comedic role she won the Teen Choice Award for Movie Female Breakout. Swift followed up Valentine’s Day by voicing Audrey in 2012’s The Lorax.

Faith Hill in The Stepford Wives
Faith Hill is well known for having sold more than 40 million records worldwide and for winning five Grammy’s and myriad of other awards. Her first acting role was in a 1995 episode of the television show “Touched by an Angel,” and Hill made her one and only film appearance to date in 2004’s reboot of The Stepford Wives alongside Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick and Glenn Close.

Dwight Yoakam in Sling Blade
Dwight Yoakam has been popular since the early 1980s, and in that time he has sold more than 25 million records and recorded over 20 albums. Though Yoakam has appeared in 25 films and numerous television shows, he is probably best known for his acclaimed performance as the abusive Doyle Hargraves in the 1996 film Sling Blade. Since Sling Blade, Yoakam has starred in many successful films such as Panic Room, Crank and Four Christmases.

***** This is not a paid or sponsored post... I just love working with this company, so I wanted to share information about a new movie they have released. *****

Family Emergencies and Catching Up

I want to take a second to say that I am sorry that I have not been around lately.
I will be back to blogging and everything soon, just have to catch up on a few things...

We had a family emergency that has taken me away from the computer... 

I have several reviews and giveaways lined up..

Just need to get back into the swing of things.

At this time, if you could just keep my family in your thoughts and prayers... 
We would appreciate it!
Other than that....

Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day..

Broxton gave me the sweetest flower he made me at church.

Does it get better than that?
I loved that more than a million roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be back shortly.......
Thanks for staying with me through this...
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