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Southern Fried Women - A Book Review

When I saw the title, Southern Fried Women, I knew being a girl raised in the South, I would be interested in reading this...
Now, I haven't finished the book, but I am enjoying it so far.
It is 253 pages, but you don't have to sit and read it all at once.
It is a mixture of different "short stories" that tell the story of good old southern gals!
I will be honest.  There are times when I am not just feeling it.  I am not sure if it is this particular book, or just reading in general...  I can not figure it out.
Once I am finished with this, I know that my mom is going to enjoy reading it, so I am trying to get it finished soon.... 

Summary of what is inside Southern Fried Women, from their site:

SOUTHERN FRIED WOMEN A history of bigotry in a local diner is uncovered in Pigment of my Imagination, as the owner defends two young women and their right to be served.
Vernell Paskins, Mobile Home Queen is a woman who lives in the land of the doublewides and works at the inters…

Kidlandia Kreechurs at FAO this season

I have reviewed for Kidlandia before and I was impressed with their products.
I was excited for the chance to tell you about the newest Kreechurs that are available!

They are adorable and are available ONLY at the FAO Schwartz NYC store... or through the FAO Schwartz site.
Just click here to see the Kidlandia Kreechurs available.

I will be getting one for review soon, but I didn't know if you were doing any last minute shopping (or planning a trip to NYC) and might need/want a suggestion.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Pert Plus for Time Management - Review

With a house full of boys, you can imagine the phrase "LESS IS BEST" works here...  I always make sure they have the basics in their bathroom, but I hate to say it... It is normally whatever I have... I never thought much about Pert Plus.  But now, I will!

Talk about a time saver!  I used to use it when I was younger...  This would be great for the boys!!!
Shampoo PLUS conditioner..  IN ONE BOTTLE!!!  For less than $6 you can have them using both shampoo and conditioner... One step... Equals... Less time... Equals Happy Boys!!!! (Happy boys also lead to happy daddy... and of course all that happiness heads my way too!)

I will tell you this, when we received the Pert Plus, I was taken back by the new design of their bottle!(Not sure how long they have had this shape, but it was new to me!)  They still use the green bottle, I do believe that has always been their color...We were sent the Pert Plus Classic Clean.

Of course, with the new design, I had to go visit the Pert…

Eat Healthier with Help from @EatSmartScale #giveaway

When it comes to healthy eating, I know I can use help.
I was so excited to have the chance to review the Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale.
To be honest with you, I wanted this to help with my meals.
We tend to buy in bulk... It is cheaper this way!
So, I get home and start dividing everything by eye...
I guesstimate everything and I thought this would help.
You know, make it a bit more on track.
Like I really know what 1 pound of meat feels like?  Right..
Well, I planned on using this to help with that...

But now, well...
This bad boy is going to do so much more than that!

This scale is great for those that are watching what they eat...
Or for those that NEED to watch what they eat...
Long story short, you put your food on there, weigh it..
Then, look it up in the book that comes with it...
Do a bit of simple math... (Don't forget you can use your calculator if need be) and then you determine how many calories is in that serving!
No worries about it just being for meats …

Opinions Wanted, Please

OH MY GOODNESS. Marc just showed me something he read online and I immediately had to come to you guys about it. I would really love your opinion on it.
Just what am I talking about? The "New Twin Towers Unveiled"
Photo Taken from
What do you think? I think it is just wrong... I mean, as soon as I saw it, I immediately had flash backs to 9/11. I couldn't help it, that was what I saw with the first picture.
Now, I will throw the double edged sword here... If you look at it like this: It does look pretty neat. But... Marc and I agreed, when you look at the whole picture... Not at all.
Photo also taken from
I would love your opinions on this. Hope you have a great day!
Let us all NEVER FORGET.

Great Idea for a Stocking: @zombieinsurance

With all the different television shows and movies going on these days, I was actually not surprised when I saw information on "My Zombie Insurance."
What exactly is My Zombie Insurance? Well, it is a great gift idea for the Zombie fan in your life...
For less than $10 you can get a great gift... Be an entertaining gift or even a cute stocking stuffer... You get an "insurance card", proof on insurance certificate and even a window decal to warn any possible zombie invaders that they picked the wrong house to mess with! Ha ha ha!!!
This really is a cute idea! A friend of mine dressed up as the cop from that Walking Dead show... I might need to let him know that he can make sure he is protected now!!!!
Head on over to My Zombie Insurance to see if they have a "plan" for you!!! (They have great pictures up!)
You can follow them on Twitter.
FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or repre…

Totally Smitten - @SmittensMittens Review

Have you heard of Smittens?Okay, this might be just the cutest thing I have seen.

They are mittens... For the one you are Smitten with! Lol. No, really... it is a set of mittens... but, one of the mittens is for two hands.
No matter young or old, it works for you!
Let me explain. Say, you and your loved one are out for a stroll and it is a bit chilly. Put your smittens on and you can have warm hands, while HOLDING HANDS! You are going for a walk with your child. Put your mittens on, once again... you can hold hands!

This is great! You order small/medium or large. Then you order small/medium or large for the other hand.
They have 4 styles... and also offer some in red/blue or black. I think it depends on what they have in stock at the moment.
Head on over and take a look!
Say you want it for you and your spouse. You can order two large or mediums..
We ordered for Broxton and I. So, I ordered a small and a large. That way, he has his glove and then either Marc or I can wear the other.
I think th…

Disney Universe on Wii

It feels so great to be a child again!

We received the new game, Disney Universe for our Wii.First, Marc played it for a few minutes. I am not sure if it is our controller or what, but it was hard to get it moving right. So, he played and then said he was done.
He went to the other room and I figured I would give it a go! I loved how you could select your player, based on the different Disney Movies. You could be a character from Pirates of the Caribbean, you could be one of the monsters from Monsters Inc, there were several to choose from. Then, you get to pick what world you want to be in. We were in the Pirates of the Caribbean world. I think it might be the basic one you start on.. Either way, I know you have to unlock levels to move to other worlds and characters.
I too was having a hard time with the controllers. I thought it was weird that the Wii game didn't have to have you moving to make it work, but just using the buttons... Then, I realized if I turned my controller horizontal…

One Great Gift Idea: @OneBathandBody Review

Have you heard of ONE bath and body?I was intrigued by their philosophy. They are a green company. Meaning, they are trying to help out our Earth!
Their packaging is remarkable. They don't use plastic... just cardboard, or metal tins!
Now, I am sure you are wondering how they do that and offer shampoo and conditioners... not to mention soap.. Well, that is because most are in solid form! Yes, SOLID form!!!!
We reviewed a few items that I will share with you today. Up first:
I was able to soak and enjoy their Bath Fizzer.I will admit, I was bit curious as to how to use it. I knew to put it in the water, but it said for a long relaxing bath, use whole fizzer... Use half for a short relaxation. I was wondering if I was going to have to chop it or if I was supposed to just take it out after it shrunk some... I know, I know... Don't even go there!
Well, lucky for me, when I opened the package, I saw that they had it simplified for people like me! They had it cut in half and you decided ho…

Giving Others Christmas with JDaniel4's Mom

The other day, we were grabbing a quick bite to eat at a local fast food place.I told Marc I would be back, as I was heading to the counter to grab a bag for Broxton's food.

Marc told me to hold on and wait a minute.
So, I waited and waited... I have to tell you, I got a bit nervous, did I have something all over me and he was trying not to let me embarrass myself? I could not figure out what it was... and I knew he had sent me a text (that I had yet to receive, so I asked him to let me look at his phone.)
The message: "The lady behind us looks homeless and hungry."

I knew exactly who he was referring to, as I had noticed her as well. But what do you do in a situation like that?
You know good and well you can not approach them and question them. Would you make them uncomfortable? What if they aren't? The questions are endless. Also, it is a bit rude to look at someone and presume such a thing... but, we did.
Now, let me try and explain... She did not look like a crack he…

Capital Hill Cooks

With love of great cuisine and the bounty of our nation evident throughout this book, CAPITOL HILL COOKS contains recipes from members of Congress, as well as every president from George Washington (Cranberry Pudding) to Abraham Lincoln (Mary Todd Lincoln’s Vanilla Almond Cake) to Barack Obama (The Obama Family’s Linguini). Taste Vice President Biden's Kahlua Chocolate Fudge Cake, Senator Charles Grassley’s Bacon and Bean Chowder, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's Minnesota Rhubarb Dessert, Congressman Ron Paul's Texas Sweeties, or Senator Scott Brown's Italian Soup…and hundreds more. Many contributors to this book even include notes about their ethnic backgrounds, favorite indigenous foods, and fond memories of meals shared with others. (“Barack really likes this,” the first lady says of her own apple crisp.)
CAPITOL HILL COOKS will raise funds to be contributed to Homes for Our Troops (, an organization dedicated to assisting severely injured …

All NEW Power Rangers Samurai

Okay, I guess I have been under a rock or something... I can remember my brother being TOTALLY OBSESSED with the Power Rangers when he was younger... I just had NO CLUE that they were still around these days! I know that they were named based on their colors, like it was the "Blue Power Ranger" and the "Black Power Ranger" and what not... Well, that was what I called them!
The other day, we received an AWESOME box in the mail!
A power rangers goodie box!

Needless to say, we dug right in!
I was all excited to see how the Wii game worked. Since, I KNOW good and well it has advanced so much from the show my brother watched (he is 22 years old, so I know it's been some time!)
I was ready and I actually had Marc talked into trying it with me. Then, we realized that the nun-chucks (needed for the game) are missing. We don't know if Broxton has hid them somewhere or if they accidentally were packed up when the boys were here last. …