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w w - feet

I hate feet... I can not stand them... I can go on and on about them..
So, why do I have a picture of a foot on here? Because when I looked at my brothers foot.... I realized HOW LONGGGGGGGGGGG his toes are. Seriously!
They are so long... I told him he could probably pick up bricks with those suckers and lay a house... UGH......

Save Your World - Winner

I know I have been totally slacking lately, but seriously, with everything movingsofast and not even because of procrastination... I just wanted to announce the winner of the Save Your World soap and lotion...
Thanks to
Comment Number 23 was the winner!
Christie! I have sent you an email.
Thanks all!!!!!!!!!

I miss you all

I feel like I have not been on here in AGES! I also feel like I have not visited any of you in forever as well.
Let me tell you what has been going on... Last week we got the call for Marc to report for a retraining period so that he could return to work. Well, we wanted to be closer to where he works, so while he went to class, Broxton and I looked for something a bit closer. Yes, we do want a house, but for now... An apartment seems like the logical thing to do... So, apartment looking is what we did! We saw a few online that were SUPER CUTE... but, once we saw them in person... The layout, the location, the residents, the upkeep...
WE SAID, NOPE!!!! So, off we headed to PROMOVE apartment locator's... Not sure if you have ever heard of them, but I used them when I first moved to Atlanta over 10 years ago, so I knew how they worked... We went in and talked to a guy named John... He pulled up a good amount of places that fit what we were looking for... We narrowed it down to 5 or…