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4 Ways to Inspire Kids to Turn Off Electronics and Turn on Their Creativity

I received this email and thought I would share with you all.  I don't know about you, but we have to set limits on electronics, or that would be the only thing they played with sometimes.  
4 Ways To Inspire Kids To Turn Off Electronics And Turn On Their Creativity Children love their electronic devices. Television, video games, cellphones and laptops keep them occupied for hours, in some cases acting as live-in babysitters while parents finish chores or just relax. But while all those devices have their advantages, they also can stifle creativity as children become absorbed in what’s happening inside those screens instead of exploring the real world and letting their imaginations soar. There are ways to turn that around, though, and get the creative juices flowing in those young minds, says Colleen Miller, a veteran teacher with 15 years of full-time and substitute experience in both elementary and middle schools. “You can always just tell a child to put down the electronic device, bu…