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Gotta Love the Bunny - Energizer Lithium #giveaway

Having a toddler, you can imagine how often we go through batteries.   We have several rechargeable batteries throughout our house. Being that I love to take pictures (and that I blog)  we for sure have rechargeable batteries for my wireless mouse and my camera...  But, for Broxton.... 

I have been using the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries.   They are proven to be the worlds longest lasting batteries in high tech devices.   I have been using them in Broxton's toys to help me out...
You know how you have a little one and they are really intent on their game?  Well, I have a hard time explaining to Broxton that he has to wait while I change the batteries.  It's not that he is being bad about it, it's just that he doesn't understand why there are 8 million and 4 little screws that you have to remove first before you then take out the batteries and change them out. Knowing these batteries last longer, it is nice to know they are in his toys (and that I can snag them …

You Can Store It in the Freezer? BenGay Zero #Giveaway

The last couple weeks, I have had this catch in my neck when I wake up.  I know it is from sleeping weird (I need to guy buy new pillows, the ones we have are really pointless at this time.) Anyways, a couple of times it has just really aggravated me to the point where I wanted relief.  Good that I have worked with BenGay in the past and was just sent their latest product.

BenGay has recently came out with BenGay Zero Degrees.  This is actually pretty neat and let me tell you why I liked this one.  First of all, it is able to be stored in the freezer.  I like that I can pull this out of the freezer and immediately have the cooling sensation on the area that is giving me trouble. The other reason that might just have the biggest PLUS for me?  It comes in this tube like a deodorant.  Then, you just twist the bottom to have it come out of the top (once again, like a deodorant)  you then just use the tube as the applicator as well.  That means nothing ever touches your hands... so you d…

Ripley's Unbelievable Stories for Guys

If the guy in your life is anything like mine...  (Husband, Daddy and Brother... all alike!)
You would love to check out Ripley's Unbelievable Stories for Guys.

I will tell you this, I think all that Ripley's stuff is pretty neat, so I knew that I wanted to read the book, even if it was "for guys."  As soon as it arrived, I was eager to check it out, but I felt bad looking at it before giving it to Marc.  So, once again... another "early fathers day gift."   He was immediately drawn into reading it and 79 pages later, he decided to put it down!   No complains from my end as I quickly snatched it up and started reading through it all.

Now, this book is different from other of Ripley's books...   It is smaller in size (more like a tablet) than other books.

Also, there are no pictures.  
Here are the contents: Transport
Science Sports and Games Business Crime and Laws History Natural World Body Mysteries Digital and Technical The Arts Politics Food

This to…

W/W - Yes We Did!

Did I tell you the time we met these guys?  It was awesome... 

Do you know who they are?
Happy Wednesday!

Work on Math While Watching Team Umizoomi

I love when Broxton watches TV and it is educational.  Yes, we love watching the cartoons that help him with his manners and being a great friend, but I also love when we have the chance to broaden the spectrum. Lately, Broxton has been working on his math skills!!!!
We are now the proud new owners of Team Umizoomi : Umizoomi Games! I admit, he has watched in the car, so I do not really know what all they are doing, but it nice that he is getting into it... Who knew math could be fun?

Join Milli, Geo and Bot on four sports-themed math adventures in Team Umizoomi: Umigames.  Preschoolers will learn many math skills, including counting, patterns, measurement, and more! Get in the Olympic spirit and don’t miss out on the Umi Team’s latest all new DVD. Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Team Umizoomi: Umigames will be released on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.99.
Team Umizoomi features a tiny team of superheroes, Milli,…

Need Help Getting Organized? Smead Can Help

You know, I always have good intentions... I have been talking about how I want to try and get more organized.   With Broxton getting ready to start school, I know it is now or never.

I have plans.. Big plans!   But until then, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a few different products I am planning to work with to organize and get a bit of structure in our house!   I know, I should be starting to get organized now... and I am!
I just wanted to share the products I will be using to accomplish my goals!

See File® Organizer The See File® Organizer with "U" cut pockets allow users to quickly identify which pockets their papers are filed in and gives easy access to documents. The two-tone file has 12 pockets. They are non-indexed and include labels: Alphabetic A-Z, monthly Jan.-Dec., daily 1-31, household subjects and blank. The files feature a flap and cord for security and easy transport. • 12 pockets with flap and loop closure for security and easy transport • Non-indexed po…

Looking for a One of a Kind Gift? @makeaball Is It

If you are looking for a gift that is really personal and one of a kind..  Make a Ball is the place to start looking!!!!  I heard about them and just had to go and visit their site. I was immediately impressed, so I had to email to see if we might have a chance to work together. Luckily, we did and now I get to share with you...   
Make a Ball is a custom company that takes images that you provide and they make a sports ball for you. We had the chance to review their Football and I surprised Marc with his Fathers Day gift a bit early. He was totally shocked and went on and on about how cool it was!  All he could talk about was how much he loved it and it was an original idea having a football with a personal photo on it and not just a stock image.  We even had to show it to my dad and he thought it was pretty neat as well! I took the ball to show to the people that work for the hometown  arena football team, I thought it would be awesome if they could offer them as items for sale.. I …

Use The Natural Dentist to Help Prevent Gingivitis

As a mom of a toddler, we are always talking about brushing our teeth, having good oral hygiene and other issues of cleanliness.  

I recently had the chance to try out a new mouth rinse and I have to tell you, I really like the flavor...
Normally, I use the rinse for the benefits... not for the flavor at all, but with this one, it is for both reasons. I know that some people are not fans of mouth rinse flavor... but, this is like a mixture of peppermint and cinnamon.  The flavor is not overbearing and it doesn't burn like some rinses (they normally contain alcohol and this is all natural.)  
Did you know that dentists guess that over 80% of us will have a form of gum disease at some point in our lives?   Just look at the information that I received the other day:
You may not know anyone personally that has gingivitis, but you can always take the proper steps to help prevent you from getting it.  
The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse is clinically proven to:
Reduce and preve…

Little Pim Books Help to Learn New Languages

Marc and I have already discussed how we want Broxton to learn a second language.. and we want to start him on it early in life.  I had read that the earlier you begin teaching them, the easier it is for them to learn... So, when we saw that they incorporated Spanish into his lessons once he is in the 4 year old class, I was pretty excited about that!  
The other day, we received a couple books for review and I was surprised that it was teaching 2 new languages!    To be honest, I had heard of Little Pim before, but I thought it was just teaching one new language at a time.  We received two Little Pim books:   Feelings and Colors.  The cool thing?  They taught Spanish and French in the same book!  

I will admit, it was easier for me working with the colors book, since I did take Spanish in high-school and remembered a little of it.      By opening the first page, I was given a quick look at how this book would work.  You first meet Little Pim and he is looking for things that are RED…

All About a Love Triangle - This Means War

We recently watched This Means War with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. I mentioned it to my brother and he said, 'Yeah, I watched it... got a few laughs in it... You will like it."
That being said, I knew I was ready to laugh, but I had to get Marc to want to watch it...
We had movie night and I was laughing a great amount! First of all, I just LOVE Reese!  I think she is a great actress and I love that she is a true southern girl!
I also loved that Chelsea Handler was her Best Friend in there.. She is a bit raunchy at times, but she can crack me up too!  I thought that the movie was a great one, but Marc thought it was more of a "chic flick movie."  I guess he was right, well.. okay.. yeah, he was right.. but still!  Don't tell your honey about it and just make them watch! There is a bunch of action, so you can say that you heard it was an action film!  Ha ha ha..... It wouldn't totally be a lie....
Since I enjoyed this movie, I am eager …

Are You a Fan of The Glades?

Remember when I had the chance to review The Glades Season One last year?
Well, we were hooked since that chance... I proceeded to get my parents hooked on it as well.

Season Two was great and we were anxious for Season Three....
It started tonight!!!!
Of course, that meant I was texting my parents at 8:55 
"All NEW Glades at 9!!!!!!!!!"
Once again, it was great seeing Callie, Jim and Carlos..

But, to be honest.. I wish they would have replayed the finale from season two first...  I totally forgot how it ended...
I am not to worried, since Season Two comes out on DVD July 10th.. But still, it would have been nice! 

So, for all you other fans..  Get ready!!!! I am eager to add this to my collection!!!!

July 10th!!!!  Glades Season Two on DVD!
Do you watch The Glades?  
FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are …

Breaking News in the World of Candy

Breaking News in the delicious world of candy!!!!! Today, I have two pieces of great tasting information to share with you!
Up First :   Did you hear the news of Mike and Ike? I received an email about it and although I was never a Mike and Ike fan... (Truth be told, I don't think I had ever tried them...) I was a bit saddened by the news of their split...  It seems as though Mike and Ike are no longer Mike and Ike... Mike is off pursuing his musical dreams... and Ike is working on his artistry!!!
No Mike and Ike is like peanut butter and no jelly. Ham no burger. Ice no cream. Koolaid no sugar.. It just is not right!
As you can imagine... There is a heated debate going on at this house.. Marc is Team Ike all the way and Broxton is adamantly pulling for Mike!  
Remember how I said I wasn't a fan?  Well, that was before I tried these bits of yummy goodness!  I was able to snag a couple while Marc and Broxton had their debate and truth be told... they just need to put their d…

For My Children - A Mothers Journal

I will be the first to admit that my mom drives me crazy from time to time...
She knows it.. and yes, I know that I drive her bonkers too...
But, I also know that I would not trade her for anything in the world and I am (still trying to deny it) more and more turning into her in some ways...

One way?
My mom always tells my brother and I that she wants a letter from us.
That is a gift that she wants... I hope in some ways that some of my blog posts are the letters she is looking for.
Recently, she decided that she was going to start a journal.

She reads me some of her posts... and I will admit that I have learned things I did not know before.
Now, I have something that I am giving her... for me ;)
I know that my mom will appreciate it for the sentiment behind it.. and I know I will love to look back at it down the road.

I will be giving her a copy of " For my children: A Mother's Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom."
This is a really great gift idea... Perfect for moms/gran…