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Have you heard about this? #PrayforAlbany

This might be a big rambling post, but I do hope that it brings attention to Albany, Georgia.

You probably know I am from South Georgia, born and raised.  I moved to Atlanta to go to college and now call up here home.  That doesn't mean I am not proud of where I am from and this post will hopefully explain that pride to you.

Let me tell you this, the "bad part" of Albany.
Albany is not the best city.
It was even reported to be one of the poorest cities in the nation a few years ago.
I can't lie, many people that live in Albany can't wait to get out and say they will never return.
Some leave and some never look back, some leave, only to return and others will never leave.
I go back to visit family.
There are things to do, so it isn't "that bad" as people make it out to be.
Cheehaw Park,  Flint River Aquarium, WWE  and the Harlem Globetrotters have even came before,
They have filmed movies down there like Fire Proof and Courageous and even Odd Life of Timothy Green from Disney!  Once you leave, you do start to appreciate all that is back there, you just take it for granted growing up, but looking back... you see it.

Now, on to the reason I want to bring attention to Albany.
Last Monday, January 2nd, 2017,  Broxton was out of school.  We loaded up to head down to visit family before school started back.  We were in the driveway and I decided against it.  We stayed home. That night, about 2 am, I woke up and for some reason, I got on facebook.  It was weird.  A bad storm had just hit in Albany and people were posting checking on one another and commenting about loss of power and what not.  I called my parents to make sure they were okay (they were) and I kept on looking.  Seemed that a tornado had touched down!  God was surely watching over us, as we were supposed to be down there!

The next morning, I called to check on my parents again... Seemed it was SO MUCH worse than what I was originally seeing on facebook.  Then again, it was the middle of the night and people were trying to be safe, not go patrolling the streets in the dark.  I even heard from one source that 9 tornadoes touched down, I don't know if that is true or not, but seeing the destruction, I can see it being true.

My dad's office is about 10-15 minutes from their house.  That is giving PLENTY of time.  Well, it took him over 2 hours to get there to check on it due to all of the devastation.  Trees down, power lines down, everywhere!  Luckily, his office suffered no damage, except loss of power.  Here we are over a week later and still no power, but at least they are all safe.

I called to check on my Mema (she lives in assisted living) she was fine, they had to have everyone seek safety in their bathrooms during the storm, but they are okay.
I called to check on my grandmama (She is in a nursing home) I could never get through.  My dad said they are all fine, but they lost power and are living off of generators right now.

Now, on to the city.
You know, "one of the poorest cities in the nation."
Albany, Georgia might not have much as far as money... but boy do they make up for it with love and support for one another.  
The next morning when the sun came up and everyone could see the destruction, people began to help. They didn't wait on the companies to come out.  They turned to neighbors.

People turned to facebook live to give updates.  Facebook became a message board for those in need.

People out with chainsaws trying to help one another.
Local food places cooking food and strangers loading up taking it out to those that were stuck in homes.  car dealerships driving around giving out food and water.  Companies making meals and providing gas cards/ chainsaw oil to those volunteering.
I put a post up asking for names of places that had helped, as they would love the support of the community once Albany is back up and going.  I have never been MORE PROUD to call Albany my hometown as I have been after this.  I have learned of new companies to show love to.
Cold weather was coming in, they opened up shelters to allow those with no power to come and be together, in the warm, with hot food. Showers for those that needed them.  Laundry places allowing use of their machines and free detergent to help. I believe that this was BEFORE anyone from the government came in to help.  They didn't wait around, they pulled together.

One thing Albany has been known for is our tree covered streets.  They are beautiful and as I mentioned, Odd Life of Timothy Green was filmed here.  Well, the tornadoes ripped through and destroyed them.  I have not been down yet, I just don't know if I am ready for it. That has always been such a beautiful sight.

We have been fortunate that churches are plentiful down there and all churches have been there helping where they can.  Also, Samaritans Purse has been down there and are volunteering to help out.

Here are a few video's for you to see:

It is heartbreaking, all of the damage.  You want to know what else is so sad?  The fact that the news is not really covering any of it.  I have had family and friends (even in Georgia) that had no clue it was like this. They thought it was just a small storm.  I just wonder why we can't get any news coverage for Albany.
I posted this for one thing... Asking you to pray for my hometown.  The people and the city.  They need it.  I am proud to call this my hometown and I love seeing the support they are all showing during this time!


What's Been Going On?

Hey everyone!  Hope that the New Year is treating you great.
I am sorry that I have not been around much lately, but it has been a bit crazy and hectic here for a while. Things are getting back to normal, so be ready!  

Just wanted to give a little update on to what has been going on around here.
(You know, to show how crazy it has been!)

The last few months of 2016 didn't have us at 100% health wise.
Savannah had a rough go at it.  She was sick for a while and we determined she had Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease.  After seeing the doctor, we finally got over that one.  Then, with the crazy weather in Georgia (that is a whole new post waiting to be written) we had her eczema flare up ridiculously bad. I was putting lotions, creams, oils on her and it just kept on.  I'm talking about up during the night screaming, clawing her skin and everything. Not fun as a mama to see your baby girl suffering and you can't make it better. We ended up taking her back to the doctor, since it was not getting better and she seemed to have some other issues going on.  Yep, she had a secondary skin infection going on. Once we got medicine in her for the skin issues, she started to heal on that, but then she was sick like the flu or something.  Let's just say, it wasn't a great end to the year health wise.  She is fine now, growing like a weed and my baby girl is officially not a "baby" anymore. TIME CAN SLOW DOWN and I will not be mad.  Add to her sickness, once school break started, Broxton was sick and just wanted to lay and rest all day. Totally not like him, so as bad as it was to see him sick, it was nice to have the snuggles and cuddles again.

Not all of the end of the year was bad though... Just a rough patch.
We had the brothers comes stay for a while and it was nice having them here.  Broxton and Savannah loved having the big brothers around and it was great to spend time with them. When you have teenagers/ twenty somethings it is hard to get everyone together at the same time, so it was a great way to spend the holidays!

So yeah, what else did we do?
There is a little area near us that has lights up for the holidays, we normally go and check it out.  It is nice to walk around and look at the lights, so we did that one day.   
We also made cookies (I need to learn how to bake, as that was a big FAIL, but it was so fun trying!)
We watched movies, read books and played games.
We decorated the tree and Savannah has had a blast with that.  I have had to move the ornaments up because I can only say no about 7 million times before I start to lose my mind and she thinks it is a fun game and wants me to say it about 9 million times.

We heard of this amazing house that has like 275,000 lights in their yard.  Of course we wanted to see that, so we headed out to see that one night and in turn found another house that had lights that went to music. (It is on my Instagram, if you want to check it out, as is many other things we have been doing!)
We went and saw a few Santa's, we went to Lanier Islands, we went to visit family, we even got a trip to Chattanooga in! 

We got back into playing Pokemon Go.  
We have been trying to do as much as we can, as you know, it is all about the memories.
Some of our best times have been doing nothing major, but to hear "that was the best day ever, mom" always makes my heart happy!

We didn't make it until midnight for N.Y.E. but we did have fun celebrating around 9 ish.  Ha ha ha. It was fun for us, so that was the point!  
N.Y.E. came and went and we were ready for school to start back.
Then, the tornadoes in Albany, Georgia happened.  Then Ice in Atlanta happened.
(I will be talking about both of those soon!)

What have you been doing lately?
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