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T.Rex Tales with Buddy and friends!!!! #HolidayGiftGuide

Dinosaur Train: T.Rex Tales is yet another great production from PBS!
Broxton enjoys watching Buddy, Tiny, Don and Shiny as they go on the Dinosaur Train and learn of all the other species out there.This newest release does not disappoint!
Buddy finally learns that he is a T.Rex. It is funny to me that Mr. Conductor wasn't able to tell him ,but then they cover that base and he says he just never really thought and put it together! Ha ha!!!!
This DVD has all the cute songs that we love when watching Dinosaur Train.

There was an episode that had them visiting another Dinosaur and the next thing I know, Broxton is getting his "football men." I was a bit confused...
(Broxton normally gets his "football men" and reenacts the football plays during the games, so I had to see what was going on...)
Well, this particular episode had them playing "DINO BALL" and Broxton wanted me to see!
It was cute, all involved had a great time!

If you have a little one that loves …

Kernel Seasonings Changes Up Your Popcorn #Giveaway

Instead of a popcorn tin ... Why not "spice it up?"
Yes, I meant to throw that cheesy pun in there for you... I was dying to actually!!!

Well, when the boys are here, we go through popcorn like no one knows... Movie? Popcorn!
We watch a good amount of movies!!!
This holiday is going to be a bit different!
I never really thought about getting popcorn seasonings... but, Broxton is loving them, so we will for sure be keeping this in stock!!!

We were sent classic flavors such as Ranch and White Cheddar.
(Both are delicious on veggies or baked potatoes! Just saying...)
But, we were also sent their limited edition flavors.. Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Caramel. I let Broxton try those out first...
To be honest, I wasn't so sure about the Pumpkin Spice... Much to my surprise, I liked it better than the Chocolate Caramel!
That just sounds wrong coming from me, but I speak the truth!
How does this sound:
Both flavors are made with all natural ingredients, contain five calories per serving, zero…

I have a Wii game I LOVE - Alvin and the Chipmunks - Chipwrecked

We are friends here, so I can tell you a little secret... I was sent a Wii game for review:
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked!
I was excited, as I thought it would be a great game for the boys... That is--- Until I tried it out. Now, It is NOT leaving this house!
I love it!!!!
(Is that wrong of me? Aren't I allowed to have fun?!)

Have you heard of the latest? It is so cute!!!
You start off by answering a few questions:
Male/Female, Favorite color and a few others.. Then, it pairs you up as the Chipmunk/Chipette you are closest too... Okay, you guess it... I was the chubby one in the green!
Go figure!

Well, after that, you pick songs... They have 30 to choose from. After that, you dance!
Dance I said!!!
It all depends on the way you hold the Wii remote. They show you how on the bottom of the screen and then it judges you. Red- ALL WRONG.
Yellow- Somewhat getting it. Blue- Rock on, you know what you are doing!
The better you dance, you might just get an extra dance surprise. I will tell you, the firs…

Keep them Clean with Dolphin Organics

No matter if you have a new baby in the family or are expecting a new bundle of joy... Keep in mind that mommies love baby gift baskets... So many moms are opting for the organic line these days, so let me tell you about Dolphin Organics.
A line of personal care products for babies and young children, made only with natural and organic ingredients. Nothing man-made. Nothing artificial – not even the preservatives. Even our label is clear and honest, and shows you exactly what we put in there.
We were sent the Shampoo and Baby Wash Combo. I personally like the two in ones like that for Broxton. He seems to like it as well! I like that it lathers up that allows us to play for a bit, not all just clean, clean, clean! We need to play too!!!! I really love that it is organic... As their site says, it isn't just about what we put INTO our bodies, it's what we are putting ON it as well! Head on over and see what all they have to offer!!!! It is made from parents, for parents!!!!
You ca…

Need a Quick Breakfast Idea? Tyson Chicken Minis #TysonGoodness #CBias

Please note the "well rounded breakfast" for Marc... Tyson Chicken Mini's... Hashbrown, Yogurt and Coke!
With school getting out for Christmas break soon, I need to start planning my meals now... We get the boys for their break and they like to eat.
Just like their daddy, they want meat with every meal.
If they make it up in time for breakfast, I have a hard time trying to figure out what to feed them... Not anymore!!! We reviewed the Tyson Chicken Mini Sandwiches in the past thinking of Marc.... Then, it hit me... This would be great for the boys!!!

I did a Google + about my shopping trip to Wal-Mart... Head over and read about it... Also, remember that while supplies last, when you buy two boxes of Tyson Mini's , you can mail in your receipt and they will mail you a $5 Wal-Mart giftcard... You can not beat that!!!
It's pretty much a buy one get one free deal!!!!

Anyways... I wanted to try these quick breakfast idea's with Marc to make sure it would work be…

Shhhhhh... Have You Heard the Scandle? #Giveaway

With the holidays in full swing, don't you need time to unwind and relax?Think about it.. Long day...
Be it at work or marking names off your Christmas List... Time to come home and be pampered...
I have a great idea... You can give a Scandle Candle to your loved one... With a note that you will pamper and treat them the way the deserve... Put them up on that pedestal and let them enjoy!!!

IF that isn't your thing, give it as a gift to your loved one that you need to be treated that way... HERE IS YOUR SIGN!
Know what I mean?!

Scandle Candles are great...
Light the candle and let the candle scent envelope you into a feeling of relaxation. Then, pour a bit of the oil onto whomever is being treated that time... It is great!
Not hot enough to burn, but not cold and uncomfortable... Then, massage the oil into the skin. It leaves you feeling relaxed!!!
Funny thing, it is oil, but it doesn't leave you all nasty and greasy!!!!

Try it out and you will see what I me…

Christmas Care with Gourmet Gift Baskets

Whether you send a gift, bring a gift or order a gift basket... It is always fun to look at your options, right?!
I reviewed for Gourmet Gift Baskets in the past... (We will be using the gift tin that our package arrived in last year to hold our Christmas Cards this year!) I want to keep Gourmet Gift Baskets in your mind for Christmas Gift Basket Ideas.
No matter the price range you are looking at, they pretty much have you covered. If you are wanting to send a little something as a "thinking of you during the holidays" you can send their Mini Christmas Basket: If you are looking for a nice fancy basket... Makes a great corporate gift idea, why not look at the Executive Suite basket? Besides the variety offered on the products and the prices, I really like the ease of navigation. It is really easy to look to find a basket just for you. If you want to look based upon the Occasion, just click. If you want to look more for items in your price range, just click that one. Hey, if you want to…

My Mobile Watchdog

This sounds pretty neat... Just thought I would share.

My Mobile Watchdog This Holiday make sure your kids’ new holiday tech devices have My Mobile Watchdog to protect them from cyber bullies and mobile predators.
My Mobile Watchdog is the easiest way to monitor and control what your children see and do on their mobile phones. My Mobile Watchdog’s online management tools monitor inappropriate contact with a child’s mobile phone. The technology monitors a child’s inbound and outbound activity, immediately notifying parents if a child receives an unwanted or suspicious call, email, picture message or text message. Activities are logged and archived to the My Mobile Watchdog account, allowing parents to view, assess and take action on questionable contacts. Parents have access to the application management tool, giving them the ability to approve or block various applications like Facebook, Web browser, Twitter, games and the camera. In addition to cell phone monitoring, you can restr…

Ha ha!!! Found a great book for moms!!!!

Even if you are not a first time mom, this book will have you laughing at times!
I love a good book and this is one!!!

It gets easier! ... And other lies we tell new mothers by Claudine Wolk is a great read!!!
I wanted to read it to see what all was in it...
This really is a cute book. Long story short, Claudine Wolk was just like every other mother out there... She thought she was prepared for motherhood... then BOOM. Once she came home from the hospital and was a mom, she realized there were still questions needed to be answered... Top it off, her little one was crying and she couldn't find a solution!!!!
So, she turned to those who knew best... Other moms! Now, she tells the not so loudly broadcast secrets of moms all over!!!
I will say, I found myself laughing at some parts... When talking about the birth plan: In reality: "Husband rubs your back for about ten minutes and then exclaims that his wrist hurts."
I love how each section has a paragraphed summary to make me l…

Super Fast Carmex #giveaway ends 12/4

***** UPDATE: Giveaway is CLOSED---- Winner is: Karen Raider! Congrats!!! *****
Carmex is a tried and true brand in our house...I always have several tubes/jars of their lip products and I am so impressed with their skin care line. There is no hiding that Marc has dry skin...
Mostly his hands and his feet... To the point that every time he walks by lotion, he has to apply more to his hands... That being said, we keep lotion all over the house.
We were sent the Carmex lotion and cream and Marc was very impressed by it. He was so happy that it did not have a greasy feel, like most do. I liked it that it wasn't too thick, nor too slimy/runny. The combination to create it is dead on!!!!

My favorite is the Healing Cream... But, one lucky reader is going to get to pick a favorite out as well!!!!

One winner will win a Carmex Prize Pack with both the lotion and the cream!!!!

Mandatory Entry:
Just tell me how the weather is where you are at. (Please leave email address if not visible in your profil…

Organize Your Coupons with Smead

I try to coupon.
A friend of mine is a "BIG TIME COUPON CLIPPER" but I can't get into it all like that. I do save when I can... Best of all, I now have a handy dandy coupon organizer to help me.
I was sent the Smead Tag Along Organizer and the size is perfect!
I can throw it in my purse and it does not take up much room... But at the same time, it is big enough to hold a great deal of coupons!!!

I actually cut out the coupons that I would "try" and use...
Then, divided them up based upon the categories... I then cut up ALL the remaining coupons and put them in the back section to give to my friend. ALL of them. Several weeks worth. It still had plenty of room and was still neat and organized for my purse!

If you are a coupon clipper... This is a great way to stay organized!!!
FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions …

Monsters, Monsters Everywhere! @_monsterfactory #Giveaway

I hate when you hear of a kid that is scared of monsters...Just something about it makes me sad.. Broxton was talking about being "afraid of the monsters" in his room one day...
We started talking to him about how monsters are fake and there was nothing to be scared of... We went in his room to see what he was talking about... Then, I remembered... He had just seen an episode of one of his favorite shows and he was scared of the monster (turned out to be his cat) and sure enough, that was it... We always talk about how monsters are fake and if there is a monster, they are silly pretend monsters...
Why would we tell him "if there is a monster" well, for instance, his new friend he will be meeting soon: Maggie from The Monster Factory.
Maggie is a silly monster to me!
From their site: Maggie has got a vivid imagination. She never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.
This is unlike any monster I have ever met...
She is one of their monster mini's. Mini she is!!…

What do You Know about Fairies/Elves?

I have been reading the cutest stories about these adorable little elves/fairies and other cute creatures of the forest!!!!

I was able to review two books by Francine L. Trevens.
The first book : Elfin Tales 1 - "The Tale of A Dog Without A Tail " where elves help a dog who is different find a home and love.2 - "Leprechaun or Can't" who proves to elves that prejudice does no one any good.3 - "Let's Play Mischief" about a blind girl and her friendship with an invisible elf.4 - "Who Stole the Stars?"asks a very young elf who has been moved into the city.5 - "Elf Help" shows how a lazy elf learns the joy and rewards of doing good deeds.