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What Do You Collect? Aloha Friday

Do you collect anything?
When I was younger, my Nana collected shot glasses...  My parents collect (although I think they have since slowed down once they actually LOOKED at their collection) coffee mugs...
Me...  I collect shot glasses... Yes, I still need like 5 to have all 50 states, although I said my original goal was to have that marked off before I turned 30... I have moved it to 35, so I still have a bit of time left! I now have a new collection... although truth be told, my "collection" isn't off to a great start!!!! My latest "collection" is Harley Davidson POKER CHIPS.

You can buy them at any Harley Davidson location and so far, I only have 2.
Ha ha ha... Hope to get to add more at some point, so I have asked friends to send them to me as well... Nope, the mailbox hasn't seen one yet... but soon... I hope! 
My Aloha Friday Question is:

French's Mustard and Hot Dogs - It Just IS

French's is the Mustard of Choice in our family...  I just had no idea that they were more than just the classic yellow mustard.. Until now... I received an email with a few cool facts that I thought would be nice to share with you.. Hope you enjoy...

Chester, NJ(June 2012) Did you know that hot dogs and mustard were both introduced in 1904 at the St. Louis Worlds Fair? Ever since that time, hot dogs along with Mustard have been an integral part of America’s family summer celebrations – from ballgames and backyard barbeques to picnics and state fairs. In 1915,French’s® Mustard made baseball a permanent part of its heritage by incorporating its name into the iconic red pennant we know today. (Source: IRI share data).
On July 4th, why not revisit French’s® storied history as hot dog’s favorite topping and join in celebrating the people we love, the moments we treasure and the food we savor. In honor of America’s birthday and National Hot Dog Month, you can also try these recipes belo…

Show Your Creativity : @blankztoys #giveaway

When you start with a blank canvas, you can really let your creativity go crazy! Broxton loves arts and crafts and we have a great time playing and creating things... I saw a super cool toy online... It was called BLANKZ and it is basically a white stuffed animal... with washable markers... You get to draw/color/create the perfect creation for YOU ... and then you can wash it and start all over again!!!! Imagine the excitement when I gave him a blankz and told him that he could actually color on his stuffed animal!   We had a blast!   BLANKZ - 2012 CREATIVE PLAY OF THE YEAR AWARD - Child's Play Magazine At first, he wasn't too sure about coloring on the toy (that is usually not allowed, so I had to explain that it was a special toy with special markers... and not to color on anything else and not to use anything to color on it besides the markers I gave him.) At that point, I drew a heart on his bear and then told him he could draw whatever he wanted... Oh, I might need to m…

Make Your House Smell Great @candlewarmeretc #giveaway

Who feels like a giveaway today?!  I do! I do! I have a bit of great news for you today!!!!!!!!

Remember a bit ago when I hosted a review on Candle Warmers? I really think that they are great! Perfect to give as a gift, as well as to have throughout your house!
This past weekend, we had Marc's family in town... Now, with 11 people hanging out, I for sure did not want candles burning, but it was easy to have the warmer dish in the bathroom.  It made me happy to walk in the bathroom and have a nice fragrance in there, with so many people using the restroom!!!! I have enjoyed our candle warmers and now a lucky reader will enjoy one of their own!!!
One lucky reader is going to win a warmer dish with a wax of their choice!!!! 
FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensat…

Teaching Opposites With HIPPOPPOSITES

As soon as I saw the book, Hippopposites,  I was ready to check it out.

I sort of figured it was a book about opposites, but I was unsure of the whole "hippo" take on it..

Well, it seems as though Mr. Red Hippo is the star of the play here! I really enjoyed flipping the pages and seeing how they were going to incorporate him into each "lesson."  First up, Large and Small. That is basic opposites and they had a large, all in your face red hippo on one page and a teeny tiny little red hippo on the opposite page.  (Not to mention you could also go with tall versus short on that same page.)  

It was pretty neat how they not only went words that we already know, light / dark, square / round..  But they went way outside the line and added others that you don't think about that often:  positive / negative,  visible / invisible.   

I like that it is simple enough that little ones will love flipping the pages of the board book, but it is advanced enough that preschool kids a…

Get Dressed!!!!!!!!!

Get Dressed by Seymour Chwast is a great book for little ones!   I thought it was adorable, before I even opened the book!
At first glance you see a nice jacket that you have to open to see inside the book.. 

It doesn't just turn like a page, opening the creativity to start from the very beginning!   Then, this book strays away from what you expect right off the bat!
Instead of telling you to put your pants on and then your shoes, it lets the little ones be that... little and full of imagination!  The very first scenario: A belt, shirt, feather, pot, lid, funnel and more...
What in the world? 
You then turn the page and it has a kid dressed all in character (with the items listed on the previous page.) It simply says, Get dressed to read about dragons.

So simple, but that is what kids need to get their juices flowing.. You do not have to buy a fancy costume or even go to all these expensive places..  You can enjoy the world through creative thinking...

Throughout this book, you have picture…