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Sees Candies #Giveaway for #FathersDay

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Let's get things kicked off for Father's Day.. I mean, it is ALMOST HERE...
I know sometimes it is so hard for me to figure out what to get my dad.. Marc as well... So, I hope to trigger a thought or two for you in the next couple days as to great Father's Day gifts!!!

I was originally going to run a review for Mother's Day on See's Candies... but then I learned that See's Candies made the daddy in this house a VERY HAPPY MAN...
So, that being said... It is part of my Father's Day reviews...

I was not really familiar with all that See's Candies had to offer, but I had noticed that my sister had mentioned it on facebook a couple times... and then this past Christmas, we had a "taste test" of one of their lollypops.
When I visited their site, I was shocked at all they have!!!

I wanted to try EVERYTHING.  I have no shame in admitting that I love - LOVE - LOVE Chocolate!!!
So, I looked at everything they had... and then placed my order...
I was thinking with this Georgia weather that I really hoped it arrived not all melted and nasty,  See's did not disappoint!  Our package arrived in a styrofoam container with the cooling packs with it.
I immediately placed everything in the refrigerator.  (I wanted to keep it cool and I also wanted to try and hide it from the other chocolate lovers in the house...)

Up first was the Chocolate and Variety pack.
Now, this was DELICIOUS.. and this was also when I knew that as much as all moms love chocolate, this was best suited to be a Father's Day gift...  Why do I say that?  
Because after the original piece that we all tried... Marc decided to help himself to a piece or two each day/night until they were pretty much all gone!  I was trying to be good about it so I wanted to wait a few days and when I went to get a piece, there were plenty of the black wrappers and lots of missing pieces!  
We loved the flavor in every single one we tried.  The chocolate was nice and smooth and the centers with all the different flavors surely put a smile on all of our faces.  I was worried that those covered in nuts would have a stale taste, as others have in the past... but these tasted just as fresh as if they had just been made for us!  The only drawback that I had about this box?  (Besides not eating more because Marc dove right in!)  I wish they had a guide of some sort to let me know what flavor was in each one.  It would make it easier to order a custom box of certain flavors if I knew exactly what I was enjoying the most!  

Next up?  The Truffles.
That is a box after my own heart right there.  I will totally throw myself under the bus here... I sure enough hid these!  There was only 12 in the box... and I have slowly been letting myself enjoy these tasty treats when no one else is around!  I tell you, I bite it in half and savor the first half, letting the chocolate melt in my mouth... then I go back and enjoy the second half.  It might not be very nice of me.. but I love it and I have a couple left to enjoy!

Finally, we had to get the lollypops.
I do not think you have truly experienced See's Candies until you have had one of their lollypops.  They are A-MAZ-ING!!!  They have 4 flavors: Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla or Coffee.  They are hard (lollypops)  that come in a "square" shape... I say they are more rectangle, but come on.. who really cares what shape you call it, since as soon as you put it in your mouth, you could call it an octagon and I would not care... they are that good!!!  The first taste has you wondering why you have waited so long to introduce your tastebuds to the lolly... and then the last taste, you know.. right as you get to the stick.. it makes you wonder when your best friend will be back!  If you have never tried one, you are really missing out!!!

I had no clue how much Marc was addicted, until I started noticing that he would have one every day... I think Broxton and I have each had 2 ... where as Marc has been going to town on them!
I am glad that they turned into his "Father's Day gift" as much as he has enjoyed them!

So- if you are looking to get an AWESOME gift for the "Father" figure in your life... (If you buy them for yourself, I promise.. I will NOT judge!)  Look no further...
See's Candies had plenty to satisfy the sweet tooth craving that anyone has!!!

One lucky winner is going to win a $25 gift code to See's Candies. 

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