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Things Just Got a Whole Lot Quieter! - SunChips Review

Remember a bit ago when I was able to review the NEW 100 % Compostable Bag from Frito Lay with their Sun Chips? Love the idea behind it all, but wow... It was L-O-U-D! Well, get this.... Frito Lay listened to the feedback from their consumers and they went to work! Now, you can enjoy the fact that your purchase is compostable , but you don't have to worry about disturbing your neighbors in the surrounding states when you decide it is snack time! How do I know it is quieter? Well, for one... I hear it and remember the first one... But, lucky for me... Frito Lay sent both bags for us (meaning BROXTON ) to enjoy and compare. Frito Lay researched and learned that by changing the adhesive on the package... They then lessened the stiffness in the bag and the end result was it was more quiet. Now, it is not silent... Show me any bag that is, but it is loads more quiet than that first one! Way to go Frito Lay!!!!! I thank you for that, as do my neighbors! :) Like them on FACEBOOK and

Giveaways Galore!!!! Enter NOW

Just wanted to recap my giveaways that are going on right now... UDDERLY SMOOTH - ENDS TONIGHT 3/12 SeaPak Product Coupon - Ends 3/14 Farm Rich Product Coupon - Ends 3/15 Varsity Naturals Kids Deodorant - Ends 3/18 $20 Gift Code to TeeWit - Ends 3/18 SkinMD Lotion - Ends 3/19 ABLAZE Candle - Ends 3/24 KidSwitch - Ends 3/23

SimplyToImpress - Review

Having Broxton , I was so excited to become a mommy! We emailed everyone... Sent tons of text messages... Everything... BUT, while we were enjoying the fact that we had a precious little miracle, we were also dealing with the fact that daddy was deploying and would be missing everything that was ahead. I totally got swept up into the moment of enjoying every single second of having Marc and Broxton together... So much that I never got around to sending out birth announcements. I had planned on doing so, as I think that they are the cutest things... EVER. Next time around, I know that we will send announcements to anyone and everyone! With that being said, I am always checking out the different companies and what they offer for announcements... (As well as birthday invitations, Broxton has had low key parties so far with just family, but I know that we will be doing bigger ones soon... ) I was able to review the different types of announcements that SimplyToImpress has to offer.

Step Right Up! Little Looster Review (EXTRA ENTRIES!)

We have been attempting potty training for a little bit now. I know they say that boys seem to take longer, maybe that is why we started before he was two. Or maybe people start before that and we are really behind? I don't know. I also know that I am not going to try and beat everyone else in the milestones for us. Yes, I would love for us to be right up there, but if I put to much focus, things won't be fun... and I want FUN! Let me introduce you to the Little Looster . (It is made in the USA! I like that!) I saw this on another blog and I have to say, I wanted one. I wanted to know how it exactly worked. Could you really put it in front of the toilet and then not move it when an adult needed to use it? How would that work? Luckily for me, I was able to review one. This is seriously pretty cool. You just place the Looster under your toilet. It wraps around UNDER the bowl, giving leverage for little legs, but not big and bulky and becoming in the way for adults! I imme

Aloha Friday - Manners?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. Then, link up with Kailani ! I know that not everyone says mam and sir... So, I was wondering.. Do you teach your children to say "Mam" and "Sir"? With that in mind... Where do you live? My answer: I am from Georgia... Born and raised. We are taught to say sir and mam all the time. Yes Sir, Yes Mam, Please and Thank You... They all go together here, but I know other area's don't do that... When younger, we also called our friends parents by their first name... Like, Mr. Jimmy or Mrs. Debbie... but always, there was a Mr. or Mrs. in front. How about your area?

Wordless Wednesday -


7 Facts Award - Me?! Yay!

Yay ! I am so happy to announce that I was awarded the 7 Facts Award! Thanks to Amber from DragonFly Sweetnest . As with all blog awards, there are a few rules: 1 - Copy the Award Picture and add it to your blog 2- Thank and Link back to the person who awarded it to you 3- Share 7 Facts about yourself 4- Give 15 other bloggers this award So..... My 7 facts about me... 1. My eardrum burst when I was younger. I was in Nursery school and they noticed I had fluid coming from my ear... I was taken to the hospital and yep... Eardrum burst. Now, I have hearing loss in one ear. 2. I set goals for myself when I was younger... I wanted to go to college... Check! I wanted to be married by the time I was 30... Check I wanted to have at least one child by the time I was 35... Want 3 total... A boy and a girl would be great, but honestly... just happy and healthy! Check... One boy, one more to go! lol I think I am so lucky... Great family and friends... 3. My parents are awesome.

KidSwitch - Giveaway

Remember my previous post about KidSwitch ? Well, I was very lucky that KidSwitch was able to allow me to share with everyone at Parents Palooza about such a great product! Not only did they send brochures, they are also hosting a giveaway!!!! I am serious when I say that all houses with children need KidSwitch ! Not just for the ease of letting them turn on and off the light themselves. Think about the safety factor! Before KidSwitch they would try climbing on everything to reach the light switch ... Not anymore! I LOVE our KidSwitch and the parents that I was able to talk to about it thought it was great for the safety as well as economically! Who wants to win? You can purchase KidSwitch for $8.95, pretty well priced, don't you think? You can enter to win one here first! Mandatory Entry: Tell me why you want to win. (Please leave email if not visible in your profile) Extra Entries - Follow my blog, must be a public follower – 1 entry Subscribe by email – 1 entry Fol

EcoStoreUSA = Eco Friendly - Review

Being a mom, I have slowly started noticing that the things we use everyday really are not always the best option. Yes, there are several products that we use... Simply put, because that is the brand that my family has used as long as I can remember. I was very excited to have the opportunity to review a couple of products from EcoStoreUSA . The hard part? Deciding what I wanted to review. The first thing I wanted to try was their Auto Dish Powder . (You can purchase this for $8.50) I mean, if it is cleaning the dishes that we then EAT off of, shouldn't they be safe? When I saw that it was plant based, I thought that might just be pretty safe! :) The dishes came out clean, as I hoped they would... Although a couple loads had to run again... Not sure why, but the part where you put the detergent never opened a couple times. Now, I have never used powdered detergent, so I am not sure if this is normal or not... So, I fault the dishwasher, not the product! It happened 2 times. I w

TeeWit - Giveaway EXTENDED

Just wanted to let you all know... I am extending the TEEWIT giveaway. .. Head on over here to enter. PLEASE, DO NOT enter on this post... Enter on the MAIN PAGE. Thanks!

Congrats Winners!!!

So, Broxton and I both have a nasty bug going on... With that in mind... I would like to make someone smile (since we aren't here!) Time to announce WINNERS!!!! Energizer Giveaway: amber01sw Greenleaf Giveaway: Ashley Elaine Charlies Soap: Michele EyeBuyDirect Giveaway: brianpiero