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Project 365

I was just wondering, how many of you are doing any type of Project 365?
I saw it on the blogs last year and I really wanted to do it..
I lasted about a week!

So, this year, I figured if I joined the Project 365 page, I might have more luck.
So far, so good!

I really like that you can upload several at a time, you know...
Like, I just uploaded for the 11-15th...
I do not have to come and upload every single day...

I would love to see your pictures, if you are doing one...

I would also love it if you clicked HERE to see my pictures so far!!!!

Chicken Soup - Think Positive - Review & Giveaway

With the car accident that Marc was involved in the other day, thanks to the Atlanta Ice...
I could not think of a better time to tell you about one of the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul Books!
I have been reading Chicken Soup for the Soul : Think Positive and man, there are some great messages in there!
Book Synopsis:

101 Inspirational Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude

Every cloud has a silver lining. With its 101 stories of optimism, faith, and strength, this book will encourage readers to stay positive during challenging times and in their everyday lives. Readers will be inspired by these real-life stories from people just like them, taking a positive attitude to the ups and downs of life, and remembering to be grateful and count their blessings. This book continues Chicken Soup for the Soul's focus on inspiration and hope and its stories remind us that each day holds something to be thankful for. A great start to the New Year.

With 101 stories, they have broken the book down into 10 sections.

The 10 sections are:
Words that Changed My Life
Health Challenges
Everyday is Special
Role Models
Counting Your Blessings
Overcoming Adversity
Attitude Adjustments
Silver Linings
Moving Forward

As with all of the Chicken Soup Books, each story starts with a simple quote.

I think that the one that hit home for me the most is:
Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. - William James

To me, the story that I liked the best just happened to be the last...

Waiting with a Smile...

by Leah M. Cano

"A smile is over in a flash, but the memory of it lasts a lifetime."

Two of my lucky readers will win a copy of their very own...
To keep or share will be hard to decide!

Want to win?

Mandatory Entry :
Tell me, anything that made you smile this week.
Pretty simple!
Also, make sure you leave your email address if it is not visible,
I have to be able to tell you that you won!

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Yogi Bear's ALL STAR Comedy - Review

So, I know...
Christmas is over, but the laughs and good times do not have to be!

We have been enjoying Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo as they share their ALL STAR Comedy with us!
I really loved seeing the "all star" cast!

Don't get me wrong.

I love Yogi and Boo-Boo...

but it was so fun seeing Snagglepuss, Quick Draw, Huckleberry Hound and the gang!
I was totally caught off guard when Fred and Barney were there!

The DVD we have been watching is about Yogi and Boo-Boo when they head to the city to have a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

Long story short, they end up dressing as Santa and an Elf to try and stay out of trouble, but that actually adds more to it...

No matter what though, a lesson is learned thanks to Judy!!!
( I am not going to tell you, you need to watch and see!)

After the Christmas Episode, we even got to share the excitement of Yogi celebrating his birthday! Once again... ALL STAR CAST!

Seeing this DVD with all of those characters certainly took me back to my childhood!
Love it and recommend this for children of ALL ages!

(Meaning the big kids in all of our lives!)

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Carolina Pad - Just wanted to share

This is not a sponsored post or anything like that...
But, I was checking out the Carolina Pad Store and "OMG" they have some really great sales going on right now!
I just might have to get a few of these...
I know I am being selfish, but I hope that by sharing this with y'all, they do not run out before I get what I plan on buying! LOL

Seriously, look at the great sale prices they have right now!

Look at all they have, this was just what caught my eye...
Not sure how long these prices are good, that is why I wanted to share ASAP!
Be sure to follow them on FACEBOOK for all their promotions!

Ten On A Sled - Book Review

With the snowy weather (that is now all ICE) we have been reading Ten On A Sled bunches of times!
Ten On A Sled is a book by Kim Norman (illustrated by Liza Woodruff) that tells the FUN adventure of sledding!
I think that the illustrations are so cute in this book!

The storyline in this book is that 10 friends go out for a fun ride on a sled...
As the sled goes down the hill, that number of 10 dwindles down to 1...
Wow, where did they go?
They all fell off some way or another!

I am not sure what I like more about the book...
I really like how it helps teach little ones to count...
It also has each number in a different color font...
(I feel that adds more to the interest of young ones!)

Also, each time the talk about one of the animals, the way they fall off the sled has the same first letter of the animal!
Take the Walrus for example...
The Walrus whirled out!
Oh, they also change the color font for the action of the animal too!
So, the book is in black font, but fun colors are added in throughout the text.

I think it is so cute to see the different animals dressed up for winter too!
That moose is going to have to tell me where he got his arm warmers at!

I really enjoyed reading Ten On A Sled with Broxton and you can enjoy it with your family as well! You can buy it through Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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W/W - snow and ice

If you did not know this...
Atlanta is under ICE...
I blogged with fun pics of us playing when it was snow...
Now ice = NOT FUN!!!!
This was hanging right over our door, so I had Marc break it off...
Wow, would have hated for it to have fallen on someone!
What's the weather like where you are?

Snow Day 3 = ICE DAY = NO FUN

Just wanted to post a quick update...
Marc is OKAY, but thanks to the ICE, he was in an accident...
He spun out of control and ended up on a pole ...

( He had to call to ask what to do about the car, they were saying if no one was injured not to even call them.. be he had to)
While he was waiting on the police, I started searching for a tow company that was open.
They all were closed, not able to get the drivers to work.
Finally had one that was there...
They showed up and pulled the car off.
Oh, he says the police had chains on his tires and he was still spinning and having a hard time on the road getting to Marc!
Marc was able to drive it home...
This is what it looks like:

So glad he is safe...
But, I am ready for the ICE to leave.
It is funny, people think that we are just stupid down here for not knowing how to drive in snow..
It isn't the SNOW that is the problem, it is the ICE that is causing accidents...
Top it off that the city is not prepared... Okay, not just the city...
The state isn't.


Woke Up to FUN - Snow part 2

The snow kept coming down last night...
and of course, we had to get out in it for a few minutes...
Broxton wants to get back out now, but we are waiting...
Here are a few pictures from today...

See the cars? Only one is moving. The rest were "abandoned" last night. Marc said the roads home this morning reminded him of the movie, " I am Legend" with all the empty cars on the sides of the roads.
Once Broxton was up, we had to come out and play... Too bad, most of it was iced over, so he could not really "play" in the snow... but we still had fun!
After a bit of work, Broxton was able to make a snow angel!
Sweet boy!
The look from our porch. I love the snow, just wish the ice was not there...
Also, had to get Marc's bike for us to see the snow!

If you look in front of him...
We have a small snowman. We had to bring it back.
Major MELTDOWN when we could not bring it inside!
See me? LoL, I made a snowball... Broxton's face is priceless in this one!
(Not the best in focus, but I love it!)


Snowing in Atlanta

So, I am not sure where you are...
(Why don't you leave me a comment and tell me?!)
But, here in Atlanta...
We are having a Winter Storm.

We drove back to Atlanta today...
Trying to beat the nasty weather.
On the way here, we passed tons of electric company trucks heading our way...
and several of those "tree cutting trucks."
We drove through some sleet that was pretty bad...
Pretty bad meaning the ICE STUCK to the windshield wipers, therefore NOT MOVING any of the rain/sleet that was falling on our windshield.
Not. Fun.

We got through that mess, then we had clear weather, but pretty COLD!
Made it home...

Then, Marc had to go to work.
I looked outside, a few flurries were coming down.
About 15 minutes later, it was full out snow!

Smile for a minute, until I remember...
Marc has to go out and work in this.

He got ready for work and called to tell me that he was stuck in traffic.
The street (RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR APARTMENT) was a complete parking lot.
Come to find out, no one could make it up the hill...
(At the very next red light)
People were slipping and sliding.
He could not get up the hill to turn around.

He finally made it and eventually made it to work...
So very thankful for that, but I wish he could have stayed home.
I mean, the news was talking about not being out...
Unless you HAD to.
I guess work is considered a "HAVE TO."

Now, we will patiently wait till daddy is home...
Then, hopefully the snow sticks around and doesn't turn to ice...
I want to take Broxton out to play in it.

I also want to try and get a couple pictures of the snow...
I mean, most of yall are used to it...
Not I, said the fly!
I would love for us to get to play in it.
Even for a few minutes.

But, until then...
I wanted to share a couple pictures from the start with you...

By the way, if we are missing for a few days...
We are either playing in the snow...
Or have lost power.
Lets hope for the playing!!!!
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