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Teamwork with Bob the Builder #Giveaway

Teamwork means working together... and that is something Broxton is still needing to work on.  He enjoys watching Bob the Builder, so I was excited when this DVD arrived.
Dizzy wants to prove she’s a whiz at being helpful but learns that being thoughtful is what really gets the job done! Spud goes missing before a big performance. Can Dizzy save the day so the show can go on? Roley is determined to do a weather rap and soon learns that safety comes first! When Scrambler fails to build a tree house on his own, he finds it takes a team to get a project off the ground. Scratch learns that some problems are best shared and comes up with a solution by getting everyone to work together. Hold on to your hard hats and see why the best plans start with teamwork! Episodes include: ·“Whizzy Dizzy” ·“Stage Struck Dizzy” ·“Roley’s Weather Rap” ·“Scrambler’s Best Idea” ·“Bob and the Trampoline”
*** Contest is for US only.***

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Sticky Situations With Thomas #Giveaway

Here comes that loveable engine we all know and love!!!!
Thomas and Friends is back with an all new DVD, Sticky Situations!

The engines on the Island of Sodor find themselves in some sticky and slippery situations! Thomas and Butch are stuck in a bind when they don’t fully listen to directions. Spencer gets lost in the fog but learns he can actually be Spencer the Helpful. Gordon must swallow his pride after dropping the Lion of Sodor in the mucky, muddy river and Edward shows Charlie there’s a time to be Really Fun and a time to be Really Useful.  All aboard for fun-filled tales as friends help each other through all kinds of sticky situations! Episodes include: ·“Stuck on You”
·“Spencer the Grand”
·“Gordon and Ferdinand”
·“Charlie and Eddie”


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Negative Calorie Drink @CelsiusOfficial

With the holidays... and then life in general...
Life can get a bit hectic.
Some people have their ways to keep up with everything...  and others are constantly looking for what might work to help them out...
I recently learned of the drink, CELSIUS , and I just thought I would share...

From their press release:
Celsius is the world’s first and only negative calorie drink. Studies show that drinking a great tasting Celsius before exercise helps you burn up to 100 calories and more per serving, boosts metabolism, reduces body fat, increases endurance and provides lasting energy.
It comes in seven delicious flavors, carbonated and non-carbonated, and also in powder stick packets that can be mixed with water. Celsius contains no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no aspartame, no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors, and is low in sodium.

Now, I will tell you, I was not really a fan.  I have pretty much determined that I am not an "energy drink" fan like I once was.. …

How About a Second Honeymoon? @moderngreetings Contest


How would you like to go on a second honeymoon? 
If you have dreamed of going on one... You might want to check out the Modern Greeting Second Honeymoon Contest going on...
Starting December 7th at 8 am and ends December 27th at midnight you have a fun and easy contest!!!!
It is called Pin It To Win It...
Just head on over to Pinterest... (Who doesn't love that site?!)
- Make a board called "Modern Greetings Honeymoon Contest."
- Repin their contest Pin on that board
- Fill that board up with all the pins that represent everything you have dreamed up of to make the honeymoon absolutely perfect

After you are finished making the board of your dreams... Copy the URL and paste it in the form on the Modern Greetings Contest App on their Facebook Page.

Want to get started?  Head on over HERE and enter your email address. 
Then, pin your board and then make sure to submit it on their Facebook App.

The best board of the …

Whole Fruit Smoothies

I love Smoothies. 
I love sweets.. I love fruit.  I love cold treats...
I love love love...
Do you get where I am going with this? 

We recently had a chance to review these really tasty Whole Fruit Smoothies.
They were so good... but I will be honest... It says that you can eat it as is... Or you can pop the top off and throw it in the microwave for 20 seconds to turn it into more of a "drink."
I tried both and personally, I loved just diving right in from the freezer with it! 
I thought I would like the mixed berry the most, but I am in love with the pineapple mango! 
I actually enjoy them while Broxton is at school, because if I try and eat them when he is around, he tries to eat it ALL and not share!
Do you enjoy smoothies?  If so, you need to check these out!!!!

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Help With Portion Control @FreshBabyBiz

If portion control is something that you need to work on, then I have a product that you need to look into.
I was recently made aware of a company called Fresh baby and I am impressed.
We were sent a couple of their items and now I get to share with you!!!
First up,  the toddler plate.
We were also sent the adult portion plate as well.
With both of these plates, they are divided into sections.
You have fruit, vegetables, protein and grain.  I love that they are sectioned off so that kids (and adults alike) can see what they need to be eating more and less of.  I also love that they have both an adult and kids plate.  It is sometimes hard to teach a child to do one thing, when you as the teacher are doing another!  This will help to not only tell, but also to show.

Finally, we were sent the Toddler Cookbook.
This is a 48 page book that contains 35 recipes (that also includes recipes and nutritional information) to help make meal time better.

If you know someone that is trying to make a healt…

Blaze Craze #giveaway #holidaygiftguide

You do not have to have a little boy to enjoy a Remote Control Car!  You can play with it yourself... or you can give it to your significant other...   Hey, you can even give it to your daughter!!!!  Seriously, you can!  Because one of you will be winning the Toy State Blaze Craze like the one that I reviewed! 
How cool is that?  Just head on down to that Rafflecopter form and fill it out!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Laugh With a Merry Dreamworks Christmas #holidaygiftguide

A couple of weeks ago, we watched How to Train Your Dragon for the first time... I am really not sure why we took so long to watch it, but I am glad we finally saw it...   It was a great movie.. Now, it seems like those kids and those Dragons are always making me laugh.
We were sent a DVD with the different characters of DreamWorks movies and I hate to admit it, we watched it twice. 
We laughed (once again) with the kids and dragons from the How to Train Your Dragon movie...
Then, we laughed harder at those crazy animals from the Madagascar Movies...
Finally, poor ol' Shrek tries to give Fiona a Christmas to remember with Donkey being Donkey...
Broxton was laughing (until he noticed they changed the lyrics to the Christmas songs he is learning and he was not very happy they sang it wrong... so we sang his version louder and all was okay again!)   I laughed and noticed I was laughing at parts that I did not catch the first time around...

When Santa and his reindeer c…

Stocking Stuffer #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

I am so excited to share a little bit of great news with you...
Remember when I shared that we were sent an adorable Gundimal and an equally adorable Curious George for review?  Well... LUCKY LUCKY YOU!!!!
One winner is going to win a Gundimal and Curious George of their own! 
(I am not sure what actual Gundimal it will be, but come on... they are all so cute!)

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Keepsake Book for Years To Come @kidsHeritageInc

Tradition is a very important thing to me. 
We don't have that many, but we are working on them!!!
When I had the chance to review a new book for Broxton, not only was I excited for it being a new book... I was super excited because it was a book on Heritage! 
This book is just so personalized and definitely one to treasure for years to come!
We had the chance to review a Personalized Children's Book for Broxton called My Heritage Book.  The gift giver gets to pick up to four countries for inclusion in the book. It is so neat! 
It touches on the USA, but then it goes into highlighting the different countries you pick.  It comes with an inscription in the front and as you turn the pages, you get to read and learn about the traditions from the countries in our heritage (and maybe learn where you get some of the traditions you have.) I love that each country lets you learn so much.  It starts with a map of the country you are learning about... and a picture of their flag.  Then…

The Great Christmas Crisis

Oh My Goodness! 
You know we love books here....  Well, I think that this is one of the CUTEST books that I have seen.
It is a totally different take on any Christmas books that I have read and I know it is one that we will read for years to come!!!
The Great Christmas Crisis is actually something that adults and children alike should read and remember.  This starts off with Santa noticing that the elves are all "out of sorts."  They were telling him all about everything that was going wrong.  Santa told them they all needed to slow down and that night, he spoke with Mrs. Claus about working about them and needing to find out what was wrong... He ended up going undercover to see if he could figure it out... What did he find?  He found that they were rushing and had all lost the holly and jolly of Christmas!  He ordered them to slow down, relax and enjoy! 
"Cause Christmas can't be without laughter and cheer."

I thought this was so cute!!!
With all the hustle and …

Western Chief for Your Rain Gear! #holidaygiftguide

Broxton is a huge fan of rain boots.
It does NOT matter if there is rain in the forecast or not, he just loves them.
I saw Western Chief and I was so excited.
I immediately had to email them to see if I might have a chance to work with them.

Want to know why I was so eager to work with them?
Well, for starters, I loved the selection of rain boots!
But, the first thing that caught my attention... they had fleece liners to go in the boots!  If you remember, the year we had snow and ice... we really were not prepared... Broxton did not have gloves and his boots were just the rain boots....   (To be honest, I never thought about fleece lining, until I saw this on their site!)

Well, I emailed to see if we might have an opportunity to work together and I was so extremely happy when we received an response that said YES!! Then, Broxton got sick and missed a week of school.  No, he wasn't contagious or anything,  but he was sick and I was not going to send him in for the teachers to have t…

Froggie Went a Courtin' Video

If you remember my blog post review about the CD Blue Clouds...
I just wanted to share a You Tube Video for you...
Let me know what you think...

***** I was not required to post this, just love her voice and thought you might as well!

Hot or Cold Outside, I want @TalentiGelato In My Freezer

I have to tell you something...
At one point in my life, I thought people that ate ice cream (OR ANY COLD TREAT) during the cold season were just crazy!!!  I was visiting one of my best friends in Utah and we had been enjoying the day doing all the touristy things... We went to Park City and other attractions... I had never seen much snow, so I was in awe.  Then, they had the wise idea to stop for ice cream. 
Who eats Ice Cream in cold weather?  Well, I guess it really wasn't that weird... and now, cold treats are wonderful if it is below freezing or hot as hades...

That being said, I was checking out the aisle of frozen deliciousness and spotted Talenti Gelato
The packaging was plain... yet totally inviting.   It was a clear container with a lid.  What was inside was written on the clear container... and they get you with that... because you can look and see the treat from the outside..

I was lucky enough to try it out... and wow...
I have never had pistachio (besides the…

Season 7 of Curious George!

Can you believe it is Season 7 of Curious George?

Starting today, December 3rd...
You get all new episodes of that lovable Monkey! 
We were sent an advance screener and I tell you, they just keep getting better!

Today, they debuted "Monkey Down Under" and " Bright Lights, Little Monkey."
The cool thing about "Monkey Down Under" was there was a special guest...
Bindi Irwin!  Bindi was around to teach George about all sorts of animals that were new to him:
Koalas, Emus, Kangaroos and more!!!!

Tuesday will debut " We Otter Be Friends" and "Sir George and the Dragon."
I loved the Otter episode, as they are just too cute.. but I will admit, the story Mr Quint told of the key was funny and had me laughing... man, those Quints are something else! 

Wednesday we get to see "Hundley Jr" and "Curious George Gets Winded."
I will say, "Hundley Jr" was the best to me... maybe because it had totally opposite story li…

Ride A Bike? In or Near Atlanta?

If you are a Rider...
We would love to have you join us.
The Club Marc is in is having their annual Bike Ride, Santa For Seniors...

If you would like to ride, come on out :)
Hope to see yall there!!!!!! 

Kid Need Help With Manners?

Working in a restaurant for as long as I did, I was able to witness all sorts of kids...
I would try to speak with a parent if their kid was extra polite, as I wanted them to know it was noticed. With the other kids, I would pray that whenever I had a child, it would NOT end up like that.   For the most part, I do believe Broxton is a well mannered child.  Please do not get me wrong, he is a typical 3 year old,  but we are working on manners all the time. 
One thing for me growing up in South Georgia is "mam and sir"  it bothers me when he does not say it and we automatically correct him.  I know that is not a thing in other areas,  but in South Georgia, it is RUDE not to say it... That was one of the first things I noticed when moving to Atlanta... I mean, we are still in Georgia, but it is so much of a melting pot that it has gone away...
When I had the chance to review, Soup Should Be Seen, Not Heard! by Beth Brainard, I was excited to read it... It was a manners book.…

Christmas Books for Kids

December is here!!!!  I do not know about your house, but around here... This year has flown by!!!
Now that it is December, that means Christmas decorations and Christmas books.
We were sent a couple from Sterling Publishing and I am going to tell you about 2 today.

First up:
Stable in Bethlehem.
This is a cute board book that will help little ones count down to Christmas.  The book starts with "Over a stable in Bethlehem, 12 drowsy doves are cooing. "  Then, as each page is turned, you venture around the inside and outside of the stable, until you are at the end "at 1 small baby lying there with straw to pillow his head."
This would be a great book to add to your library, or to give as a gift to a loved one.

The Other book:
Christmas Magic
Talk about a cute book!!!  It is a book that has a picture on it and then a pull tab at the bottom.  You pull the tab and it changes the picture to a totally different one. 
This book starts with Santa flying through the air... …

A Pirates Twelve Days of Christmas

If you know Broxton, you know he loves Pirates! 
Well, he is going to be so excited when I give him a Christmas gift a little early!!!!
We were sent A Pirates Twelve Days of Christmas from Sterling books and it is just awesome!

Get ready for this...
The little pirate on the pirate ship is so excited for Christmastide...
Until the Captain told him that "holidays are for landlubbers" and he had to stay on the ship and clean...   He was so sad... UNTIL he woke up in the morning and was surprised to find a Parrot in a Palm Tree!  From each day there out, he woke up to a new gift... You know, just like the song..  but with a Pirate Spin on it...
He got 4 cacklin' hens... 9 mermaids singing and on and on...
It was so cute... and I know he is going to love it...

If you have a Pirate fan, take note... The author of this book also has : A Pirates Night Before Christmas... 

Do you know a Pirate Fan? 

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