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Making a New Tradition @hesstoytruck #ad #MakingMyList

If you know me, I am all about making memories and incorporating traditions with Broxton.  I want him to look back and remember these things... and maybe start new traditions with his family years and years from now!   We do things like movie night and arts and crafts and fun things... But we have started a new one (last year) that even my dad is a bit jealous about!   
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Our new tradition started last year when I was able to share with you the 2013 Hess Toy Truck.  Broxton thought it was the coolest thing and it is always so fun to see him playing with it.  (My dad may or may not have been a tad bit jealous when he came to visit and saw it.)   I knew then that the quality of this truck was amazing and that we would need to get another one when they were revealed.  Side note- I love that they do a big reveal as to the new truck each year!   That just makes it so much more exciting!  So, each year... I plan on getting a new Hess Toy Truck for Broxton to add to his collection!  
When it arrived, I was quick to open it to check it out... Marc and I were both in awe at how cool it is. I still don't know what I like the most... The real life sounds it makes or the fact that it lights up just like a real Hess truck.  They spare nothing when creating this collectors item.  Marc and I had to press all the buttons, make all the sounds and then quickly put it up before Broxton came in and saw it!  (This will be a Christmas gift this year!)  

The 2014 Hess Toy Truck and Space Cruiser with Scout marks the 50th anniversary of the Hess Toy Truck. The sleek space cruiser, with retractable landing gear, features 3 buttons to activate sounds and flashing lights.
2014 Hess Toy Truck and Space Cruiser with Scout

The truck itself is pretty cool... add to it a space cruiser on top and Broxton is going to be thrilled.. but that is just the start!  Inside the space cruiser is a little scout that is also removable and will provide lots of running around the house as the toys are "flying" and doing who knows what!  I can not wait to see his face when he gets to open this!   This is a great thing to start collecting at your house!   (Head on over and buy one now!  It is only $29.99 plus tax... and the batteries are already included!   Free Shipping too!)  Since it is the 50th Anniversary, they have also released a hard cover 50 Years of Hess Toy Trucks Book filling you in on the history and tradition of the Hess Toy Trucks!   
Do you have any toy collections that you add to each year?  Are you familiar with Hess?  

Jingle All The Way 2

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The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Two desperate dads compete in a no-holds-barred battle to be the best father and make this the best Christmas ever! Fun-loving, laid-back dad Larry (Larry the Cable Guy; Cars, Tooth Fairy 2) is having a bear of a time finding the perfect Christmas gift for his eight-year-old daughter, Noel. The season’s hottest toy, The Harrison Bear, is all sold out, and Noel’s new stepfather wants to keep it that way — so he can be the one to make her holiday wish come true. When Larry learns all Noel wants for Christmas is the bear, he’ll stop at nothing to make his little girl happy and get her the toy of her dreams…Co-starring WWE Superstar Santino Marella, Jingle All The Way 2 is heartwarming and hilarious fun for the whole family!

Jingle All The Way 2 is directed by Alex Zamm (Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts, The Tooth Fairy 2) and produced by Michael Luisi (Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery, Christmas Bounty, The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown) and Vicki Sotheran (The Sandlot 2, The Sandlot: Heading Home).

The holiday cheer continues in the Blu-ray Combo and DVD bonus features including deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, a mock Public Service Announcement from Larry and Santino advising how you can stay safe while shopping this holiday plus a special Harrison the Bear TV commercial and an exclusive interview with the hottest toy of the season.

Jingle All the Way 2 Blu-ray Combo and DVD Special Features
Deleted Scenes
Christmas Catastrophes
Harrison the Bear TV Commercial
Santa Santino
Christmas Wishes
Harrison the Bear: An Exclusive Interview
Reindeer Riding at Roosters Tavern
Black Friday PSA
Sneak Peak


Are you feeling festive yet? Time to @Get_Festified

When my brother was younger, he was a very quiet person.  He was not a very social person and would rather be on the golf course or at home than out with friends...  Sometime around 10th or 11th grade, that all changed and he literally became Mr. Social.  He was always going and doing something...   all the time.  I love that he has broken out of that shy shell and became social... It makes me happy.  
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Why am I telling you this?  Because with his social scene constantly expanding, he goes to parties - ALL - THE- TIME.  The last couple years he has been going to these "Ugly Christmas Sweater" parties.   He has a great time and I love that he is out there having a blast... I don't remember going to parties like that when I was younger, but I am glad he does.  (Side note, were Ugly Christmas Sweater" parties a thing back then?) Anyways...
So - he goes to these parties... and it got me thinking... Where does he get a sweater for these events?
He recently had a birthday, so I knew exactly what I wanted to get him... I wanted to get him an awesome sweater for any Christmas parties he might have this year... and get him a sweater I did!   I headed over to the Festified website and started looking around... I found several that I thought would be perfect for him...  Finally I narrowed down my choice and since festified is just so awesome, they sent along one for review!    I will admit though, I don't think it is an "ugly sweater" by any means... I think it is AWESOME!!!

Wanna see what I went with?  (Please keep in mind that my brother is in his early 20's!)
Also - Not only keep in mind that be is in his 20's... keep in mind that he HATES having his picture taken, so basically if you snap it and it turns out to be a  good one, you are lucky... because he is NOT going to let you take another one... and forget about "posed" pictures... it is like he's in a torture chamber!  So, this is when he opened up his birthday gift from us...   He actually smiled, so I know it was a win for a gift this year!
He has mentioned that he is possibly going to be at an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party soon, so I hope this pimpin sweater gets lots of conversation!   I am not sure what I love the best... The sweater as a whole, or the fact that when it zips up, the zipper pulls are actually strings with puffy white balls on them... or maybe the bling on the end of the sleeves... it is like a candy cane assortment!  (No worries, there are sequins on there to keep it really festive for you!)  

Now tell me, is it really an Ugly Sweater?  Or do you see it as AWESOME as I do????
**  Note that the above picture is when he was already dressed, ready to go outside in the cold.... He had on a shirt and a jacket already, then put this sweater on over it.
You can follow Festified on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to @SuaveBeauty everyone can be pampered from time to time! #SuaveSpaSecrets

I love being a mom.  Love love LOVE it... More than anything.  I know I am not perfect and I know I never will be, but I try to be the best mom I can be....  and the best mom for my son. Every now and then I need to relax and focus on me.  Not a selfish thing, but just a time to recharge and refocus on what the priorities are in my life... 
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

A couple years ago, I was introduced to a scent I will never forget, Moroccan Oil.  The smell is amazing and it was great for my hair.  I had the oil (that I secretly used on my skin as well) and the shampoo / conditioner... The only problem was that it was so expensive.  I had to give up that enjoyment... But not any more!
Suave has come out with their Suave Beauty line and it is amazing.
Well... Suave Beauty is Moroccan Argan Oil and their product line is not only affordable, it is also like a day at the Spa... at home!!!!   Talk about an affordable way to treat yourself (or a loved one) to more than just "a day" at a spa...  

The Suave Beauty line includes:
NEW Suave® Professionals Moroccan Infusion Body Wash - infused with Moroccan argan oil
NEW Suave® Professionals Natural Infusion Awapuhi Ginger Body Wash - infused with Awapuhi Ginger and Honeysuckle
Suave® Professionals Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion
Suave® Professionals Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Oil Spray has a non-greasy formula that absorbs instantly

Want to know what I do?
I make time for me to relax... I treat myself to a wonderfully hot bath with my body wash.. The aroma takes me away to a place of relaxation and I enjoy the escape.... Then, I get out and apply the body lotion to lock in the moisture!   Some times I treat myself to the body oil spray, but that is normally in the morning!  

Do you have a routine you go through when trying to relax?  
Next time you are in the store, I urge you to walk over and find the Suave Moroccan line...   Take a big whiff of it and let me know if you don't just fall in love with it...
This would be great if you want to send me a little care package...  make a care package for a loved one.  It would be awesome for them to get a treat like this in the mail (especially if you have someone taking finals before Winter Break)  or even better... make a great gift basket to let someone you love enjoy over their break when they open their gifts!  


Holiday #Giveaway Roundup!!!

Just a friendly reminder I have lots of great giveaways going on!  
Make sure to enter to win!!!!  

VTech InnoTab Max ( arv $109)

Tinkertoys (arv $49)

Silver Cuff from WorldVision USA  (arv $85)

Did you have Posters on your walls when you were younger?

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It is getting down to Crunch Time here... Can you believe December came so fast?  It seems like just the other day we were celebrating Christmas 2013... now a whole year has passed? Say it ain't so!  Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?  Have you even started?
I can proudly say I am "almost" done.

I don't know if I told you Broxton's latest.. He wants to paint his room. I have no clue how or what or why... but that is the latest... Sadly, I put my foot down on that one. I am not one to hinder his creativity, so I made a deal... He could put posters up, or drawings or whatever he wants.. but no permanent decor.
He was so thrilled to have that say so on his room!  So, he has started telling me the things he wants to put all over his room.
He wants this , he wants that... He wants to put pictures up that he has drawn...and let us please not forget that he wants LOTS and LOTS of Star Wars and Super Heroes!

Lucky for me, once we decided that posters was the way for us, I was given a great opportunity to work in a review of a couple poster books!  

With each page a poster, plus 9 supersize fold-out posters, young fans will be able to pull apart this book and decorate with posters of the Star Wars experience!
United to battle foes no single hero could withstand, The Avengers are the most powerful Super Hero team in the world! Including Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man,and the Black Widow, this book as all of the favorite Marvel characters. 
 With every page a poster, plus 9 supersize fold-out posters inside, young fans can pull apart the book and decorate with posters featuring the whole Disney Junior team! Share love and kindness with Sofia  the First and Doc McStuffins. Solve pirate problems with Jake and his merry band from Never Land. And get ready for adventure with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy.

I think these books are just too cool.  The great thing is that it is a book, so there are lots of pages and great illustrations.. Not to mention a little text.  Then, you can pull each page out to have a mini poster of that illustration.  It says there are "super size" posters inside.  They are around 16 x 20. While that is larger than the book,I do wish they had been a bit bigger... but that is really not a big deal, that just means he will get to put up even more posters now! 

Do you let your kids decorate their rooms with posters and what not?  Did you used to have posters in your room when you were younger? 

They are here! #roamingreindeer

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Welcome the Roaming Reindeer!
These are 2 cute little stuffed toys that were sent to our house to help Santa and the elves deal with Christmas...   With the Roaming Reindeer Kit, you get a hard cover book and 2 adorable plush reindeer.  They even have shirts on them that say 1 and 2. (Don't want you mixing them up!)  

In Roaming Reindeer, we learn that Santa and the elves are so busy that they need a bit of help to see how the kids are doing... The next thing you know, the reindeer are paired up in groups of 2 to go to all the houses of the world.  If your little one is on their best behavior, they both stay... but if one starts to act up, Reindeer 1 will sneak away to let Santa know that there is a problem.  The great thing is that Reindeer 2 stays to see if there is improvement. Reindeer 1 will return if things get better!  

The thing that makes these Reindeer so special?  Kids can touch them!  Yes!  They can go on adventures with you!  (They even say to photograph them going on adventures and then hashtag #RoamingReindeer to let other see where they are and what they are doing... 
I think this is super cute and I love that the reindeer can be played with!  Broxton was so excited to know that he could touch them and play without anything happening to their magic.  
As I type this, they are both sitting on his bed, waiting for him to come home from school!  

We have welcomed Reindeer 1 and 2 into our home with open arms.  Looks like we have a new tradition to add to our life!  I would not trade it for anything... This is what childhood is all about!  
Do you have any family traditions for the holidays?

My Yellow Balloon

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.
Dealing with death is hard enough... But dealing with death and explaining it to a child is harder... at least to me it is.  It is like I don't have the right words to say to explain things... and my heart breaks... and although I am selfishly sad for me, I am sad that I don't know how to take the hurt away from a young one...
Luckily for us, we don't have to deal with that at this time... but whenever the time does present itself, I do feel like I am a little more prepared now, than in the past.
We were sent a book called My Yellow Balloon.  While the cover looks like a happy story, it is actually a story presenting love and loss.  I really appreciate having a book to help whenever the time does come that I will need it.
In My Yellow Balloon, this little boy, Joey, goes to a carnival and gets a bright yellow balloon. He loves that balloon (you know how kids get with a favorite toy, taking it everywhere, playing with it all the time)  Then, one day.. the balloon slips off his wrist and he has to deal with the loss of something he loved very very much.  I loved that it dealt with love and loss, but with a balloon, instead of a person or pet.
This book was a great way to discuss dealing with the stages of grief, without the added sadness of a loss of a loved one (person.)
Whenever you are faced with this circumstance and need to discuss loss with your children, I hope you will keep this book in mind.  

Operation Christmas Child

** I was not required to post this.  I just thought it was a wonderful thing that Slinky did and I wanted to share with you what a great company they are.  All thoughts are my own.

Each year, our local MOPS group gets together and packages several boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We fill it them up full of goodies hopefully to make the boy or girl happy with what they receive.  Each year, we try and cram as much as we can in there... Hygiene items such as soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste... Then fun items like color crayons, notebooks, pencils and what not. Finally we top it off with toys!  This year, I was so lucky to have the wonderful people at Slinky donate slinkies to place into each of our boxes!

I knew that Broxton was excited when he got one this year... and I knew that I loved them as a kid.. So, I know that whenever these slinkies are opened, the kids are going to have a blast playing with them and getting as much excitement and joy out of them as we have over the years!

If you are planning on purchasing any items for Operation Christmas Child (or looking for stocking stuffers for your house) Make sure to think of Slinky toys.. They have been making kids (and adults) smile for  years!!!


Visit Santa's Workshop and Help @HOPEforSteve

Remember me talking about Hope for Steve?   Well, I got an awesome email today and I just had to share!!!  (If you don't mind.. I would LOVE for you to help spread the word on Hope for Steve!)
I wanted to share a couple things from the email...

The town of Norcross has been working for months on an initiative called Santa’s Workshop, which is a decorator's showcase and market filled with intricate decor and special holiday gifts, hand-crafted by local artisans.
Santa’s Workshop is opening its doors to Hope for Steve this Sunday, December 7th, where 100% of ticket proceeds will benefit Hope for Steve and ALS TDI.
Hope for Steve’s “day” will be this Sunday, but FYI Santa’s Workshop will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through December 21st, with proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity (every other day except for this Sunday.
Sunday, December 7th
Anytime between 1:00pm-6:00pm

The Rectory
17 College Street
Norcross, GA 30071  

$10 adults/$5 children
(100% ticket sales benefit Hope for Steve and ALS TDI)

Fridays from 11:00am-8:00pm
Saturdays from 11:00am-8:00pm
Sundays from 1:00pm-6:00pm

Please share this information with everyone so we can get a huge turnout for Hope For Steve. 

Help @IKEA_Atlanta Make a Difference. Donate a toy/ book today!

This is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share.  

(November 3, 2014 – Conshohocken, PA) The IKEA Soft Toys for Education campaign, a
good cause partnership between the IKEA Foundation, UNICEF and Save the Children,
was first launched eleven years ago. The idea is simple; for every Soft Toy or children’s
book sold from November 9, 2014 - January 3, 2015, the IKEA Foundation donates
1 euro (approximately $1.30)* to UNICEF and Save the Children for children’s education
The Soft Toys for Education campaign aims to provide quality education to vulnerable
children living in poverty in developing countries. Since the campaign started, donations
from the annual IKEA Soft Toy Campaign have totaled $ 90.4 million** (€67 million),
helping more than 11 million children in 46 countries enjoy their right to a quality
education. The donations help UNICEF and Save the Children train teachers in childfriendly
teaching methods, improve child protection systems, supply education materials,
and increase school attendance rates.
A love for reading opens the door to education, which is why, every year, IKEA creates a
children’s book based on IKEA soft toy characters as part of the annual Soft Toys for
Education Campaign. In this year’s book, “The Frog Prince,” young readers visit the
fairy-tale forest and learn about the special bonds of friendship. The book is written by
award-winning Swedish author Ulf Stark and illustrated by Silke Leffler.
This year’s new soft toy friends from The Frog Prince fairy tale world are:
TOSIG: the silly frog
x LILLGAMMAL: the red-hooded rebel
x PIPHARE: the wise hare
x KATTUGGLA: the sweet owl

Supporting Education—Together
“Save the Children is privileged to be a part of the 11th annual IKEA Soft Toys for
Education campaign. By adding a children’s book or soft toy to their holiday gift list,
IKEA shoppers can help the kids in their own life – and kids around the world – read,
play and learn,” said Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children. “A quality
education helps children climb the ladder of opportunity and changes the course of their
“We are so proud to team up with IKEA for the 11th year on their Soft Toys for Education
campaign. By donating $1.30* from the sale of each soft toy, IKEA has helped raise
more than $90 million to support education programs around the world including
UNICEF’s Schools for Africa and Asia initiatives,” said Caryl Stern, President and CEO of
the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “The unwavering support from IKEA co-workers and
customers has helped enable UNICEF to provide millions of vulnerable children,
especially girls, with access to school and a quality education.”“Investing in children’s education is the most powerful way to help them escape poverty.
Through IKEA’s Soft Toys for Education campaign, we have been able to improve the
education of more than 11 million children through our partnership with Save the
Children and UNICEF. Access to a quality education is key to help them create a better
future for themselves and their families,” commented Per Heggenes, CEO IKEA
*based on $1.30 US dollar to one euro 10/2014
** based on $1.35 US dollar to one euro in 12/2013

Smell the Holidays Getting Closer? #scentsicles review

Growing up, we always had a tree.  A beautiful tree full of great ornaments and memories of years gone by.  I never had a real tree.  NEVER.  Each year, my mom would get my dad to get the tree out of storage, then she would decorate.  When I moved out on my own, we bought a cheap little tree and a couple of ornaments to go on it. Nothing fancy, but it was a tree.  When I got married, I wanted to have a pre-lit tree so bad that I could not stand it (I don't mind decorating the tree, but those lights... man that drives me nuts!)  Marc and I had a deal, he would string the lights on it, I would do the ornaments... and that was how it was...UNTIL we bought a beautiful artificial tree on sale- PRE LIT! I was thrilled with our purchase and that was how it has been.  Until a couple years ago. He got in his mind that he wanted to go get a real tree...  It was a big deal as we took Broxton to the tree farm and purchased one... Talk about making memories...  but let me tell you... we still had that artificial tree and I was not about to throw it away... That was when I learned part of Marc's love of the real tree. It was the scent!   (Having never had a real tree, I had no clue!)  It really does have a smell that makes you think "Christmas time" and makes a smile come on your face!   
The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Now, we have 2 trees each year!   We have a real one and then our beautiful artificial one.. but guess what?  We get the joy having both of them smell like Christmas!   Yes!   Last year, I noticed a little package of "scentsicles" and I bought them to give it a try.  What are scentsicles?  They are little green sticks that you hang in your artificial tree to give the smell of Christmas!  
They are green in color, so they don't stand out...  but they give off the smell that makes everyone take a trip down memory lane!  
I did not know they came in a variety of scents, but when I was contacted to work with Scentsicles in a review, I was thrilled to learn more about them!
One thing  --- the different scents available:
·         White Winter Fir
·         Christmas Time Spruce
·         It’s a Wonderful Pine
·         Snow Berry Wreath
·         Two Dashes of Cinnamon

The other?? They offer more products than just the scentsicles ($7.99):
Scented Sprigs – Tuck discreetly into garland, wreaths and centerpieces to make them smell fresh-cut ($7.99)
Auto Sticks – Hide or hang in your car to make it smell as if you just drove off the tree lot ($4.99)
Decorative Ornaments – Add sparkle and fragrance with new decorative beaded hangers and ScentSicles scented ornaments ($9.99)

We purchased our Scentsicles at Home Depot last year.. but they are also available for purchase at Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, Michaels and even Amazon. (Not to mention they are also available on the Scentsicles website.) 

For those that want a real tree feel without all the hastle of a real tree, Scentsicles is a great way to experience the joy and magic of the holiday!    I know some of you will say something about "just light a candle" but not everyone can have a candle lit where they live...
This would be great for a dorm room or even assisted living room to have the smell of the holidays for them too!  
Have you seen Scentsicles around?  Have you purchased any yet?? 


Dry Skin Relief with DerMend

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

Dry Skin a problem for you?  I am sure it gets worse with the cold weather... If your skin is one that suffers, look into trying out DerMend alpha + beta hydroxy therapy.  I have mentioned before that Marc has dry skin...  (I get it too, but not like his.)  When I was given a chance to try out the DerMend line, I knew I wanted to try it out for Marc... only problem is, he has been using several different lotions, so I can not get a true feel as to how he feels about it... I will say that I used it on my hands a few times, but honestly I wanted a scent  and this one doesn't have any....  I did use it on my feet a few times, now those jokers have not had a pedicure in some time, so they needed a bit of TLC. I did like how they felt once I lathered them up with some of the lotion... They get REALLY DRY, since I will NOT wear flip flops without a pedicure.. they are in socks and sneakers most days!  

The unique formula delivers glycolic acid and salicylic acid in an elegant cream and lotion, which work together to help your skin slough off dead cells, while the formula’s rich ceramides can help it feel new again. Massage DerMend® Alpha+Beta Hydroxy Therapy Moisturizing Body Lotion ($26.49; 12oz bottle) twice a day to affected areas or as directed by your physician, and apply DerMend®Alpha+Beta Hydroxy Therapy Moisturizing Cream ($17.99; 4.5oz tube) on extremely dry areas such as elbows, knees, and heels. 

DerMend® Alpha+Beta Hydroxy Therapy Moisturizing Body Lotion and Moisturizing Cream absorb quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth, never greasy or slick. Plus, they are fragrance-free and non-comedogenic – targeted relief for the areas that need it most!

Classic Rock Fan? @tributapparel

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

I will tell you now, I am a country girl at heart.  When we get in the car, Marc wants classic rock, Broxton wants "kids music" and I want country... Luckily for us, it somewhat rotates and we all get to listen to what makes us happy at some point in the ride.  The more I listen to Marc's music, I start to learn some of the groups, but honestly, I could not tell you who sings what or anything like that... 
All I know is I was looking to get a Blues Brothers shirt for Broxton (He loves them and can sing most of the songs from the movie.  At one point, we thought of having Marc and Broxton dress as them for Halloween one year!) and I found a million different super cool shirts!  If I bought gifts for every single person I know, I could have a blast at this site.  It is Tribut Apparel and it has shirts for all!  
Working in a sports bar, I had my share of people listening to songs and hearing all about the musicians they love....  

For example... KISS  - A friend of mine LOVES KISS... Even had his son dress as one for Halloween one year.  Marc likes KISS too, I even played a KISS slot machine hoping it would bring me luck once (it didn't) Side note - Marc was stopped at a light once --- who was beside him?  Gene Simmons!  Yep. True Story!   

As soon as I saw the Bob Marley  shirt, I thought of my brother.. He has always been a fan of him... even went to Jamaica for his honeymoon.  This shirt is a classic.  I love the black and white image... but then the colors in the name.   

These shirts would be great for any music fan...
Tell me, did you see a musician you like on their site?    


Love the Blues Brothers? Check out @tributapparel

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

I don't know how, when or why... But Broxton is a fan of the blues brothers...  Some parts of the movie are not very age appropriate, but that is neither here nor there...  I am trying to tell you about something great!  So, Broxton loves the Blues Brothers and I wanted to get him a Blues Brothers shirt... I looked here, there and everywhere... but could not find one in kid sizes (must be trying to tell me somthing)  Well, I did find an awesome shirt at Tribut Apparel and was lucky enough to get to review it!  It is not offered in kids sizes, but lets be honest, I am not sending him to school in a shirt talking about "half a pack of cigarettes" so that was never the plan.. I wanted him to have it as a sleep shirt.  I ordered an adult small and it looks like it will be a perfect sleep shirt for him!  I know he is going to be so excited when he gets to open this shirt!   

If you love the blues, you might want to hurry over to their site... 
They have LOTS of great shirts to try, but until 12/2/14, you can purchase the Keep Calm shirt (pictured below) for only $19.99 (Regularly $29.99)

From Classic Rock to the Blues, Tribut Apparel is pretty sure to have a shirt to make the music lover in you smile as they unwrap a classic this year!   
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