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Weekend Threads - Review

I have discussed my years working in a sports bar...
There are times now when I see something and wish that I was still in that atmosphere, just to tell others about it.But really, would I want to go back? No... I love where I am at now. That does not stop me from still wanting to share with others!

That being said, I came across a company, Weekend Threads and I IMMEDIATELY thought about the bar days. Back then, every day was Friday.
At least that is how people seemed to party. Never mind that they had jobs, hey... we all did!
I was able to review one for Broxton. Think about it... "It's Always The Weekend" is a great summary for a two year old!
Broxton LOVES wearing his... To the point that he did not want me to take it off of him!
I also received one for my friend Cindy to wear... She is a bartender, so I thought it would be perfect for her line of work!
Talk about a conversation starter!!!! You can even get a customized It's Always the Weekend shirt to say wherever you want... …

Thinking ahead with Cymax Baby Bedding

One thing I wish I would have thought more about when deciding on Broxton’s room was what would eventually happen with the furniture when he grew up!
Ihave always said that I wanted to have two children…
So, I knew I would need items that would stand the “test of time.”
Well, not only that… But I did not want to buy something that was going to fall apart!I had several friends tell me, “You do not need to spend money on a changing table.”
I knew that I wanted one…
My brother had one, all the other babies I knew had one…
Where else was I going to change his diaper and get him dressed?
Put the lotion on him after his bath?
I know some people use their dresser top for that, but Broxton did not have that kind of dresser.
He had the dresser that my Nana gave to me…
It was the tall one, that had the top that opened UP..
Not a place to change a baby.
But, what would I use it for after that time period?We did think ahead when we were looking at baby cribs though.
I knew that they had tons out on the marke…

Crazy Days of Summer - Week One : Photo Challenge

There is no hiding my love of photography.
I love taking pictures and looking at pictures.There are so many great blogs out there that have amazing photos on it.
One blog that I found a while back is Alicia's. Her photography is awesome and I am telling you... If she ever moves near us, I am so going to save money and hope that she says she would love to do a photo shoot with Broxton. :)

I have decided to try and link up with her Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge.. This week: Flowers.

Aloha Friday - Lemonade?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
My question: Did you have a lemonade stand when you were a child? My answer: I do not think I did... So, mom... Did I?!

Our babies are growing!

Ha! Did I get your attention yet?Marc saw the commercial for the Topsy Turvy and he has been dying to get one... So, I told my mom about it and that was what my brother, Ashton got Marc for Christmas. We FINALLY decided to put it out and see if it would actually work. (We have the strawberry one too, but are waiting to use it... Can not find strawberries yet!) The above picture was the day we hung it up... Just the plant in the Topsy Turvy... Just a couple days later...
We had babies!!! This was a couple weeks into the growing stage: This was taken just a day or two ago. Notice that we have 3 really good sized ones coming along...
There are a few more babies starting to grow too! Broxton enjoys going out to check on the "baby matoes," as he calls them. We also planted another plant in a pot/bucket thing.. The same day!
We FINALLY have two teeny tiny babies starting to grow, but NOTHING like the Topsy Turvy!

Marc is so impressed, he is already wanting to get another one going!

No, this is …

Just a few things...

One of the Lil Teammates Winners had recently won from another blog.. So, we have a new winner!!!
Lissa said...
I will be hosting a review for Gourmet Gift Baskets soon. (I have reviewed for them in the past and I am really looking forward to this one coming up.)
Working with Gourmet Gift Baskets in the past, I was sent an email about what they did to help out in Joplin.
With all of the devastation in Joplin... Gourmet Gift Baskets donated a HUGE gift basket (weighed more than 70 pounds) to give to those helping with the recovery in that area. You can read about it HERE. With that in mind, they also sent out a couple websites where all of us can donate to help :
Food Bank Donations -
American Red Cross -
Volunteering -

***** I am sharing this because I know all of us want to know how to help. I was not compensa…

Illumenature Candle Company - Review

I heart candles!
If I could have one lit in every single room at all times, I would... But that just is not safe...
So, I light them in the room I am in... and I enjoy every single minute of it. There is just something about candles... The mood it sets, the aroma it releases...
I had been hearing great things about illumenature candle company. I heard that they were wonderful candles. Many seem to find them a bit addictive... You know what that meant? It meant I just HAD to try out this company!
Lucky for me, they just released their new scent... BABY POWDER!
The smell of a baby is just one of the best smells there is, am I right?!
To think that I could light a candle and enjoy it all day long... Heaven!

Now, let me tell you a little about illumenature. They are hand poured 100% soy wax candles!!
Get this... even the glass jar is made in the USA!
Illumenature can even do custom orders!
If you want to have candles for a party, just contact them... They will make custom labels and everyt…

Topricin - Review

I have discussed the fact that Marc works on his feet all the time.That is why we are always looking for products that will bring relief to him after a long day at work or drill. When I read about Topricin lotion, I knew I wanted to try it out for Marc.
But then I read more... My mom has carpel tunnel and has been struggling a bit... Come to find out, this works great for those suffering with Carpel Tunnel. My dad has struggled with Gout for many years... To be honest, he has not mentioned it lately, so I am not sure if he still gets it... but if so, this works for that too!
I am telling you, it seems as though Topricin has everyone covered!
They even make a junior brand that is great for those with eczema! (Remember, Broxton has eczema, and it flares in the summer... We will see how it works!)
Classic Topricin features a soothing combination of eleven homeopathic biomedicines to safely and effectively treat pain associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, back, neck and shoulder p…

Whole Heapin Ton of Winners!!!!

Come See if you WON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope this starts off your summer with a win!!!!
Look to see if you are one of the lucky winners!!!!

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I guess commenting on every post and doing all the extra entries pays off!
Thanks to all who entered!!!
More great reviews and giveaways headed your way!!!!

Neutrogena Wet Skin - Review

I have finally figured out part of my problem... I am lazy. Or maybe I just get to excited. Or maybe both.
Okay, I am sticking with getting too excited, the lazy just doesn't sound that great...
Especially when you hear what I am talking about.
You know how I have complained about getting sunburned? Mostly it is because I do not remember to apply sunscreen. But then again...
SOMETIMES, I do apply... But then, I forget to reapply.
Think about it...
Who really wants to get sunscreen all over them...
Then wait like 20 minutes until they can get in the pool. (That is another dislike I have)
I have found the quick and easy solution!
Neutrogena has read my mind!
They have... They REALLY have!

Let me tell you. I received the new Neutrogena Wet Skin Sun Spray for review. We went to the pool the other day. I grabbed it and threw it in the bag with our towels.
We got to the pool and right as I went to get in the water, I remembered the spray! I grabbed it and sprayed...
Shoulders, chest, back and face... Then I g…

Chicken of the Sea - FAST Giveaway

Are you a fan of tuna?
I used to not be, but that was because I had never tried it.. I know.. I know... I am still learning.
Anyways, one day, Marc had made tuna salad and he had a little extra... I decided that it was stupid to not like something that I had never tried... So, I took a taste... and wow... I had been really missing out!

I guess I was wrong...
Kinda like Jessica Simpson.. but that is for another day..
So, Chicken of the Sea is having a Funniest Kids Quote contest on their facebook page... In dealing with that... TWO lucky winners will win a prize pack from Chicken of the Sea!
Want to win a great prize pack? Prize includes: a dish towel, oven mitt, measuring cups, bag clip, keychain and Chicken of the Sea seafood products all packed in a reusable grocery bag.
Mandatory Entry- Tell me something funny you have heard a child say... (Yours or someone else... doesn't matter!) Please leave email address if not visible in your profile.
Extra Entries-
Follow me on GFC - 1 entry

W/W - Uncle Ashton AGAIN

We have been blessed to have Uncle Ashton come and visit us again!
Looks as though Broxton LOVES being with him!!!
He just would not let him get to far away at any time!

The Glades - Review

I love summer time, as that is when we are at the pool almost every single day.What I do not like about the summer is that ALL shows go to rerun mode... Or just leave the air completely.
Marc and I were just talking about how all of our shows are pretty much over for the season.. So now what?
Lucky for me... I heard several people mention how they watched a TV show called "The Glades." I hated that people were going on and on about how good it was, yet I had never seen it!
What was I missing?!

Then, I actually had the opportunity to review it. And review it, I did! Marc and I watched one of the episodes. We caught ourselves laughing at Jim and how he acted at times.. At that point, we knew... We were really enjoying this show!
Then, we immediately watched another episode.
I called to ask my mom if she had ever seen the show, she had not, but wanted to see it.
Of course, I told her that as soon as I was finished watching, she would have to watch it... The second season starts June 5Th...

P & G Gives a Blast From The Past - Review and Giveaway

I do believe that my mom has used Tide for as long as I can remember...I guess that goes along with my story about using brands of familiarity!
I know that we have used Tide and Downy and of course...
When the Bounce Dryer Bar came out, I just HAD to check it out!

Talk about LOVING it!
I even told my brother that he needed to get it.. For nothing else, the ease of it.. Have you tried the Bounce Dryer Bar? It is so simple.. Place it in your dryer... (It sticks to the inside)
Then, you no longer need to remember the dryer sheets... Nor do you need to worry about finding it and throwing it away when you are hanging up your clothes!
How do you know when you need a new one?
Simple, the bar fades over time and you then know it is ready to be REPLACED!

Did you know that you can currently buy a "retro package" of all the great P & G products you have grown to love?
That is right, currently at TARGET, (while supplies last) you can purchase a special edition package... In the…

Visine - Tired Eye - Review

If this is not something that we ALL could use, I am not sure what is!
I know that my eyes get tired of being on the computer so much.Not to mention when I am playing on my phone.
I was happy to know that Visine has now made, Visine Tired Eye Relief.
From their site: Product DescriptionProvides relief of burning, irritated, dry eyesSoothes and revives tired, overworked eyesFormulated with advanced HYDROBLEND® Moisturizers for up to 10 hours of comfort
UsesFor the temporary relief of burning, irritation, and discomfort due to dryness of the eye or exposure to wind or sunFor protection against further irritation

I have been using it in the afternoon when I am not on the computer, but I know I will be using it more once we are at the pool all the time. Think about it: Being in the pool. Being in the sun. All the pollutants/wind heading my way... I noticed that when I put the drops in, it is like a bit of relief has been dropped in. It is nice and soothing, not a burst of cool like some, but just moi…

Affresh - "The Odor Stops Here." Review and Giveaway

Our washing machine keeps having this funky smell.There is really no other way to put it. Sometimes the clothes smell a bit funky, other times, it is not so noticeable. It does not matter the type of laundry detergent... It just smells... Well, FUNKY.
I have heard of all sorts of tricks to make the smell disappear, but I don't know. Then, I heard about this company of cleaners, Affresh. I thought that they just made a washing machine cleaner... I was wrong. They also make dishwasher/garbage disposal cleaners as well.
I wanted to give it a try... I read on their site that they not only cover up the odor... They eliminate it!
TheAffresh Washing Machine Cleaner is "proven to penetrate, dissolve, remove or reduce odor causing residue from your washer." It was really simple to use too, just throw the tablet in and go!
Now, I have not noticed the odor as strong as it once was... Marc has not mentioned it at all, so it might just be in my head now... In my opinion, SCORE one for the Affresh …