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Small Talk Six on Saturdays

As I was checking out all of the blogs I follow, I came across this pretty fun meme from suzy q homemaker.
With so much going on in my life, this was a great one to do!

Today’s topic is “6 things you’ll miss (or won’t miss) about summer.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc
The 6 things I will miss about summer:
1. My husband - With him being in Afghanistan, it really stinks. Although he was training alot, he was still in the states... Then, we got to spend a little time with him before he headed over there... So, yes! I miss him the most.
2. The first couple months of my sweet bundle of joys life - I have to say, being a mommy is wonderful! I sit and wonder how in the world did I get so lucky to have such a great husband and such a sweet baby? Granted, I love watching him grow up and it is amazing how much he changes from day to day, but in the beginning when he just played and slept... I miss him being so little!
3. My kid brother - Although he isn't a "kid" anymore, he will ALWAYS be my little brother. He now has his own apartment and I guess is such a social butterfly that he has NO TIME AT ALL for his big sister...
4. My twenties - Ha! Ha! Yep, I am now the big 30! It really doesn't bother me... because no matter what, I am always younger than my hubby! It just seems so much more "grown up" now; Married, Baby, 30.
5. The smell of the sun and fresh cut grass - yes, I know you still cut your grass when it isn't summer time, but the smell of it seems better in the summer!
6. The excitement of the boys in preparation for summer camp - They all got to go to Operation Purple Camp this year. It is a Week long summer camp just for children of the military. They were SO EXCITED about going... I'm not going to lie, I never went to summer camp, so I think I was just as excited as they were!
Well, I hope you will add a few to what you will miss about summer!
Go check out momdot and join in with us!


Still learning

Today was a good day!
Let me tell you how it started..
Broxton woke up around 6:45-7:00
We got up and played, ate breakfast and played some more!
Then it was time for a quick nap before we went to get the 6 month picture taken.
Well, I was rocking Broxton to get him to take his nap (he FIGHTS SLEEP like nothing I have ever seen!) In the middle of rocking him, he let out the LOUDEST BURP...
At that point, all the food he has EVER eaten in his WHOLE LIFE came out..
All in my hair, all over my shirt, all DOWN my shirt..
Okay, forget this!
Time to get another shower! I put him in the living room and went to get a quick shower, time was starting to run out of naptime before the pictures!
I got a quick shower and then he took a nap...
A whole 30 minutes!
Yeah, so we went to SEARS, I have to say, Amber takes his pictures and she is GREAT!
I spent more money than I wanted (as always!)
We came home for lunch...
Then we went to go to Wal-Mart for a few things..
But GUESS what?!
We got to talk to daddy for a few minutes!
Talk about a great surprise!
I really am a lucky person!
My husband is wonderful and our baby is the most precious thing!
After we talked to Daddy, we went to Wal-Mart and then came home..
Pretty uneventful, but getting to talk to daddy was all we wanted anyways!!!

Keep all of our military in your prayers!


Random thoughts.. and a quick update

So, lets see where to start..
I FINALLY bought Broxton a highchair!
Of course, my luck would have it..
I bought it on Friday and then see in the Sunday Sales Paper that it is now on sale for $20.00 cheaper! I'm not going to lie... I sure enough went to customer service and asked for the difference! I told her that I had my receipt, but if that wouldn't work, I would go home and bring the highchair back! :) She said to give her the receipt and she would give me the difference!
Needless to say, that $20.00 went right back to Target.... ON DIAPERS!
I was pretty happy that I noticed the sale and made the difference count!

Over the weekend...
We moved Ashton into his first apartment..
Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday he was just a little one... and now.. he is THE TYPICAL kid brother... I know I said "whatever" alot, but I think he just may beat me on it once it is all said and done! Sometimes I wonder about that kid, but no matter what... He is going places! Mark my word on that... Not sure what yet, but you will hear about him... IN A GOOD WAY!

What else is new?
Broxton has his first tooth coming in!
I tell you what, he changes so much from day to day!
It makes me so happy to be a mom to such a sweet baby boy. But at the same time, it just KILLS me that Marc has to miss all of this! Luckily though, we are able to talk on webcam and he gets to see him! Broxton is trying to learn to crawl.. He keeps going backwards, but he tries!
I was able to put the webcam on the ground and let Marc see it..
Speaking of Marc seeing..
Broxton and Papa have "popsicle" time...
Well, I recorded it for Marc to see...
When I finally got to show him, he was so happy! Marc was smiling SO BIG! He sat up close to the computer and it was great to get to see him so happy seeing our sweet boy!
I have been recording Broxton so we can mail it to Marc, but I have to admit... I have not figured out how to dump it onto the computer so that I can burn a disc... That is my next project...
(and we ALL know how I am with projects!)

As we all know from the news, Afghanistan is pretty busy these days... To put it mildy..
Please keep Marc ( as well as all the members of the military and thier families) in your prayers... I know that the journey is going to be a long and trying one, but WE WILL make it!

I hope you all enjoy my blog...
I plan to talk about all kinds of things!

Hope you have a happy day!!!
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