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Kidz Bop 23 - Out Now!

I can not lie...  I was super excited to get the latest Kidz Bop 23
I know, yes... I am in my 30's... but it is so much easier to listen to the popular songs on here... (that has kids singing it, so it makes it even cuter!) than to listen and cross my fingers that they will not have the profanity in the song that we are listening too!
Broxton has several songs that he loves to hear over and over again...

This makes it easier...
Top it off that I have a slight "obsession" with the song, "I CRY" and I love hearing it a couple times more than I should!   Once again, as we listened to the Kidz Bop CD, I noticed that there were several songs on there that I loved, I just had no clue the name of it... Well, now I do!!!

Kidz Bop 23:
1- Good Time
2- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
3- As Long As You Love Me
4- Want U Back
5- Everybody Talks
6- Let's Go
7- Locked Out of Heaven
8- Wide Awake
9- Live While We're Young
10- Diamonds
11- Too Close
12- Let Me Love You
13- Some Nights
14- I Cry
15- Home
16- Gangnam Style

Now that you know about the new CD release...
Kidz Bop 23 is holding an AWESOME contest for a dream vacation...
Head on over and read all about it..
As of today, February 1, 2013.. the website says there is only ONE DAY left to enter...

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Make a Splash: A Kids Guide

When I saw one of the latest books from Free Spirit publishing, Make a Splash : A Kid's Guide to Protecting Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands, I was excited to get this... as I would love to work with Broxton to protecting our environment.

The book arrived and he automatically wanted to "read" it.
I will admit, this is an elementary level book,  so "reading" it to Broxton is above his head at this point...   We did look through the book at the pictures and talk about what all we saw.  There has been times where he has gone and picked the book up and flipped through it on his own, but as far as reading it...   we are not quite there yet.

If you have a child that is in elementary school, this would be a great book for yall to work on reading together and trying to help save the environment... one person at a time.. that is really all it takes!!!

I love how this book shows that kids of all ages can really make an impact...
"Little" observances such as a leaky faucet that needs to be brought to an adults attention can waste up to 150 gallons of water a day... This book reminds everyone that until the leak can be fixed, you can use the water that is being leaked to deal with other needs... watering plants or other water needs...   
I also enjoyed that the "Kids in Action" are not only from the United States, but they are also from places such as Turkey and Japan.  We need everyone to realize that the issues of water conservation are not only things that affect us at home, but it is also a global movement that we all can partake in! 

We have enjoyed flipping through the book (and learning facts along the way!)
I just know that when Broxton gets older, this will be a great tool to help with explaining things to him... and this book will also beneficial with school projects too and community involvement! 

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Get Moving With Ella Jenkins

We were sent a new CD for us to enjoy and I thought it was great...
Since Broxton is in school right now, I sent it in to let his teacher use it... but I know we will be getting plenty of use out of it this summer!!!
The problem with us and CDs is that we don't have a CD player in the house...

The day that Get Moving with Ella Jenkins arrived, I put it in the car as soon as we were in there...
We listened to it, but it really isn't a car CD, it is a CD to get moving, not sit and listen! 

Ella Jenkins has a great time on her CD and you can feel it as soon as you hear it.
With Get Moving, you immediately want to get up and follow the rules to her songs!

There are songs we all know, such as London Bridges and One Potato, Two Potato... but then there are new (at least to me) songs such as Teddy Bear and Did You Feed My Cow...
I loved that Get Moving teaches so much more than just to get up and move.
First of all, you have to learn to listen.
She gives directions as to what you are to do... be it movement or saying /singing things...
You also have to learn to count...
You will pick up the learning of rhythm as you clap to the beat! 
The best was when she is working with kids on pronouns... Looks like I need to head back to school, as I was worried we were going to have a pop quiz on nouns, adverbs and the likes.. (No worries, I am okay to go... for now!)

I did end up sending this in with Broxton to let his teacher enjoy it for the time being..
With all the kids having colds (and the weather being so iffy here) it has been fun for them to enjoy this in the class when running around outside wasn't the best idea.  His teacher says the class has loved it so far... and it still gets them active and getting their energy out, without them all running and coming in coughing after playtime!

If you are looking for a fun way to get your kids up and moving on the days you are stuck inside, I recommend checking this out!!!!
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On the Job With Bubble Guppies

Broxton has decided to LOVE Bubble Guppies.
Well, let me back up for half a second...
Broxton watched a couple episodes of Bubble Guppies and seemed that they were pretty cool... Then, I noticed my sister make a comment on facebook about how she loved the Bubble Puppy... Luckily, I knew what she was talking about, since we had recently started watching the show...
That was when it turned into love... I noticed more and more that he would request the Bubble Guppie DVD when he was allowed to choose one... it was meant to be.

I think Gil and Molly are my favorites (maybe because they are the "leaders" ) but Broxton has said his favorite is Goby!!!   We were sent the latest Bubble Guppies DVD, On The Job. 
I thought it was cute as it follows the Bubble Guppies on different career paths... We get to see the sports field, a firefighter, work in a restaurant ... and many others along the way!  My personal favorite was the restaurant one.. Maybe because I did it for so long, but it was cute and had me laughing!!!
Bubble Guppies: On The Job! Episode Synopses:
Join Team Guppies to explore bouncing, throwing, catching, and all kinds of ball games as everyone practices and prepares for their big game of Fishketball! 

Build Me a Building!
It’s going to be the best doghouse EVER! But before Bubble Puppy can move into his new doggy digs, the Bubble Guppies have to build it – and learn about construction too.

The Grumpfish Special!
Join the Bubble Guppies at their restaurant as they wait tables, cook food, and serve their most difficult customer yet. Can anything on the menu get Mr. Grumpfish grinning?

Call a Clambulance!
When Oona’s friend Avi breaks a bone in his tail, he needs to visit the doctor. Mr. Grouper helps the Guppies learn that it’s a doctor’s job to make everyone feel better.

Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!
When a fire-breathing dragon threatens to burn down the Bubble Guppies’ royal kingdom, it’s Firefighter Gil and his water-breathing dragon to the rescue!

A Tooth on the Looth!
Deema has a loose tooth, and when it falls out, she’ll get a visit from the Tooth Fairy! Until then, the Bubble Guppies have lots to discover about dentists and healthy smiles.

This DVD will be available for purchase on February 5,2013.
This would be a cute Valentines gift for your little one... or a great just because gift!!!

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Great Gift Year-round @consciousbox

With Valentines quickly approaching, there is no better time than now to get a subscription to Conscious Box.  Conscious Box is a monthly gift box subscription that is sure to put a smile on the recipient. 
I have to admit, I am not "green" so many of the products are new to me, but in that sense, it is nice to learn about the different companies out there these days.

Let me tell you the things I love about the box:
Up first, I love the cute packaging... If you know anything about me, packaging is a big deal.  From books and movies to food and beauty products... I notice! 
The Conscious Box comes in a plain brown box... that has a cute diamond cut on the top. They place a postcard with an awesome photo on top so that it shows through the cut out.. that way, when you open your box, you see it first.  The backside of the postcard has a note from Conscious Box. 
They also include an actual post card that you can send to someone... or at least change out the card in the top of the box... 
The box is full of all sorts of products.
The last one we received was full of great goodies:  A glass straw (I actually LOVE this, as we go through plenty of them in this house.. talk about a small step to make a BIG difference!) bath products, food yumminess and even coupons to try out more of the products that were included in the box... as well as information of the products included! 

Each Conscious Box is $19.95 a month... that includes shipping!
Head on over and see what monthly subscription you are interested in getting... (They have  monthly, 3 month or 6 month plans!) Oh, don't let me forget to mention that you can also choose the regular gift box, or their gluten free or vegan box!
Make sure you like them on facebook too!
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Creatively Say I Love You

This is a guest post.   I just thought it was full of great ideas and wanted to share with you! 

9 Creative Ways to Help Kids Say I Love You
by Susan Marcus

Got a tactile-learner? A kid who loves to dance? Or maybe your child really loves color? While every child has a constellation of Sensory Alphabet strengths (shape, color, movement and sound are just a few), your child probably has one or two that really stand out that you notice in his or her artwork or in elements of his or her collections and activities. Valentine’s Day crafts provide ways for parents to nurture these strengths and help kids say I love you in fun creative ways. Below are craft ideas designed for each element of the Sensory Alphabet.


SHAPE: Is your child’s art always full of shapes? Cut out cookies! Make the process easier and faster by using dough from the grocery store refrigerator case. Find imaginative cookie cutters and combine shapes and words to say I love you in new ways.

SOUND: Let sound-oriented kids make a Valentine’s wind chime with metal, glass and wooden craft store finds. Throw in everyday household items like bowls and plates to create loving symphony.

COLOR: Make "stained glass" cookies with color-loving kids, using bread stick dough. Shape it to make the "leading" on a cookie sheet topped with foil. Use crushed colored sugar candies in the spaces, cook at 350 degrees and let the candies melt. Let cool before peeling off the foil. Experiment with the colors and explore what else can represent love besides red.

MOVEMENT: Have your kids spell out the letters of "I Love You" with their bodies, and then take pictures. These can be used to create a sweet card or frame.

LIGHT: Appoint the light-loving child as the official photographer for holiday events. A lesson in digital app photo editing (PhotoPad is free for the iPad) or in designing digital slideshows or print-on-demand books puts this creative eye into action.

TEXTURE: Make a Valentine’s card that focuses on touch rather than sight. Use bows, ribbons, homemade tassels and other textured embellishments. Feathers and sponge-and-paint prints are fun to cover things with.

SPACE: For little builders, create a giant heart using recycled boxes wrapped in plain paper or Popsicle sticks. Decorate it with stickers, markers, doilies and colored paper. When it’s done create a set of keys, and have your child give them to family and loved ones.

RHYTHM: With your rhythm kid, fill small glass jars (such as baby food jars or small jelly jars) with a tablespoon of different shake-able items such as beans, rice, red-and-green beads, and metal washers. Decorate the lids with foil tied around the tops and stickers for patterns. Shake along to Valentine’s songs.

LINE: A linear thinker loves stories. Put him or her to work making handmade Valentine’s books using photos that tell a story about the great love stories in your family. Start with folded paper with a construction paper cover, hole-punched and tied with string or stitched down the center on the sewing machine for the binding.

Matching a creative thinking strength to the right set of materials and a fun challenge can make it more fun -- and help your child build from his or her strengths.

By Susie Monday, educator and artist and co-author of The Missing Alphabet, A Parents’ Guide to Developing Creative Thinking in Kids, with Susan Marcus and Dr. Cynthia Herbert. http:/


Kim from RHOA Signing In Atlanta!!!

You all KNOW how much I love celebrities...
So, I had to share this with you:
Because if I was into any of the Real Housewives of Wherever...
I would totally be heading to Kroger to meet Kim!!!!
(Although I am tempted to go, just to say I did... I have several friends that are OBSESSED, so it would be a great conversation piece!)

So - if you are in or near Atlanta... and you love RHOA, then I have a great event for you!!!!!

** I was not required to post this, I just did so that if any of you were fans, you would know!  You know I love ya!!!!

Disney Sneak Peeks for the Big Game...

During the pregame to the BIG GAME this Sunday... Keep your eyes peeled..

The Lone Ranger has a Sneak Peek... Yep, Johnny Depp.. That is enough right there to get some women watching!

Another Sneak Peek for us?  Oz The Great and Powerful.

Show Them The Love With Hallmark Valentines #Giveaway

If you have been here before, you know that I love Hallmark.  I love the cards, I love the products, I love their movies and for sure... I love their commercials.
With Valentines Day approaching, I new Hallmark would be on my mind.
Let me be honest here and say that I could spend HOURS just reading cards in the card aisle of the stores... Yep, I get that from my mom!
I remember growing up waking up on Valentines Day...
There would be a card from my parents and then a thing of chocolate or some other Valentines gift.
As a mom to my sweet baby boy, I knew that I wanted to have that be something fun for him as well.
That was why I was so excited to receive the review items from Hallmark.

(Get excited, because one lucky reader will win a Prize pack similar to the one I received for review!) 
Our package was full of love and I can not wait to see Broxtons face!!!
Up first was their
Until We Hug Again bear. 
This little bear is so cute!  I love it because Broxton is at the age where he really misses Marc when he is not here... First of all, Marc works such weird hours so that makes it difficult for Broxton to know when he is home or when he is working... Then you add to it that he has his once a month military drill.  Broxton understands that daddy is at work, but he still misses him.  With the Until We Hug Again Bear, it isn't going to replace Marc, but at least he can hug it and hear Marc's voice.  (Personally, I would have loved this to have had when Marc was deployed... I had Marc record a message on my phone and I would play it over and over for Broxton to hear his voice.  It was a lifesaver at times, as it would be the only thing to calm him)  The bear is so soft and I love that it has where you can lock the message.. but you can also go back and change it later if you want...
Oh, the highlight for me?  If the batteries start to die, no worries... you will not lose your message!!!!

The next item we received did leave me wondering for a few minutes. 
They are called Child Card Presenters.
I will admit, I was a bit confused for a bit...
I saw it was a card, but I could not understand the front of it..
Once I paid attention, it made sense... It is a single card (think, not folded, more like a note card) that is tucked into a "card presenter" that is an adorable felt type material.  I know with Broxton he loves pockets and different things to hold knick knacks and other treasures... This is so cute, because once he reads the card, he can use the card presenter to keep all of his different treasures in!!!

Finally, as with Hallmark that I love so much...
I was sent a couple of their cute cards!  I can not say that I have ever been disappointed with any of the Hallmark cards, so I can excitedly say that they are still on track with presenting us with great quality! 

Now, go ahead and enter so that you can win a prize pack too!
(Due to the dates of the contest, this is not guaranteed to arrive before Valentines day. ) 

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Are You Sentimental? (& I want TinkerToys!)

I was emailing with my friend, Alissa and brought up the "sentimental" things in life..
She had posted a picture of her son playing with TinkerToys that were hers (or her siblings) when she was little and it made me think about my things...
My mom LOVES keeping things of sentimental value... BUT----
She did not keep any of my toys from when I was little. 
Yes, she has some of my baby items, but that is about it...
Granted, I do not have a daughter to play with them, if I did have keepsakes... but that isn't the point.
I don't think she has many items of my brothers either. 
I know that not too long ago he cleaned out his closet and gave a big bag of "stuff" to Broxton. 
He said to either let him have it, or to throw it away... but he did not want it.

I told him whenever he were to get married that his wife might like to have some of his items to pass down to their kids.. but being 23, it did not phase him at all.
My grandmother gave Broxton several toys that were things my brother played with over the years..
I want to try and keep some to give to my brother (once again, whenever he has kids...) but I wonder if he would even care... Probably not..
Several of the toys have seen better days and need to be thrown away,  but Broxton just LOVES playing with them and doesn't notice they are broken...

I will tell you one thing... My brother did keep most of his Hotwheels/Matchbox cars... Broxton loves to play with them when we visit my parents, but he also gave some of them to Broxton.  As Broxton pulled them out to play with them, I noticed one in particular that I could totally remember my brother playing with... Is it wrong that I put it up so that I could one day give it to my brother? 
Yep, I never even let Broxton see it, it was picked up so fast.

My parents gave Broxton a set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas.  He has enjoyed playing with them and he was even able to get my dad down on the ground to play with him... My brother says he played with them tons as a child... I hate to say I don't remember it, but he says it (and my parents agreed)  You see, these jokers stand the test of time.. So, I wonder why my parents never kept things like this to pass along to their grandkids...
My grandmother kept my dads old ARMY men... and gave them to my brother... Once again, Broxton loves playing with them.. and its so awesome to me to see my son playing with something that once belonged to his granddaddy...

Do you keep toys to pass down to your grandkids?
I am not saying keep everything, but I do plan on keeping some things (at least the ones that stand the years of Broxton) to pass on to his kids...
What about you?


Wooby and Peep - Opposites DO Attract

Last weeks take home letter from Broxton's school put an extra large smile on my face.
It was a letter telling the parents they were kicking off their reading program for the school.
Basically, the parents keep a log of the books they read with their child and send it in.
They have a goal set up for each class to read 200 books.
I think that is a very easy number to reach, as we love to read! 

The day that the letter came home, we read 4 books that night before bed.
Broxton is at the stage where he LOVES to read... We read a couple books through the day, but we for sure read books at night before we go to bed.  I love that time and I love that he loves to read.  His teacher even commented on the fact that he loves "reading" while at school.

We were sent a new book from Sterling Publishing... Wooby and Peep by Cynthea Liu.
I loved this book, as it really opens up to show us that although people might be totally different, you can always make friends...  Even in unusual circumstances! 
In Wooby and Peep, Peep moves next door to Wooby.  Wooby reminds me of my mom, as Wooby has certain ways and does not really seem to like change.  Peep on the other-hand totally reminded me of ME ...  Always looking to have fun and maybe trying to make people happy. 
Well, Peep throws a party for the neighborhood, you know... a way to make friends with the neighbors. 
The thing is, the neighborhood is a very quiet neighborhood and no one is really up for the change with Peep moving in and being loud... Especially Wooby, since Peep now lives right next door! 
Throughout the book, Wooby is constantly being mad at Peep and all Peep seems to be doing is trying to be friends, but actually making things worse...
In the end, Wooby sees that Peep was just trying to be a great friend and that was something he needed.  You don't have to be just alike to get along... Opposites DO Attract!!!
We both loved this book and were so excited to be able to add this to the list of books we have read. 
I can not wait to add more books to our list! (We already sent in our first 10!)

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