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Nelle & Lizzy - WINNER

Thank you
The winner of the Nelle & Lizzy Gift Certificate is comment # 13

happyenchilada said...
commented on March 12th Aloha Friday!

MARCH 15, 2010 11:55 AM

Congrats! Let me know what you end up getting!
Thank you to Nelle & Lizzy for the contest!

Hope everyone has a great weekend...

Also, mothers day is not to far away, why not get a beautiful piece of jewelry from Nelle and Lizzy ? Or a gift certificate for her to pick it out herself?
Just a thought....

aloha friday - disney

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things...

On to my Aloha Friday Question...
I want to start a DISNEY DVD library for Broxton...
Where would you recommend buying Disney DVD'S for the least amount of money?
Also, what are the "Must have's"?


As for me...
It all started when Marc wanted to talk about Toy Story, and I had to tell him I had not seen it...

W W - Harley Davidson

Hey guys!
I am BACK!!!
Well, sorta back... Trying to clean and get somewhat organized from the last couple weeks... It has been wonderful having Marc home. ( Although, I am NOT enjoying Broxton being a daddy's boy and forgetting all about mama!)
I know that this is a short post, but hey... It is WW after all!!
Just wanted to show you what Marc rewarded himself with... I figure, he served his country, he deserves something! LOL
We picked it up... THE DAY HE LANDED!!!

and yep, I do realize that today is Tuesday...
My computer is ALL messed up, so although it was supposed to be a scheduled post, it posted anyways... LOL, Guess I am early for a change!

Joy of Soap - Winner

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the Joy of Soap Contest. ( I will be blogging about that later!)But... HERE WE GO:
Using, we have a winner:
Comment 161 is the winner!!!!
G-Zell said...I follow your blog :) at gmail dot com

Don't forget to enter the Nelle and Lizzy Giveaway!