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Hey Kid, What's Cookin? 4 Ingredients - Kids

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Halloween is over, so I can go ahead and start talking about Christmas, right?
If you know someone who loves to cook with their kids... or if you know someone who has a kid that wants to cook with them (that is more our case, Broxton always wants to help... but he is wanting to use the knives and what not, like he is doing Hibachi!)
We were sent the book, 4 Ingredients Kids for review and I am excited that this is all easy enough items that Broxton just might get his wish to help me more sooner than we thought!  

This book includes:
What's 4 Brekky?
Snack Attack
What's 4 Lunch?
What's 4 Dinner?
Homemade Takeout
What's 4 Dessert?
Party Time

I loved the way they started this book.. The introduction tells us that we are getting ready to learn 80 easy recipes!!!   Top that off with the fact that they all have kids in mind... yeah, we are doing great there!
I LOVED reading :  " Teaching our kids how to eat well and how to cook should't be a chore - it's a gift."
We are then introduced to a glossary of cooking terms that not everyone is familiar with (or at least not familiar with how to go about doing.)    After that....  SAFETY and HYGIENE tips, plus Healthy Habits !!!  
Oh yeah.. this is a "smart book"... meaning you can download an app for even more stuff... If you see a certain image, you can click (once you download the app) and have digital content!

I thought the recipes were easy enough to make... and I loved that they included pictures for them... 
Each page has a recipe with the photo on the opposite page...  also, its not just a photo of the food, but they set the scene too...
Take the dinosaur eggs:  (coconut, apricots and condensed milk...   )
But the photo of the dinosaur eggs has a couple plastic dinosaurs in the photo with it!
Lunch has great idea's like baby blt's ... dinner has popeye's pie... dessert had banana splitz and party time had partysicles!!!  This book is full of great looking meals and easy to follow directions!
I believe it would be a great gift idea for someone with kids!  (Even grandparents would like this to get fun  ideas of how to cook with their grandkids!)

SI for Kids - Top Dogs #ChristmasCountdown

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If you are looking for a hilarious book, Sports Illustrated for Kids - Top Dogs is just the ticket!!!  This book had me laughing as soon as I saw the cover and on each page, I caught myself grinning... 

This book has sports facts, but it is mixed in with dog loving information to... 
Babe Ruff?  Michael Stray-han?  
It is so funny... and since Broxton wants a dog... (and we aren't getting one any time soon,) this is the closest to it...
Top Dogs also includes:
·         Best in Show: From legendary golfer Arnold Palmeranian, to Hockey star Wayne Fetchzky, these pups stand as the all-time great [Danes] in their sport.

·         Underdogs: Boston College phenom QB Pug Flutie and NBA short-man Nate Slobberson have proven they can still hang in the dog house.

·         Hot Dogs: Known for their distinguishing looks, these pups always stay well groomed. Olympic snowboarder Bichon White and NFL Linebacker Troy Poodle-malu would agree.

Although I really enjoyed each page, I really liked how they had the dog and then the athlete pictures side by side at the end, just in case your brain was taking a break and you could not figure out what dog was who....
I can't wait till he unwraps this book on our Christmas Countdown!!!
I know we will all be laughing... 


SI - Top 10 Everything In Sports #ChristmasCountdown

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Glad you decided to come back and see what other books are going to be in my Christmas Countdown!  This one is for the sports lover in us all...  I can't say just boys or dads, as I know many girls and moms that love sports as much as or MORE than their husbands/sons!  
The latest book?  Sports Illustrated Kids : The Top 10 of Everything in Sports!  


The Top 10 Lists: 
Championship Games
Signature Looks
Unbelievable Moments
Strongest Arms
Sports Movies
Controversial Calls
Greatest Athletes
Little Guys
Big Guys
Clutch Performances
Jersey Numbers
Old Folks
Multi-Sports Athletes
Sporting Events
Working in a sports bar for right at 10 years, this was a super fun book for me!
It is filled full of the information that makes it a great read, but the photos? Well, lets just say I remember several of them from when they happened, but also tons were from seeing it on the TV all the years of my working days.  
I think for me, I really enjoyed the top 10 celebrations the most.  It was just super fun and I will admit, I spent time trying to guess the top 10's before looking to see what made the cut.  I know Broxton will enjoy reading this with my dad....

So, if you have a sports fan in the house...
Grab a copy of this to go under your tree this year!!


Pizza Month & Classico #Giveaway

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We love pizza in our house and never really need an excuse to eat it... 

Imagine my surprise when I found out that October was National Pizza Month!!!
I have to admit, I do not think in all my years of living that I have ever made a pizza at home.  
We normally just buy one and go on about our business.  Luckily for me, we had a chance to review the pizza sauce from Classico ( We LOVE their pasta sauce!)  so what better day to make a pizza than today?!

First up, huge thanks to Classico for the great box full of goodies for us:

Image Credit: N. Vision Photography
The highlight of this box was the pizza sauce assortment that we were sent.  There was the traditional pizza sauce, then they also included the Fire Roasted Pizza Sauce and their not yet released White Pizza Sauce.
Image Credit: N. Vision Photography
Broxton was so excited when I told him we would be making pizza at home...
He loves when he gets to help me cook, although he enjoys eating everything while he is helping!

First up, we went with a classic pizza.
I bought the store bought dough, pepperoni, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and cheese.
I let Broxton help with spreading the sauce.... and we all learned that daddy is not a fan of much sauce, he wanted the least amount possible...   Broxton (and I) kept wanting to add just a touch more, but daddy thought it was perfect.    I spread the veggies out and then let Broxton help me with placing the pepperoni on there... I think he did great, if I do say so myself!!!!
Helping spread the delicious Classico Traditional Pizza Sauce.

Quality control.  He had to try it out to make sure it was just the right flavor!!!
Once we had the pizza made, I decided that I wanted to try and make something else...
I was dying to make something with the white sauce...
So, I grabbed a thing of crescent rolls, grilled chicken, smoked cheese, garlic and onions...
I tried to do the cute little roll ups that I have seen people make, but it was just not meant to be... 
Chef, I am not...
I tell you though... they both tasted great...  just not the best looking... 

Finished White Pie Concoction.

The traditional sauce was great, as if there was any doubt!
I do have to say, I loved the flavor of the white pizza sauce, but I was expecting it thicker and creamier and it was a bit to runny for what I expected.  (We decided to dip the white pie into the sauce, versus trying to add it to the roll up.  

Now, who wants to grab a free classico product coupon?
Easy entry... just fill out the rafflecopter form:

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Time for Kids - Big Book of Why #ChristmasCountdown

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Yesterday, I shared that I wanted to do a book countdown for Christmas (credit goes to wherever I saw it online to start with, I can not remember now where it was)
The book yesterday was also from Time for Kids...  It was X Why Z ...   (geared for kids 4-6 years old, although I enjoyed reading it myself... I always knew I was a kid at heart!)
Today, Time for Kids - Big Book of Why : Crazy, Cool and Outrageous.
I can not seem to seem to find an age on this one, so I am not sure what age it is geared to.

All I do know is that it is pretty crazy, cool and outrageous!!!! 
Human Body - Body Parts, Body Systems, Senses, Emotions, Gross Stuff, Diseases
Animals - In the Wild, Reptiles, Scary!, Birds, Sea Life, Friendly!, Insects
Nature - Weather, Disasters, Plants You Eat,Plants You Don't, Ecology
Earth- The Globe, Landforms, Geology, The Poles, Oceans
Space - Our Sun and Moon, Planets, Stars and Beyond, Comets and Meteors, Space Travel, Aliens
Science- Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Tricks of Light, Science at Home
Technology- Computers, Communications, Medicine, Robots, Engineering, Space
Transportation - Aircraft, Automobiles, Land Craft, Watercraft, Underwater, Unusual   Vehicles
U.S. History- Native Americans, Early Settlers, Revolutionary Times, The Civil War,         The Age of  Inventions, World War II, The Space Race, 1950's 1960's 1970's, 
World History- Seven Wonders, Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, Central and South America,  Asian History, Middle Ages, Explorers
World Culture- Government, Language, Money and Stamps, Customs, Celebrations
Arts & Media - Movies, TV, Internet, Books, Music, Fine Arts, 
Sports & Games - The Olympics, Baseball, Football, Basketball, More Sports, Fun and Games

I really enjoyed flipping through this book as well!
It was a great (and very fun) read for me and I can not wait to play a trivia game of sorts with the boys when they come!    I will say this, I learned that in Japan, May 5th is Children's Day...   They raise carp flags and fly carp kites...  (The carp is a fish that swims upstream.  It represents strength and determination.)  I think this is awesome and wish we had s fun holiday like that here...  Do we?
This book is full of great information and wonderful photography to go along with the questions.

Sample questions and answers and crazy, cool and outrageous facts include:

Human Body
Q. Why do I have nightmares?
A. Nightmares are just scary dreams. You might get them because your body is relieving stress, you are ill or you experienced something scary when you were awake.

Q. Why are so many people afraid of spiders?
A. We’re not born afraid of spiders. It’s something we learn. Some scientists think humans are naturally worried about animals that move quickly, as spiders do, and the fact that some spiders are poisonous certainly adds to the fear factor.

Outrageous!: Flowers are supposed to smell sweet, right? Well, don’t get a whiff of the massive Titan arum. This plant, which only flowers every four to six years, smells like rotting meat!

Q. Why are oceans blue?
A. Beauty – and color – is in the eyes of the beholder. The light we see is made of many colors at once. Ocean water absorbs colors like red and orange, but blue wavelengths are reflected, making the ocean appear to be blue. Other colors in the sea come from plants, dirt and pollution.

Cool!: Sometimes the sun shoots out massive amounts of magnetic energy, called solar flares. They can influence the weather on Earth, disturb radio communications, damage satellites and even cause temporary electrical blackouts.

Q. Why do people cry when they cut onions?
A. Cutting onions releases a gas that mixes with the water that’s naturally in our eyes. Together, they form an irritating chemical. Our eyes produce tears to wash it away.

Crazy!: If there are aliens out in space, they could listen to radio shows from long ago. TV and radio signals are still traveling through space, as are cell phone calls.

World Culture: 
Q. Why do some countries still have kings and queens?
A. Until the late 1700s, nearly every nation was led by royalty. Since then, however, most nations that were run by monarchs have turned to a more democratic system. In Britain, for example, the kings and queens were powerful rulers until the Reform Bill of 1832. Now the royal family performs mainly ceremonial duties.

Sports & Games: 
Q. How did the game Marco Polo get its name?
A. The popular pool game of tag is named for Italian explorer Marco Polo, who visited China and other parts of the Far East in the 1200s. There’s a story that he got lost in the desert in China and only found his fellow travelers by yelling his own name.

I think this is going to be a great book for the boys to open and explore during our Christmas Countdown!  
If you have a curious kid, I say look into getting this book! 


Auto-Correct Killing You? Spelling Works May Help Out!!!

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I will be the first to admit that I am spoiled by technology... 
Just the other day, I was talking to someone about how much I depend on it... 
From a calculator to help me with math to my computer (or phone) to spell check words for me...  I know it is embarrassing and I honestly wonder what I am going to do when Broxton starts school... It honestly scares me... I just learned the other day that they have a whole new way of teaching math... a way I have no clue about and a way that says the thought process that I was taught is TOTALLY WRONG.  
Not to mention that my friend says they changed the name of a shape.  I think she said it was the diamond that was no longer... but it is now known as something totally different... How do you change things like that?!

Anyways, spelling... I thought I was pretty good at it, but these days, I am always second guessing myself.  I still have to write it out, I can NOT spell it in my head.  Hey, at least I am better than some friends, I am the one that some ask how to spell...

Well, I was able to review a book "Spelling Works" and I am pretty excited...  Meaning, I am a bit more confident that I will not be a total failure when it comes time to help Broxton.  This book says for Grades 5 and up... 
Image credit: Amazon
Spelling Works covers root words, prefixes, suffixes, the doubling rule for one-syllable words, the final silent E-rule, the final Y-rule, apostrophes in contractions, plurals and singular possessives, homophone demons, troublesome endings, how to divide words into syllables, stress and the schwa sound, and stingers.  The presentation of spelling concepts is done with amusing teasers, engaging questions, step-by-step explanations and continual review.  Th show that spelling is part of a larger language picture, there are interesting sidelights about word origins and the history of language.

The contents of the book:
Dividing Words Into Syllables
Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes
The Doubling Rule for One -Syllable Words
The Final Silent E Rule
The Final Silent y Rule
The I Before E Rule
Apostrophes in Contractions
Plurals and Singular Possessives
Singular and Plural Possessives
Homophone Demons
Troublesome Endings
Stress and the Schwa Sound

I will say it now, I was having a pretty good time relearning what I did all those years ago in class... For example - the I before E rule...
It tells you the rule, then gives you sentences and you have to see what is spelled correct or misspelled.  Then, they go over it again and include the I before E , except after C added to it... with even more practice sentences...   Even more practice sentences follow and more useful tips of information is included...  Finally, there is a maze... and you have to go through CORRECT spellings of the words to get to the end of the maze...
It was pretty fun to learn ... and then you are rewarded with a game (that is still teaching!)

I am excited for Broxton to be old enough for this...
If you have someone that is having trouble spelling, I say check this book out now!!!!

Christmas Time Is Coming Soon @ornamentslove

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Hope it isn't too soon to start posting Christmas things...   Because...   I love Christmas! There, I said it...  I know, Halloween hasn't happened yet, but you know...
Halloween and  Thanksgiving, they just fly by and then the next thing you know...
You know, there are only 8 more Wednesdays until the Big One... 

Anyways, I want to try and have traditions and make wonderful memories with all the boys...  So, a couple years ago, I thought it would be awesome to start a family ornament each year...  I normally wrap it up as a family gift and then they get all excited when I unwrap it and they see it is the newest one...  But this year, since we have a new house and we will be making new memories, I think I will just go ahead and put it on the tree... I am still not sure about that yet, but soon enough I will figure it out...   Hey, I am excited about Christmas, but that doesn't mean I have my tree up yet!!!!

So... this "family ornament" that we get each year?   It comes from Ornaments with Love... 
(Love the name, love their product!)  I love that Ornaments with Love has so many family ornaments to choose from, so I always start with clicking on the family link... I don't want to show the ornament that I chose, since I don't want to ruin the surprise for the boys... but I will show you what I almost went with:  

This would have been so cute for us since it was our first home... but...  I did not want to mess with tradition, so I picked out one that I thought would best symbolize our family... and the milestone of our new home...  The great thing about the family ones? You don't have to be a parent with kids...  You can make one for your grandparents, you can get one with your family and your pets... or if you are single, you can get one with just you and your pets..  ( I know people think their pets are their kids.. nothing wrong with that and Ornaments With Love wants to make sure you know that too!)

Head on over to see what all ornaments that they have that you might be needing for your tree...   I love the quality of their products... and I just love that the boys get excited looking at the tree to find the ornaments from each year!!!!  Not to mention - the personalization! They have tons and tons of ornaments, sure to fit whatever occasion you want to highlight...

Make sure you visit Ornaments With Love and remember to follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  

Do you do family ornaments at your house?  
Also, just to see...
When do you put up your tree??

Time for Kids - X Why Z #ChristmasCountdown

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With all the social websites these days, I am not sure where I saw it first... 
Facebook?  Pinterest?  Blog?  A random website?  

Anyways, I saw where parents were taking books...  YES BOOKS  and wrapping them up... 
Then, they did a countdown to Christmas and each night they let the kids unwrap a book.  
I love this idea... you know how much we love books here..
I have now decided that I want to try this with Broxton this year... and I think it will be fun with some of the books to have when his brothers are here!  

I will say, I have not decided if I am going to go with 25 books or just 12...   

I also have not decided the order of the books yet, so I am just going to share the books that will be included...  not all are Christmas related, so get ready!!!!
(You know I will post pictures of all of that soon enough!)  

Image Credit: Amazon

Up first:
If you have a little one, they might be into the questioning stage... I know Broxton is... 
I mean, everything...  "Why is that called that?"  "Why is that colored that color?"  Each day is something new...   So, as soon as I saw this title, I was excited...  I also think that this will be a fun book for him to read with his big brothers!  

In Time for Kids - X Why Z, we have a great arrangement of information:


Human Body
Earth and Space

Of course, I already took a quick sneak peek at the book...  I will tell you this, I am kind of wishing that I did not plan on holding this for his Christmas Countdown, as it is full of great information to some of the questions he already asks now..  

Sample questions and answers include:

Human Body
Q. Why do I get goosebumps?
A. Goosebumps help your skin keep warm. Your hair stands up to protect your skin from cold air. Each tiny hair makes one bump.

Q. Why do cats lick you?
A. Cats lick people to show they care. It’s like a mother cat cleaning her kitten.

Q. Why do tree leaves change color?
A. During the spring and summer, leaves are filled with green chlorophyll. The chlorophyll helps the trees make food, and it makes the leaves look green. In the colder fall weather, leaves lose their chlorophyll and show their bright colors.

Earth & Space:
Q. Why does the moon seem to change shape?
A. One side of the moon always faces the sun, and one side is always dark. Here on Earth, we can only see the part of the moon that is lit by the sun. For a few days every month, we see the whole lit side, and we call it a full moon. The rest of the month, we only see part of the lit side, so the moon looks smaller. When we can’t see any of the lit part, we call that a new moon.

Q. Why are school buses yellow?
A. Yellow is an easy color to see, even in bad weather. The bright color warns drivers to look out for children.

Q. Why do igloos keep people warm?
A. A house made of ice does not sound warm. But people who live in frozen places can make an igloo very comfortable. A fire can warm the small space, but it will not melt the ice walls. The igloo also blocks the freezing wind.

Q. Why did Egyptians make mummies?
A. Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death. They wanted to preserve their bodies for the next life. A mummy is a dead body that has been dried and wrapped in strips of linen cloth so that it will not rot.

I really enjoyed the book as far as the lay out.
The questions are big and bold.  The sections are color coded.  
They ask questions that kids normally ask... and they have awesome photographs to go along with the questions and answers!
I think all the boys (and daddy too)  will enjoy flipping through this book. I made myself stop so that I could enjoy it with Broxton and the boys at Christmas
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