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All Aboard The Circus Train!


Last night, we were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy taking Broxton to Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus at Philips Arena in Atlanta. Today is Broxton's birthday, so it was a birthday treat for him!

We got there early as we were not sure of traffic. That was fine, since we just hung out at CNN center and grabbed a bite to eat. Then...
Time for "The Greatest Show On Earth."

If you get there early, they have a Pre-Show where you can go down on the circus floor. We were some of the first ones in, so that worked out great...
We got to look around and then get to our seats before the crowd took over. The Pre-Show has lots of great things to enjoy.
You can get a Circus Tattoo.
Meet several of the Clowns!
Look up close (but not too close) at some of the animals. You can see several of the performers and even sign up to win a piece of "elephant art." (Grab a "clown nose" while you f…

My baby is growing up - Let Them Be Little - Billy Dean .flv

Two years ago today, my life was forever changed... I thought I knew love... but once I saw that baby boy... I knew... I never truly knew love until then. I am so honored to be Broxton's mommy. Happy Birthday baby!

Elmo Is My Homeboy! - TeeWit Review & Giveaway - EXTENDED

Extended until March 18th
We planned on going with an Elmo Theme for Broxton's Birthday... He LOVES Elmo and we found all these really cute cups for the party... (Which I bought...) The rest of this story will be saved for a future post...
Ha Ha Ha!
The point of that was to tell you about THE CUTEST shirt we got.
I was able to review a shirt from TeeWit. They have shirts for moms and dads... grandparents... Aunts and Uncles and of course the little one!
They are so cute... and oh so funny!
Did I mention that they are reasonably priced?!
If you are looking for a funny baby onesie, a cute toddler tee or a great shower gift... TeeWit has it!
Well, we narrowed it down to 2 shirts... Hey, Broxton was born in 2009... How cute! Elmo theme... kinda like a sign...
Needless to say, we went with the Elmo one... We ordered his shirt and it arrived quickly, ready for Broxton to enjoy at his party!

He wore it...
We loved it...
I say, success!

Now, which of you would like to win a shirt of your own?
The ge…

Valentine's Day is Over, but don't let the love stop! Post It Review

Although Valentine's Day was Monday, you do not have to let the sweet things end then.Who says Valentine's Day has to only be one day?
You don't have to bring Chocolate and Flowers home all the time... I know for me, a sweet note would be just as wonderful. What about you?
I was lucky enough to be able to review the Heart Shaped Post-It Dispenser.... Doesn't It just SCREAM "I LOVE YOU!"? They claim it is weighed down for easy one handed dispensing... Well, their claim is 100 % true!
This joker is for sure weighed down!
You can use it for a paper weight if you need to!
You can use this at your office, in your home office... Around your house... Think about putting one near the phone... Use it to jot a quick note to remember... Or to write a sweet note to make someone you love smile.
It is cute and simple to add a splash of color to any room...
Looking for an excuse to buy one?
Did you know that February is National Heart Health Awareness Month? Or... Mothers Day is not…

Laughing Pizza in Athens, Ga - THIS Saturday!

(Image taken from the Laughing Pizza Website)

Are you located IN or NEAR Athens, Georgia?
Who: Laughing Pizza (Mom, Dad and Daughter made up their own TV friendly family band!)
What: Performance for you to go and enjoy...
When: This Saturday, February 19th at 2:00 PM
Where: The Morton Theater in Athens
Why: Do you really need a reason to go and enjoy? Well, if you do... The a portion of the proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales goes to GPB Advance ticket prices are $15 for ages 13 +; $10 children; Day of tickets (if available) are $18 for ages 13+ and $12 for children. I am not being compensated for this... Just wanted to share for any of you that are in the area... Feel free to post and share with your readers, in case any of them are near there...

Wordless Wednesday - Birthday With Daddy

We were able to go home to visit family this past weekend... While there, we held a little birthday party for Broxton... He will be 2 this week!!!
Where does the time go? Of course, I had a few tears...

Think about it, this was the first birthday that Marc was able to celebrate with Broxton.
Kinda funny... Last year, Marc was deployed and missed it...
This year, he had drill, so he was in uniform when he got home (and the party had already started!)
We are so happy that we had daddy home this year!!!!

MMMM - The Notebook - Feels Like Home

Happy Valentine's Day!
I am linking up with Dolly for:
Music Moves Me Monday!
I absolutely LOVE this song... (and I LOVE The Notebook too, I cry every time!!!!
What about you?