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Aloha Friday # 8

It is Friday..
Time to head on over to Kailani's blog at Island Life and do the Aloha Friday Post.
You know, answer her question, do your own, share a little comment love...
Then relax, it is FRIDAY!

So, my question to you...
What do you look forward to at Thanksgiving?

Me?! I look forward to getting to see my Uncle. He flies in from New York, it is the only time we see him per year! I also look forward to seeing everyone else, but I just love seeing him!

PS :
Veterans Day, please remember to thank a vet!
Veterans Day is November 11th


Applebee's and Veterans Day

A frugal friend had a great post!

This Veterans Day, head on over to Applebee's....
All Veterans, as well as Active Duty, are invited to eat for free!
Check out the post at A FRUGAL FRIEND.

I wish M. was here, we could go....
What a great thing they are doing!


Bundle of Trouble - Book REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

**********This contest is CLOSED**********

I love to read!
Yes, before B was born, I read ALL THE TIME...
Now, not so much!
I try to read as much as I can, but you know how that is...

I actually got a wonderful piece of mail the other day...
Diana Orgain sent me a copy of her book, Bundle of Trouble, for review!
I have really been looking forward to this, on more than one level.
One, hopefully a nice, good book to read.
Two, it was described as a mommy mystery.
Three, based on what I read (before getting the book) it dealt with a mom not wanting to go to work and miss her the "firsts" of her new baby.
That right there... Hook, Line and Sinker!

With M. being deployed, I am terrified to miss ANYTHING that B. does.
You know, normally one parent will miss it, but the other can tell them all about it.
With M. in Afghanistan, I want to catch every single detail so I can tell M. all about it. So, I could totally relate to this character!

On to the book review...

This book was a definite page turner!
I thought I would read a chapter or two and head to bed...
Um, WRONG! I stayed up reading...

It starts with Kate and her husband Jim getting ready for the birth of their new baby. Kate gets a very weird and unexpected phone call asking for someone to come and possibly identify the remains of her brother in law.
Talk about a great way to start the book on the edge of my seat!
As the book progresses, I feel as though I can really relate to Kate, she is a new mom.. and boy, oh boy, is she forgetful! ( We all know how that is, if not, just wait!)
Living in San Francisco, they money from her job, as well as her husbands, is needed for the cost of living. Kate is trying to find a way to be able to stay at home and watch the little one grow, while at the same time, trying to help bring in the money.
This book shows how she decides that she can be a Private Investigator.
It turns out to not be as easy as she thinks!
We follow Kate all over as she tries to solve a murder, make that MURDERS. Part of the reasoning behind her feeling the need to be involved?! Her husband is detained in Jail as having connections to all of it!
Kate struggles to be an involved mom as well as a P.I. (Including bringing baby on the scene!!!)
This book is a great read!

The ONLY problem I had with it?
I ended up staying up ALL night to read it!
B. didn't help me and sleep in either, so I was pretty tired...
BUT, I will say, it was totally worth it!

My mom is now reading it and I need to go ahead and get the next one!
Diana is now an author I will be following!

Guess what?!
Diana has graciously given me two copies of this book for my readers to win!

Want to enter?
(You know you do!)
Leave me a comment telling me one of the proudest moments you have had as a parent. If not a parent, tell me something you enjoy about kids!
This MUST be done for other entries to count!

Extra entries:
Follow me publicly - 1 entry
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Blog about my giveaway (linking back there as well as Diana's homepage) - 3 entries

Contest is open to U.S. residents.
Contest will end on November 21st.
I will email you and you have 48 hours to respond.

***** I received a free copy of Bundles of Trouble for review.*****


Two Years

Today is our 2 year anniversary.
M. is in Afghanistan...
But, at least I have B. here...
You know, a piece of M. until he returns.

How sweet is my hubby?!
He just called me on skype, just to make sure he could tell me HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
I am telling you, I have the best hubby in the world!

Thank GOD. I am really blessed.

So, to all of you that have your loved one near, give them a hug and a kiss...
I sure do wish I could do that to M.
Soon enough though...
Let this deployment hurry up and be over!
I am ready to see my honey!


Pumpkin Patch

I took B to the Pumpkin Patch the other day...
I just thought I would share a few of the pictures.
Of course, B looked EVERYWHERE in the world, but not at the camera!
When I tried to take pictures, he would break his neck trying to find anything and everything to look at...
Oh well, at least we had fun!
Maybe next year I can get him looking at me!

Hope you like the pictures!

Yoplait Prize Pack - Winners

Congrats to:
Tatertot374 and Pixie13 !
You both are the winners of the Yoplait Prize Pack.
You have been emailed and have 48 hours to respond.
Thanks to all for entering!
The winners were selected by
Comments number 3 and 5 won!

Comment Number 3
tatertot374 said...
Watermelon Burst/Strawberry Punch Sounds yummy to me
Thank you
Comment Number 5
pixie13 said...
Triple Cherry/Wild Berry Blue sounds delicious. Thanks!



Smart Mom - Teething Bling - Review

I am in love...
Yes, we know I love M. and B...
I am talking about a product I love!
But, now I have found "THE" gift for all baby showers!
I am obsessed!
I actually told my mom that I wish I owned a store to sell all of the AMAZING things that I have seen online and of course, the WONDERFUL products I have had the privileged to review!

My new obsession?
Teething Bling!
I am not lying...
This could be the best invention, EVER!
At least with the teething stage that B. is in right now...

Let me go ahead and tell you about this wonderful secret I found..
LOL, Teething Bling.
It is a necklace, or bangle bracelet, or keychain made out of the same material used in other teething products. Check out all the cool products, here.

Amy over at Smart Mom Jewelry sent me a teething bling necklace for review.
I love it...
B. loves it!
Not even 5 seconds after I put it on, where do you think it went? In his mouth, of course!
I was a little worried that with B. pulling on it that it would hurt my neck. Nope, it doesn't!
They make the necklace out of this black silky cord. It has a clasp on it, very easy to close and as I said, I am in love...
For those of you with children in the teething stage, go and buy one now!

I was trying to explain just how awesome it is to my mom.
Think about it, they want to chew on any and everything!
You take them somewhere and you have to worry about it dropping on the ground... NOT THE TEETHING BLING! It stays on your neck!
You are trying to pay for something and your little one wants to grab on everything, once again... Not with the teething bling!
I took B. to the mall...
Just ran in really quick, so no need to lug the stroller out....
He was just as content as he could be... chewing on the teething bling!
Well, I could go on and on..
But, you need to head on over to the website and order one!
You can even check out the website and see what all celebs think that this is wonderful!

I posted the one I received for review...
I think I may go back and order another...
Maybe Lapis Lazuli, or the Moonstone, or the Onyx!
LOL, because you know I "need" them! :)

Let me know if you have even heard of this before.. or if you already own one!

***** I received a free Teething Bling Necklace for review.*****

EEBEE DVD - Winner

The winner of the EEBEE DVD is Kari over at
You have been emailed and have 48 hours to respond to get your prize.
Congrats and thank you to all who entered.

The winner was selected by
Comment Number 17 was the chosen one!

NateAndJakesMom said...
I blogged about the contest , click HERE!

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