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Are you Red, White and Blue Ready? Review

With the fourth of July right around the corner...
You need to make sure you are ready for the fourth!

No, I am not talking about the sparklers/fireworks and beer...
I am talking about the subtle ways to make a statement!

No need to go crazy with all the colors...
Just a splash of red will make a BOLD statement!
Spice it up adding a splash on your lips...
Or give yourself that well deserved mani/pedi before heading out to the pool for the day!
L’OrĂ©al Paris Infallible™ Le Rouge Lipstick in Target Red ($8.99 at Target) conditions lips for long wearing color.
ORLY Lacquer in Star Spangled ($7.50 at Ulta) delivers megawatt shine and classic color in a formula that’s free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

Speaking of heading to the pool...
Keep the Red out.. Of your Eyes!!!
Throw a bottle of Visine Maximum Redness Relief in your pool bag!
It soothes and protects your eyes while adding moisture for all day comfort!
Instead of wearing a white shirt and worrying about it getting messy at the cookout, why not try a different approach?
How about showing off your Pearly Whites?
Rembrandt has a NEW toothpaste!!!
The new REMBRANDT®Deeply White™ toothpastes and mouthwash ($6.99-$7.99 at drugstores) work together to provide superior whitening by using Active Dental Peroxide, the ingredient dentists use to whiten below the enamel surface.
Finally, for the blue..
Yes, you can enjoy blueberry pie or something like that.
(Now that sounds Yummy!)
But I was thinking of updating your toothbrush once you buy the new Rembrandt Toothpaste!
The new blue Total Care + Whitening toothbrush ($3.99 - $4.99 at drugstores) purposefully designed to whiten teeth and remove stains.

So, head out and stock up..
Just remember...
Wear your patriotic colors for the Fourth, but these new additions will add that color year round!!!

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Giveaway: Is Breakfast Rushed At Your House? Emerald Nuts Breakfast on the Go Review


I have never been one in my life to get up and have a nice big breakfast to eat.
Never, not that I remember during childhood...
Certainly not in college or since I have been married.
We normally just have a bowl of cereal or a cereal bar or something...

Now, I have gotten up and made Marc breakfast and he has done the same for me..
But it is not a typical thing.
We are always looking for quick and decent tasting.

Not only is it easy to grab and eat on the run...
They have Three Flavors:
Breakfast, S'mores and Berry Nut Blends...
Of course, if I were to have bought it in the store, I would have grabbed the S'mores flavor...
(Being honest, I was disappointed with the marshmallow things, they were super hard, not what I was expecting at all! If they were not hard, I might have enjoyed this flavor more than I did.)
I am so glad I was able to try them all first!
My favorite has got to be the Breakfast Blend!
It is just so tasty...
Want to know a secret?
I eat it for snacks during the day too...
It is that good!

Not only do they taste great...
They have 200 calories or less!
Top it off, with the mixture of nuts, dried fruit and granola...
It gives you the energy to make the most out of your day!

TWO Lucky Winners are going to win:
Mixed Variety of the Emerald Nuts Breakfast on the Go!

Mandatory Entry:
Tell me which flavor sounds the best to you!
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Winner will have 72 hours to respond to winning email or a new winner will be selected.

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Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge - Week Five - Light

I am really enjoying the Crazy Days of Summer Challenge going on right now!
I know that Marc is too..
As I told him my assignment and HE was the one all clicker happy taking pictures!
Well, actually...
His camera takes better pictures of "light" than mine...
and when I got all frustrated with how mine were not the way I wanted them...
He took over...


What movie has been filmed near you? Aloha Friday

Hope you are planning to have a nice and relaxing weekend.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question:
Has there ever been a movie filmed near you?

My answer:
They filmed Fireproof in my hometown...
(The Church, Sherwood, is the production of it and they have filmed another 2, Flywheel and Facing the Giants)
They also filmed The Odd Life Of Timothy Green there as well.
The reason I asked my question this week:
They are filming 3 movies all within an hour of where we live right now, so I was just wondering about your area!

Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods are Great for Toddlers! Review

We try to make sure that Broxton not only eats good food, but also that he eats on great tableware.
We have bought several different plates that have different characters on it...
One or two uses later, the plate is all scratched up...
Or there is this film like stuff peeling off of it.

We all know that children's products are not always cheap either, so it really frustrates me when I have to throw items away that have only been used once or twice.
Now, we have a tableware set that has really impressed me so far.
We were able to review several of their products...
So far, so good!
The first up, was the Infant Bowl and Spoon.
Broxton has been using this for several items.
I like that it is a BOWL that has a divider in it.
We have used it for veggies on one side, dip on the other.
We have also used it for different flavored ice cream!
The next up was the Divided Plate.
We actually took one home to leave at my parents house and then we have one up here...
It is nice to serve Broxton his meals on his little plates versus the big ones when we go to visit.
They are big enough to give nice servings for toddlers, but they are not so big that they are huge or leave empty plate space or room for too much feeding!
The final item for review... and my favorite, the spoons and forks.
I am not sure if you have noticed, but some children's utensils...
Well, they are "forks" but there is no room to really pick any of the food up on it!
These are great and once again, toddler sized!
Broxton has really enjoyed these, as when he gets his utensils for dinner, he normally grabs the Dandelion Brand!

Now, I know you want to know what makes Dandelion so great...
Besides the size, they are good for the earth!
Dandelion tableware is BPA free, they are Phthalate free and PVC free.
How about they are made out of corn?!
Tell me that is not cool!

Besides all the cool and natural feeding utensils...
They sell so many different earth friendly products!
Head on over and see what all they have to offer for those you love!!!

Stay up to date with Dandelion by following on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Man Test - Review

When the boys are here, you can only IMAGINE the way this house runs...
Who knows more of what..
Who is stronger, smarter, faster...
You get the picture?

I was asked if I was interested in reviewing a book to test the knowledge of man.
What do you think I said?!
Heck yes, I would love to check this out!
Granted, the oldest of the boys is 15, but still...
A little healthy trivial competition has never hurt anyone!

The book came and I was ready to dive in!
Ha, I wanted to know what "The Man Test" was about and I have to say, I learned several things!
Marc and Roman, the 15 year old, answered the questions as I read them out loud.
(Of course, I was guessing with them!)
The great thing is that the answers are a few pages back, so everyone can test their knowledge!

The Break Down of the Chapters:

Manners and Etiquette:
Telephone and Texting
Table Manners
Wedding Etiquette
Business Etiquette
Dating and Relationships
Wakes and Funerals

Career and Employment:
Your Resume
Job Hunting
Negotiating a Salary

Home Renting and Buying:
Owning a Home

Finance and Negotiation:
Credit Score
General Negotiating
Negotiating a Car Purchase


Urban and Outdoor Survival:
Outdoor Survival
Urban Survival

Domestic Skills:
The Kitchen
Laundry and Ironing

Home Maintenance:

Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle:
First Aid
Personal Health
Sex and Birth Control

Now, I learned several things in here and it was fun to watch a wonderful Dad/Son moment in seeing who knew more...
But, there were a couple things that had me wondering the accuracy.
For example:
Under normal driving conditions, how often should you change your oil?
Their answer: c. 7,500 miles.

Now, I don't know much about cars, but I think that this is off....

Other than that...
The questions were educational:
True/False: If an egg sinks in a bowl of water, it may be spoiled.
The answer:
False, if it FLOATS in a bowl of water, it may be spoiled.

I like this one:
True/False: Your belt color should match the color of your shoes.

Wish more guys would read this book!
From tips to laundry and everything else, this would be a great book to give a guy in your life!
(Not just for the fun, trivial point, just in general!)

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W/W - Firetruck!

Broxton LOVES firetrucks.
Like, absolutely LOVES them!

Good thing for me, a friend of mine is a firefighter!
That being said...
Last time we went to my hometown, I promised him we would go see a firetruck.
That was the big lead up that week.

Broxton was super good, because he knew he would get to go...
That Saturday morning, we headed to the fire-station.
My friend, Christy came out to meet us.

She took Broxton up in the firetruck and showed him how they turn the lights on.
THEN, she let him pull the string which made the loud horn sound!!!
He was excited to see it all, but I think he was more excited to just stand and look at it all!
I think he was most excited to just get to see it, although he did like hearing the sirens and the horn!!!
After they looked inside the truck, Christy even let him put on a fire-hat!!!
(Thank goodness it was a cool one, since we quickly noticed the UGA sticker!! GO DAWGS!)
After that, we made sure to get a picture so that we have proof that MOMMY got the cool points that day!!!
Oh, we even got to go inside!
In there, we saw where they all sleep..
They even have their own kitchens where they have family style meals together!
While we were there, we also got to see them studying...
Broxton loved that he got to see them "in school!"

Great day at the fire-station!!!!
Thanks Christy!!!!

FReebee - Eebee Download

From the first time we laid eyes on Eebee, we were in love!
When people see Broxton's eebee puppet, they fall in love to!

We have the books...
We have the DVD's...
We have the puppet.
(Mental note, we NEED to get the eebee doll!)

For those familiar with eebee...
and for sure those that are NOT familiar...
Heads up, you need to check eebee out!!!
Eebee takes everyday life and turns it into lessons for your little one.
We all know that the best teacher for your child is... YOU!
They are always watching and learning...
You just need a few pointers!!
Eebee teaches:
Rolling a ball...
Feeling sand.
Stacking blocks.
Enjoying everyday things!!!

Just go visit the eebee page and download their Eebee Water Adventure Video...
***** I was not required to post this... Just thought you might like, or know someone who might like, to download and enjoy eebee at your house! *****

BugBand for your Summer Time Planning - Review

I like to think that I am super sweet, that is why the bugs always enjoy feasting on me...
Truth of the matter is, we just have plenty of BUGS down here in Georgia!

We have so many mosquito's that it makes it hard to actually go out and enjoy the porch at times.
After a few minutes out there, the mosquito's have normally feasted on a buffet of sweet yummy goodness, Marc... Broxton and of course... Yours Truly!
Needless to say, our time out doors is limited!
Who wants to come in all bit up looking like we have chicken pox or something?

I was reading information about BugBand DEET Free Bug Repellent and then I noticed...
This was made in Cartersville, Georgia!
Being from Georgia, I would LOVE to use more products from here...
Helping a neighbor out, isn't that great?!

We received the BugBand Wristband for review.
I gave it to Marc to wear at work, but he could not do it.
The band has a very potent smell to it and Marc has extra sensitive senses!
He did try it though, but being that he put it on his wrist, he quickly took it off.
(The good thing is you do not HAVE to wear it on your wrist... You can wear it on your ankle... or on your belt loop. But, with Marc's job... He couldn't.)
I told him that I think this would be a great thing with the kids...
Have them all wear them on their ankle or belt loop when we go out.
Say you are going to a picnic or to an amusement park...
This would be awesome, instead of having to spray everyone down with bug spray... Just use your wristband!

Does it work?
We believe it does!
How do we know, if Marc didn't wear it?
Well, the other night, we were outside...
and yeah, the bugs heard the buffet was open...
I came in and took the wristband outside and sat it on the porch railing.
I kid you not, I literally watched a mosquito fly away!
Yeah, we joked it would be messed up if he flew away and landed on the band...
But seriously, he flew away and the rest of the time we were outside, none of us noticed any bugs!
With the wristband, you just put it back in the plastic protector and it keeps its potency until the next time you want to wear it!
They are supposedly even great for swimming.
For the "bigger people," you can even string them together to make a bigger band, if needed!

We were also sent the towelettes for review.
They are considered more "heavy duty" and they also prevent against ticks.
With Marc heading out for more National Guard Training, we figured we would keep these for him to try then!!!!

If you are planning any cookouts or any outdoor festivities for the Fourth Of July...
I would totally recommend purchasing BugBand Products!
Buy USA Made!!!!!
You can click here to see where you can buy it locally as you prepare for the summer season!

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Expecting or Know Someone Who Is? Review

I am all about reading books...
If you have been here a few times, you might know that!

I was given the chance to review a book titled, The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby.
Let me explain to you why I really like this and totally recommend it...

Because I found myself actually able to understand it!
It did not hurt that I was constantly laughing about things, as well as the "oh, I remember that!"

Now, just because the title says Christian Mama ...
Do not go thinking it is nothing but scripture.
Basically, this book tells you like it is...
And reminds you to:

Pretty simple, huh?
I know that there are tons of books out there that tell you this, that and the other...
But this is the thing...
This one tells you things as well, in "normal" language!

One section I liked was:
The Internet Resources Section.
I know that I was ALL OVER the Internet during my pregnancy...
I also recommended several sites to friends once they became pregnant.
This just puts it in a book for everyone to know!
(You know, babycenter, the bump, and wish I would have known about CAFEMOM.)

Here is a great example of how we know Erin (the author) is just like us:
She is talking about Pre-Natal Vitamins...
"My trick for remembering? I stuck the entire bottle of pills in the cookie jar as the chances of me "forgetting" to eat a cookie every day was slim to none!"

Erin even tells the absolute basics for what the baby needs...
Somewhere to sleep.
Diapers and wipes.
Properly installed car seat!
Yes, she goes on to talk about bottles, diaper bags and rocking chairs, but that was the Basic list!

For those first timers that are trying to figure it all out, she even explains registering for baby items.
As those of us that are moms, we know how much of an overload becoming a mom can be...
(She even gives a list of websites that you can use to help you in picking a baby name!)

I think that Erin helps us all to know that we can do it...
God chose us and we just need to know He is there!

I love how Erin made this book full of information, but simple enough that we are not lost by the vocabulary!
She even dedicates a half page of must know information for the daddy to be!
(As we all know, most dads are not going to sit down and read a whole book!)

Finally, Erin gives a few last minute pointers for the reader...
A third trimester to do list...
What to pack in your hospital bag... (and what not... that is a for sure read and laugh!)

Best part for me?
The "things to have on hand at home" list.
I did not think about certain things and until friends told me, it would have slipped my mind...
(Main example... PLENTY of Pads!)

So, would I recommend this?
For anyone of your friends that are expecting...
Love this, and between you and I...
It has my clock ticking just a little bit faster than it was before I started reading it!!!!

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


ACE - Supports Us more than you know! Review

We have been fans of Ace Brands for quite some time...
I have even had the chance to review for them before.
You know I was happy that I can share more with you!

Marc has been complaining about his knee bothering him lately.
I do not know if it is "old age" or if he might have turned it wrong at work.
Either way, he has been making it a point to put the Ace Knee Stabilizer with Dual Support on when he goes to work.

The day we received the package, he immediately put it on.
A little bit later, he was already singing its praises about making his knee feel better.
That was just sitting at the house, so I really wanted to see how it did at work.

The next time he left for work, he put it on.
You can either put your foot through this sleeve and pull it up over your knee, then wrap the straps around it...
Or you can just wrap the straps around, and the sleeve that your knee would be in is just extra fabric on the wrap.
(Did that make any sense? It did to me!)
I had to ask if he put it in the sleeve or not.
He does from time to time, but normally he doesn't.
I did notice that he makes it a point to put it on every time and he seems so much better.

Marc says that it gives him more stability and makes the knee feel stronger.
You know me, I do not like HOT, so I had to ask if it made him hot having the wrap on.
Marc says not at all!

We also were sent the Ace Ankle Support Brace.
Back in college, I broke my foot.
Well, I broke the bone that connected my ankle to my toes.
Whatever, that is for another post...
Anyways, from time to time, my ankle on that foot bothers me, so I have been using this to sort of apply pressure and it has made it feel much better!

The final product that we were sent was the Ace Self Adhering Bandage.
I remember playing with those things as a child, wrapping up pretend wounds!
Glad to see that they are still around!
I loved it back then, when I really was injured, so I am glad that I have it on hand if we need it.

I know with Marc and I wanting to join the gym and all, these will be great to have!
If you are planning on getting back in shape, don't you think they would be great for you to have as well?

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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