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Aloha Friday - Vacation

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.My question this week:If you could go anywhere for vacation... Money, time , work is NO OBJECT... Where would you like to go? Okay, within reason! :)
My answer:I would LOVE to travel all of the U.S. Just go from state to state to see the "touristy" places! I have been to a few places, but I would love to rent an RV and just head out. Maybe for like 3 months. Looking at everyone's vacation pics... talking about JamericanSpice right now, I would love to have pictures like this that I took myself! If you have a post with great vacation pics, let me know... I would love to see them!

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My Lip Stuff - Review & Giveaway

Have you ever really stopped to think about how many different flavors of lip balm there are?
I love lip balm! I love how it keeps my lips moist!

I recently heard of a company called My Lip Stuff. Supposedly they had TONS of flavors to choose from. You know me, I had to head on over and check it out for myself.
Okay........ I did NOT expect to see that they carried over 500 flavors!
Yes, you read that right! OVER 500 flavors!
Ha ha!
I had to click to see if it was a joke! Nope, you think of a flavor and they make it! If they don't make it, they will try and create it for you!
Wow!!!! Besides making lip balm, Brea (the creator) has now added sprays, salts, and lip gloss to the product list!
When Marc and I got married, we had gift bags in the rooms for our guest that stayed in the hotel. We made it for them and put a little of what we thought they might need/like. I wish I would have known of My Lip Stuff then! You can have them create a custom label JUST for you!
Brea sent me 3 lip …

Munchie Mug - Review and Giveaway

Seeing a product that is Made in America will always grab my attention!!!I think that Munchie Mug is a great product!
Broxton LOVES IT!!!
When I first gave it to him, I think he thought it was a musical instrument!
He kept putting his hand in the top and moving the (at the time) goldfish around making it make noises! Once he realized it was snack food...
He went to working on eating it all!
Munchie Mug is just what every parent (and grandparent) needs/wants for a road trip! (Hello, it was thought of from a grandfather and then the idea was completed with the help of his friend, another grandfather!)
The lid is easy to take off, you load it full of whatever snack you want to feed them, screw the lid back on.. and the rest is up to the little one to enjoy!
The Munchie Mug has a cloth top that holds the snack in, NO SPILLS!!!
They just put their hand in the cloth and grab the snack. The cloth overlaps over each other so that once their hand is removed, no snack can sneak out and get all over th…

w/w - watermelon

We now know, Broxton LOVES watermelon!
We went out on the patio the other day...and this was the result!

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Nourish- Review

What do you do about bottles on vacation? When Marc first got home, I would carry tons and tons of bottles...
"Living" in a hotel room for a week, I was worried about how "clean" I could actually get the bottle. That and the fact that I did not know anything about the water. So, when we packed to go welcome daddy home, I was packed with any and everything!
We had the formula, bottled water and bottles. Add to it that the cleaning supplies!
I had a whole bag just for bottles and such stuff!

I sure wish I had known of Nourish before then!
Talk about making it easier on me!
Nourish is headquartered out of ATLANTA! Hello, this is a product from where I live! :)
Lara is the Mom/CEO for Nourish and she was kind enough to send me a baby and toddler Nourish bottle to review and share with you!
The great thing about Nourish is the opening of the bottle is wide enough as to not worry about spilling anything!
The Nourish bottles come as Nourish Baby, this has a nipple ready for …

CSN - Help me Choose, PLEASE

You know that I will be reviewing for CSN. I had an item or two in mind... But, one was out of stock, so it caused me to keep looking.
Now, I have a few I really "need"/want! :)
Will you take a minute and help me figure out what I should get?
Play Tent/Tunnel Combo
With Broxton being a toddler now, he is making crawl spaces out of everywhere!
I think this would be PERFECT for him to play in!

Or, should we get him the WOODEN work bench play set?

Or, do I choose the PLASTIC work bench play set?
Maybe I should keep waiting and get the step stool like we had planned?
Last, do I get the Pressure Cooker that Marc wants? (For his red beans and rice?!)

She-Rain - Book Review

I just finished She-Rain by Michael Cogdill. I have to tell you, trying to find a minute to read in this house lately has been like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
But, I finally found the time (after getting the boys to read a book for themselves!)
I hate to say it, but this book took quite a bit of time for me to get into... I kept trying to read it and it seemed like I was just not going to be able to read it...

I really do not know why, but it just seemed as though I was having a hard time placing the characters or something... I still can not explain it! THEN, all of a sudden, something happened and I could not stop reading!
It was like if I stopped reading, I would not have the chance to finish the book!
I am so glad I stayed with it and kept reading, for this book is a beauty to read!

She-Rain tells the tale of a poor, innocent boy that lives a hard life most of us will never, ever have to endure. Frank Locke Junior is a boy living as best as he can to be the man he knows he …