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Aloha Friday # 22

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.Answer my question... Post one of your own... visit Kailani... and enjoy! It is FRIDAY!!!
My question for you... Any advice you want to give me to help with a teething baby? Yep... Broxton has 4 on top and 2 on bottom... BUT, he now has 3 more coming in... Those Molars! And this time around.. We are struggling!
He is constantly fussing. He has been having upset tummy and is trying to chew ANY and EVERY thing he can get.
Any advice you have is greatly appreciated! (Yes, old wives tales count! LOL)
Have a great weekend!

W/W - Broxton is a BIG BOY now...

Okay, so we all knew I would be posting the haircut pictures today...
It is Wordless/Wordful Wednesday, you know?!

Broxton turned one this past Thursday. We went and got his first haircut!
My friend, Allyson (at THE INDUSTRY in Albany, Georgia) is the one that gave him his very first haircut. Let me tell you, he wiggled and squirmed and EVERYTHING else he could do... He wanted to go and see what the other girls were doing. He wanted to go and see how the bathroom looked... I ended up having to hold him. (yeah, it did not really help!)
Allyson was great though... She worked with all the movement and I think his haircut looks great!
She even gave him a little certificate saying he got his first haircut there. It even had a little baggie to put his first little curl in!!!

So, here ya go...

This is Broxton a day or two before his birthday. LOL, yeah, his hair is long... and yep! He is loving his snack! :)

Now, the after...

Now, he looks like such a BIG BOY! Where did my little baby go?! :…

Juice Beauty - Review

Remember how I mentioned that I love lotion and shower gel and all that yummy stuff?
Well, I have a secret to tell you...
I love it all, but I don't wear any type of moisturizer for my face! Honestly, I really do not even wear makeup!
The only time you see me with makeup is:
Going to a Party of some sort
any type of special occasion.
Other than that, nope, no makeup!
So, with no makeup, I figure, no makeup remover and no need for moisturizer.

That has changed now... ( I am 30 you know!)
I was sent a few different products from Juice Beauty for review and I love the moisturizer!

A little side note about Juice Beauty.
They are based out of Northern California. Besides using organic products, they also use recycled packaging and (I really like this one) 80 % of their products are produced with solar power!

They actually sent me their Oil Free Moisturizer as well as their Nutrient Moisturizer. I tried them for one week each and I love them both!


The sol…