Opinions Wanted, Please

Marc just showed me something he read online and I immediately had to come to you guys about it. I would really love your opinion on it.

Just what am I talking about?

Photo Taken from gawker.com

What do you think?
I think it is just wrong...
I mean, as soon as I saw it, I immediately had flash backs to 9/11. I couldn't help it, that was what I saw with the first picture.

Now, I will throw the double edged sword here...
If you look at it like this:
It does look pretty neat.
But... Marc and I agreed, when you look at the whole picture...
Not at all.

Photo also taken from gawker.com

I would love your opinions on this.
Hope you have a great day!
Let us all NEVER FORGET.


  1. Saw it last night on a local news cast.. I couldn't believe it.. this is soooo totally wrong. I agree on the 2nd photo.. but still don't like it.. if the Twin towers were not there first.. then I would agree to build it.. but it just looks to darn awful

  2. Very interesting...I'm not sure how to respond. The comparison is very intriguing. I'm not an architect by any means, but the design itself is very cool! 9/11 is a day we will never, ever forget!

  3. I think the whole issue is disgusting.The only thing that should have been built there was a memorial,maybe in the form of a park or something, but to build these..It is a daily reminder and to me looks like they are blowing up all over again.Sad that money comes before respect or decency

  4. I think it's really ugly. I don't like it at all.

  5. Not only is this something dear to us, its also the ugliest thing I have ever seen. How is that "architect"? Its not very imaginative in my opinion, given what I believe he got the idea from!

  6. It is an interesting design, and I can see where they were going with the idea, HOWEVER, it is such a wrong, wrong, wrong idea for a monument. It is, after all, a monument to our nation, and our ability to survive tragedy. Not a monument to the terrorists' actions.

  7. Seriously, no way!

  8. Yeah, not a fan... I fail to see the beauty in this design at all...


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