Giving Others Christmas with JDaniel4's Mom

The other day, we were grabbing a quick bite to eat at a local fast food place.
I told Marc I would be back, as I was heading to the counter to grab a bag for Broxton's food.

Marc told me to hold on and wait a minute.
So, I waited and waited...
I have to tell you, I got a bit nervous, did I have something all over me and he was trying not to let me embarrass myself? I could not figure out what it was... and I knew he had sent me a text (that I had yet to receive, so I asked him to let me look at his phone.)

The message: "The lady behind us looks homeless and hungry."

I knew exactly who he was referring to, as I had noticed her as well.
But what do you do in a situation like that?
You know good and well you can not approach them and question them.
Would you make them uncomfortable? What if they aren't? The questions are endless.
Also, it is a bit rude to look at someone and presume such a thing... but, we did.

Now, let me try and explain...
She did not look like a crack head or anything.
She just looked like a lady that was down on her luck and could use a helping hand.
But, what were we to do?

I told Marc I would be back.
I went to get a bag for Broxton's food and I quietly asked the manager if she was familiar with the lady in the corner. She whispered that yes, she was homeless and harmless. She just came in to warm up. I then proceeded to order a meal and drink for her. I asked the manager if she would deliver it to her... Letting her know it was a gift from "Santa." The manager smiled and said she surely would and "God Bless You."

I refilled my drink and we headed to the car. We waited to see that she got it (looking in the window from outside.) We then noticed the manager carry her a tray with food. They spoke for a minute and the manager walked off... The lady then just sort of sat there, like in a daze. I then noticed she wiped her eyes and then laid her face in her hands...

I will never know her situation.
All I know is that although we don't have tons of money, we had enough to give her a hot meal and a cold drink that day. Who knows when she had it last?
Maybe that was a bit of hope she needed to get through the coming days...

I was thinking that I wished everyone would pay forward a bit of kindness...
Be it a hot meal for someone.... Toys for Tots... Or even volunteering.

I wasn't going to blog about this, but then I remembered the "Giving Others Christmas" linkup at JDaniel4's Mom.
This seemed appropriate, so I wanted to share...
Have you done anything to make a difference in the lives of someone else this year?


  1. I am so glad you did this! What blessing you and Marc were to her!


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