Totally Smitten - @SmittensMittens Review

Have you heard of Smittens?
Okay, this might be just the cutest thing I have seen.

They are mittens...
For the one you are Smitten with! Lol. No, really... it is a set of mittens... but, one of the mittens is for two hands.

No matter young or old, it works for you!
Let me explain.
Say, you and your loved one are out for a stroll and it is a bit chilly. Put your smittens on and you can have warm hands, while HOLDING HANDS! You are going for a walk with your child.
Put your mittens on, once again... you can hold hands!

This is great! You order small/medium or large.
Then you order small/medium or large for the other hand.

They have 4 styles... and also offer some in red/blue or black.
I think it depends on what they have in stock at the moment.
Head on over and take a look!

Say you want it for you and your spouse.
You can order two large or mediums..
We ordered for Broxton and I.
So, I ordered a small and a large.
That way, he has his glove and then either Marc or I can wear the other.

I think that Santa needs to leave every couple a pair of Smittens under the tree!
This would make a great gift, not only for Christmas, but also for Anniversaries and Valentines!

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