Pert Plus for Time Management - Review

With a house full of boys, you can imagine the phrase "LESS IS BEST" works here...  I always make sure they have the basics in their bathroom, but I hate to say it... It is normally whatever I have... I never thought much about Pert Plus.  But now, I will!

Talk about a time saver!  I used to use it when I was younger...  This would be great for the boys!!!
Shampoo PLUS conditioner..  IN ONE BOTTLE!!!  For less than $6 you can have them using both shampoo and conditioner... One step... Equals... Less time... Equals Happy Boys!!!! (Happy boys also lead to happy daddy... and of course all that happiness heads my way too!)

I will tell you this, when we received the Pert Plus, I was taken back by the new design of their bottle!(Not sure how long they have had this shape, but it was new to me!)  They still use the green bottle, I do believe that has always been their color...We were sent the Pert Plus Classic Clean.

Of course, with the new design, I had to go visit the Pert Plus Website to see what else was new...
Did you know that they have more than one formula?  I know when we go on trips, I have to lug all sorts of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and what not...
Well, if you are one that hates all those different bottles, you could always just grab a bottle of their 3 in 1.
It is not only the shampoo plus conditioner, they have also thrown in a body wash!!!!

Head on over to their site to see all they carry.
*  If you or a loved one suffer from dandruff, they have an anti-dandruff formula as well!

If you worry about not having enough conditioner, there is no need... They have a perfectly balanced ratio of  shampoo and conditioner to leave your hair clean and care free... With NO buildup!!!!

So, whether you are preparing for a trip, looking for a few stocking stuffers, or just needing to add more shampoo/conditioner to your bathroom... Keep Pert Plus in mind when heading to the store!!!!
Less is Best!!! That is my quote and I am sticking to it... Less time in the shower... Less Waste in the Landfill!!!!   Ha ha ha...
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