Southern Fried Women - A Book Review

When I saw the title, Southern Fried Women, I knew being a girl raised in the South, I would be interested in reading this...
Now, I haven't finished the book, but I am enjoying it so far.
It is 253 pages, but you don't have to sit and read it all at once.
It is a mixture of different "short stories" that tell the story of good old southern gals!
I will be honest.  There are times when I am not just feeling it.  I am not sure if it is this particular book, or just reading in general...  I can not figure it out.
Once I am finished with this, I know that my mom is going to enjoy reading it, so I am trying to get it finished soon.... 

Summary of what is inside Southern Fried Women, from their site:

A history of bigotry in a local diner is uncovered in Pigment of my Imagination, as the owner defends two young women and their right to be served.

Vernell Paskins, Mobile Home Queen is a woman who lives in the land of the doublewides and works at the interstate flea market.

Cry finds a pregnant woman lost, alone, broken down on a deserted road, and in labor.

A stranger arrives in town after a women’s prayer group hears angels sing during a violent coal mine strike in Coal Dust On My Feet.

In Punkin Head, one woman struggles with the decision to keep her unborn baby, as her husband’s employer—a popular televangelist—is opposed to having children.

In The Homestead, a deceased woman reveals that death is not the end of existence.

A single mother discovers why her young son despises their pastor during his 
once-a-month Sunday dinner inviation in Old Time Religion.

Two Pentecostal young ladies become Beach Babies, shedding their cotton dusters for bathing suits, makeup, and getting their fortunes told at Carolina Beach.

And grief shows up 30 years after a woman forgets her best friend in No Time For Laura.

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  1. Sometimes I like short stories, sometimes not. It's that by the time I get interested in the story, it's over, and it's hard to get revved up to start all over with another one.

  2. I'll have to check this one out. As a Southern woman, it sounds like a fun read. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out. Merry Christmas!


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