Disney Universe on Wii

It feels so great to be a child again!

We received the new game, Disney Universe for our Wii.
First, Marc played it for a few minutes.
I am not sure if it is our controller or what, but it was hard to get it moving right.
So, he played and then said he was done.

He went to the other room and I figured I would give it a go!
I loved how you could select your player, based on the different Disney Movies.
You could be a character from Pirates of the Caribbean, you could be one of the monsters from Monsters Inc, there were several to choose from.
Then, you get to pick what world you want to be in.
We were in the Pirates of the Caribbean world.
I think it might be the basic one you start on..
Either way, I know you have to unlock levels to move to other worlds and characters.

I too was having a hard time with the controllers.
I thought it was weird that the Wii game didn't have to have you moving to make it work, but just using the buttons...
Then, I realized if I turned my controller horizontal (instead of vertical) it worked right on the movements... I guess when the boys get here, I will have them fix it all back to normal. I don't know what I am doing with all that stuff!!!!

Well, I played and played and played.
I was laughing, I was getting competitive (I wanted to beat where Marc had made it to!)

I literally felt like I was a kid again.
I can not wait until the boys get here, it says you can have more than one player playing at a time... You can either work together to advance, or work against each other... I want to try it both ways to see how fun it is!

Obviously, it is too old for Broxton, but he was loving watching me play... and I know if I can get the character unlocked to be NEMO, he is going to be a happy boy!!!!
(It says there is over 40 characters to choose from! As well as, 6 different worlds to play in!)

Bottom line.
Love Disney?
Love the Wii game?
Love FUN?
Then, head on out and get Disney Universe, NOW!
I promise not to tell if you buy it and you don't even have kids...
It is that great, you will not be disappointed!

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