Remembering 9/11 (BlogHop)

Remembering 9/11 (BlogHop)
September 11th...

That date will always be in our minds and our hearts.
That is the date when things changed. For all of us!
I will always remember September 11th.

I was going to college in Buckhead (part of Atlanta, Ga)
I was driving to school that morning and my dad called my cell phone to tell me what happened. I got to class and we all were trying to figure out what was going on. We were told to go home. Rumor had it that the area we were in could possibly be a target. (Some say that we were in the Financial Area of Atlanta.)
Well, I went home and could not leave the TV.
A few friends came over and we watched TV all day. Well, watched TV and cried.

We did leave to go to the store, I will never forget it...
There was a guy riding down the street on his bicycle and he was wearing an American Flag.
That is when the Flag started flying again...

People grew closer to their loved ones.
People began stereotyping their neighbors.
People changed.

Today, September 11th is a Day of Remembrance...
Let us all...


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  1. Thank you for sharing your 9/11 story. I still find myself in shock and disbelief that someone could actually do something so horrible.

  2. Thanks for sharing and remembering.

    Here's mine

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience, Noelle. It's interesting to see the common threads among the stories.

  4. My story is about the same. We were told to go home; I was going to nursing school at Perimeter College. I lived at Post Canyon with Matt (right next door to Digger's) and I went over to Fritz's house and we watched the TV all day. I will never forget that day!


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