J.R.Watkins - Review

Okay, I have to admit...
I love lotion...
and shower gel...
and lip balm...

I once applied to work at Bath and Body Works.
I do not have to tell you that I am so, SO glad that I was not hired!
I think I would have spent my whole paycheck on the products.
No, that would not have been good.

That does not stop me though!
If I am ever out, I always have to stop and look...
and sometimes purchase!
You can never have too much.
Well, you probably could!
But, I do not think so!

Enter J.R. Watkins!

In 1868, Watkins was founded in Plainview, Minnesota.
Mr. Watkins produced an all-natural liniment for tired and achy muscles.
Get this, he was SO CONFIDENT in his product, that he even offered THE FIRST money back guarantee! By the turn of the century, business was booming. Watkins then became the J.R.Watkins Medical Company, selling perfumes, salves, and even spices!
All of the products were all natural! Today, J.R.Watkins is an international product!
It is crazy!
The J.R.Watkins brand is pretty large!
They have the Personal Care Line (facial care, foot care, body and hair care)
They also offer the Home Care (dish soap, bathroom cleaner, furniture polish and detergent)
They even carry a Gourmet Line (spices and extracts)
Last but not least, how it all got started, they carry several different natural remedies!

I was able to sample products from the Apothecary Line.
The Apothecary line carries a little of everything!
From Body Cream, Hand Soap, Room Spray and Lip Balm.
They have it all!

I am loving the Body Cream!
I put it on when I go to sleep.
It is rather THICK, but I like it! It is not greasy and the smell is very light.
At first, I was unsure about a lemon scent. But, it is light and fresh!

The room spray is a nice subtle smell.
It is more of a mist, versus the aerosol can where it just keeps on coming.
The lip balm makes my lips feel nice and moist!
I have a habit of licking my lips, way to much!!!!
This actually helps to keep the moisture in my lips and not get so dry.

I am definitely going to have to get the head to toe kit for whenever I go anywhere!
I also think I need to check out the Calming Bath Soak!

I want to get the liniment items for Marc...
We use Icy Hot on his aches alot, this all natural will be so much better!
(They have the liniment, a spray and a warming balm!)

I can tell you this, I will be pampering Marc when he returns...
Don't you think he deserves it?!

Click to learn more about the J.R. Watkins brand...

Go to see where you can buy the J.R. Watkins Brand!


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