One EskimO - Review

Working with the One2One Network has allowed me the chance to hear a group I might not have had the pleasure of listening to.
I was sent a c.d. of an English Band by the name of One EskimO.
Marc and I put it in the car and prepared to see what they are all about.
(One EskimO currently has a song, Kandi, that is the #1 adult alternative song.... )

Marc and I try to decide who to relate One EskimO to...
There are a few songs that have the feel of Jason Mraz, but then they also have a bit of a feel that reminds me of Oasis.
Overall, Marc and I were both impressed!
The first couple of songs gave me a very relaxed sense of place...
They were very mellow.
But then they come on and change it up a bit!
The c.d. is a great representation of all that One EskimO has to offer their fans (and I know that they will have a very large following!)

I really liked the song Kandi and it just might be my favorite, but I also really enjoyed Simple Day as well! I think that this a great c.d. to put on if you are wanting to just relax and take it easy. The c.d. is in stores now, so head on over and purchase one today!
If you want to try and catch a show, you can click here for a list of upcoming dates!

Please be sure and check them out on their facebook page.

***** Thank you to Michelle at the One2One Network for sending me this C.D. for review. *****


  1. I think I heard them perform on a talk show? I'd forgotten about them since. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I knew we were like minded. Our house rules sound very similar.


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