The Real Chow Baby

We went to dinner Saturday night instead of trying to fight the crowd Sunday for Fathers Day.
We decided that we wanted to try something different... and so we did!
A friend of the family owns a place called Mongo Grille in Columbus, Georgia. Let me just tell you, if you are in or near Columbus, GEORGIA....... You really NEED to go and check it out!
But, more people are near Atlanta, and so I wanted to share with you "The Real Chow Baby."
Have you heard of it?

Well, it is "American Stir Fry."
Basically, you get there and when you get to your table, your server will give you a small wooden paddle. Your server writes your table number on the top.... and then using the pencils at the table, you write your name on it.
You head on over and get in line.
You get a black bowl and LOAD it up...
You can choose from rice or noodles. When I say rice or noodles, I do not mean you just have 2 choices! You can get brown or white rice, you can get lomein, penne pasta, the choices are endless!
After that ( using the same bowl) you load it up with veggies.
They have everything from asparagus to zucchini!
The last step in the black bowl is to figure out what sauce you want...
They have all sorts of sauces to choose from and you can mix and match to make your own creation.
THEN, you get a red bowl and fill it up with protein.
When we went they had chicken, beef, salmon, scallops, calamari, and tilapia.
Our server said that during these summer months, they are trying all different items on the bar and then will choose a more precise menu for later...
I like how they are not stuck with one item and are checking out all the possibilities!
Last step is if you want to add anything else....
You choose a colored stick to put in it...
If you have allergies or anything like that, let them know...
If you are strict vegetarian, let them know...
or you can add a stick to make it a wrap or add shrimp....

I am telling you, it was a great experience!
The boys loved it!
The best part of it was that at the location we went to...
you can add unlimited trips to the bar for only $1 more per person!
The boys liked that because they had the option to try different creations!

If you are around, I recommend you give this place a try!


  1. We have a place like that right here! I love it!!!!

  2. Sounds delicious! We've had Mongolian BBQ as part of a Chinese buffet, but never with so many options. My husband and son always fill up their plates with meat and garlic, and I have more noodles and vegetables. It's great to have the choice!

  3. I went to a place like this in Northern Virginia called Big Bowl. It was wonderful. This restaurant sounds wonderful too.


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