Aloha Friday - 48

Aloha my friends!
It it Friday, time to relax and enjoy!
If you need a reason to celebrate...
It is my birthday weekend!

Keeping it simple...

What is the first song that comes to mind?

For some reason, I keep singing "I've got sunshine... on a cloudy day!"

Have a great weekend!
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Also, while you are here..
If you do not mind...
Will you head on over to facebook and LIKE inspired gifts...
Then, click on their photos...
Wacky Watermelon Photos...
and "LIKE" the one of Broxton... It gives me a vote...
If you leave a comment, it gets another one!
Thanks so much!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you came to mind. Wishing you a fun, relaxing, and pampering day!

  2. I'm listening to the radio, so it's not a fair question. :) "In the Blink of an Eye" from MercyMe is on the radio and in my head. :)

    Happy birthday!!!

  3. Thankfully I have no song in my head today. ;)

  4. It's my son's birthday today so I have Happy Birthday stuck in my head.

    Happy Birthday to you too!

    Also, I liked your son's watermelon photo on FB!

  5. oh my gosh we got this DVD to review that sings a birthday song & it has been stuck in my head for 2 days! ;) if you want it stuck in your head you can listen to it here:

  6. The theme song from Alice's Restaurant. LOL

  7. "God Bless America" - don't know why.


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