Blogger Challenge Day 24

Day 24 — A movie no one would expect you to love

I do not have a "closet" movie...
Is that good or bad?

Do you have one?


  1. I don't think I do either. I'm not ashamed to say I like something even if someone else does not. Interesting questions though - maybe that would be for a man that was obsessed with The Notebook or something :)

  2. I'm hooked on the horrible, made for TV, SyFy movies that play on Saturday night. You know the ones like "Dinocroc" and "Snakehead Terror."
    Bill and I end up watching them when we don't have anything on the DVR and have no plans for the evening or when we are home during the day on Saturday and they replay them during the day.
    They remind me of the hokey B-Movies I used to watch sitting with my granddad when I was a kid.


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