Talk of the town with Head Chef - Review (extra entry options)

I do not know about your house, but around here...
All the boys love to get in the kitchen.
With our place being so small...
I hate to be this way, but no one is allowed in there while I cook.
(Not that this happens too often, but still!)

I mean, you can turn around and burn yourself with the way we all are!
I am not sure where, but I saw the cutest decorated kitchen a bit ago.
Honestly, I think it was when we were out looking for our new apartment...
Anyways, they had these cute little cooking utensil characters...

Of course, I knew that I would eventually need safe cooking items, for when Broxton felt the need to help me cook...
That time has now come!
Thank goodness for Head Chefs!

He feels that whenever I am in the kitchen, he needs to help.
He drags a chair over to where I am...
Climbs up and immediately wants to help mama!
I am telling you, he is a man on a mission!

Well, he wanted to help...
So, I gave him a couple of the utensils that we were sent from Head Chefs.
HE LOVES them!
He played with them the whole time while I cooked!
Normally, he gets upset, because he doesn't have cooking tools...
He stirred, he played with the spatula...
LoL, he even saw they had belly buttons and he felt the need to compare his to theirs!

The fun thing?
He "helped" me cook...
He was such a big boy using his tools to help with dinner!
These are also great to sit around as decoration!
They would be so cute in a girls apartment!

But back to the utensils!
Head Chefs has everything!
From spoons to measuring cups.
Most of their items are more along the baking lines, but they also carry peelers and cleaning brushes! As well as child sized utensils!!!
They have it all!
This is such a great tool to encourage a younger one to help you in the kitchen.
Not only will mealtime be more enjoyable, it also allows you more time to bond while preparing dinner! I know that Broxton is a bit young, but I know that these will be used quite often... by all of us!

Aren't they just the cutest?!
Even the icing spreader is safe for Broxton to play with!
I know that we will be adding the other products to our kitchen very soon!!!!

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  1. following them on twitter now- thanks for the 'heads' up- LOL- will have to get a couple for my daughter for christmas!

  2. How adorable. I likey!
    I also like Head Chefs on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
    Thanks for the introduction to these.

  3. So cute! I know what you mean about crowded kitchens: just this morning we were ALL trying to get into the same corner. But this looks like a great idea!

  4. my son loves to help in the kitchen , he would love his own set of tools. super cute

  5. Oh, Noelle, these are so darned cute! I wish I had little kids so I could buy them. I am following them on Twitter and "like" them on Facebook. I also shared your post on my Facebook page.

  6. I follow them on both. I really think these are a great way to help get kids more into cooking and experimenting in the kitchen I really wish they had this kind of stuff when i was a kid!

    They have such great products available. And I know my kids would love to use each and every tool and utensil available.

    But if it gets them to maybe help out in kitchen I am all for that. Maybe they could come up with a cool looking dishcloth or something and then they can help with the dishes as well. Yes I know wishful thinking and i have gone too far


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