Stylish Blogger? Me? YAY!

Okay, I am not even going to hide the fact that I love when I get blogger awards...
I do... I really do!
It's not like I am going to be awarded for an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy or any of that...
I am taking it where I can get it!

Moving along........
I was so excited to find out that I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award!!!!
Jean, at Typical Suburban Family was the one to put a huge smile on my face!

Now, let me start and tell you about Jean.
She has 2 adorable boys and I was following her blog...
Well, I was lucky enough to sit behind her at THE CIRCUS when it came to Atlanta.
We spoke a bit during the show... and then.....
I saw her again at THE DOLPHIN EXHIBIT at the Georgia Aquarium the other day!
Now, Atlanta is not small, so it was pretty cool running into each other again!

So, THANKS Jean! Love the Award!!!!

Now, on to the rules:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you. Okay, that was super easy!
  • Share 7 things about myself.
    1 - I absolutely love THE ELLEN SHOW. She cracks me up! I would love so much to meet her.... and hope that I one day get the chance. Truth be told, she helped the days of Marc's deployment go by... I started my day with her and actually got to laugh at how fun she is!
    2 - I think that the art of letter writing is a dying thing... and I wish it would come back! I love mail, always have... and if you think about it... by sending mail, you are keeping the USPS employees EMPLOYED!
    3 - I love Cinnamon, but I am allergic to artificial Cinnamon flavoring.
    4 - I don't cook, not because I can't read the cookbook, but because I don't know what half the ingredients are! I would be SO MAD to cook a meal and then one ingredient be all funky and make me not want to eat it!
    5 - I love salad! When I was pregnant, many salads were eaten... and luckily, Broxton loves them too!
    6 - I am terrified of falling. Not of heights... I can stand at an observation deck all day long and look, but do NOT put me on a bridge... FEAR!
    7- I love blogging and love making new bloggy friends!
    Award 5 to 15 other blogs that I follow/love.
    I am actually going to cheat on this...
    I am awarding it to all of you...
    If you follow me and you blog, leave me your blog link, that way if I am NOT following you... I can start. (and I am apologizing now if I don't) I can not wait to read your 7 things!!!!!

    Please stop and show Jean love... She has a cute blog with a cute family!!!
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    1. I didn't know about most of those items above. Thanks for sharing, and CONGRATS on the award!! I feel the same way about awards, they are great! I am pretty sure you follow my blog but just in case... also did you read about my baptism?

    2. Woo hoo! It was great to see you on Friday at the aquarium! I wish we could have chatted more, but it was me versus two toddlers who were skipping nap. LOL! So when's the next local Atlanta blogging event?? Congrats on the award. Love reading your blog!!

    3. Nice to hear such great things about you. I'm afraid of heights, also.
      And you so deserve this award, my friend.
      Have a great week. :)


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