FReebee - Eebee Download

From the first time we laid eyes on Eebee, we were in love!
When people see Broxton's eebee puppet, they fall in love to!

We have the books...
We have the DVD's...
We have the puppet.
(Mental note, we NEED to get the eebee doll!)

For those familiar with eebee...
and for sure those that are NOT familiar...
Heads up, you need to check eebee out!!!
Eebee takes everyday life and turns it into lessons for your little one.
We all know that the best teacher for your child is... YOU!
They are always watching and learning...
You just need a few pointers!!
Eebee teaches:
Rolling a ball...
Feeling sand.
Stacking blocks.
Enjoying everyday things!!!

Just go visit the eebee page and download their Eebee Water Adventure Video...
***** I was not required to post this... Just thought you might like, or know someone who might like, to download and enjoy eebee at your house! *****


  1. Thanks for the kind words and your help with spreading the word about eebee. Proud to have you in our "famileebee." And, about that's a coupon code that you and your friends/family/community can use for 25% off your purchase at -- eebee25


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