Monster Trucks in Atlanta!!!! #Giveaway

Hey all!!!!
We had a great day today and let me tell you, I just loved it!!!!
Also, be warned... There is a good amount of cuteness contained in this post...
So ... Don't say I did not warn you!!!!!

We are not at the age of Monster Trucks yet...
 Well, I did not think we were until today!
I remember years ago taking my brother to a Monster Truck show and I thought Broxton might enjoy seeing the trucks...   I heard that they were in town... and get this..
FREE Meet and Greets were going on with the drivers!!!!
(It did not hurt that my grandmother gave Broxton a Monster Truck for Christmas!)
So, we put the location in the GPS and made a mommy/son day!!!!

First up:
BATMAN Monster Truck
As soon as Broxton saw it : "Whoa!  That is a big truck!"
I heard several of the men talking about what all was going on  down there!
Yes, Grown men taking pictures and all... I guess we all have excitement no matter what age!!!!
We then went inside Metro PCS where we met the driver of Batman.  He was so nice and Broxton thought it was pretty neat to meet him!  He kept calling him Batman.  They had complimentary soda/popcorn and pizza!!! ( I also heard they were raffling tickets to the event as well.)
I asked if he would be going outside for photos... He was so nice to say yes... So.......
Broxton was able to get his picture not only with the truck, but also with the driver!!!!

We then decided to head home...
Until we notices another Monster Truck!!!
This was at Advance Auto Parts!!!!
Here is the driver doing an interview before the Meet and Greet.

Tell me these are NOT MONSTER TRUCKS!!!
What?!  Here is Grinder.

Now this is where it gets pretty cool for me!
Broxton wanted to go into the big semi truck.  They were so nice to let him...
This is what it looks like...
Over here, they stack the tires and one of the trucks.  

Then, if you look under the tires and all... They move all of the equipment and what not.. Then, they drive the two trucks up on the metal ramp area... Yes... two Monster Trucks are transported in here!!!
(Please do not quote me as to that is exactly how it is done... I was just so excited to be seeing it... and learning that I might have gotten it a bit confused as to if they drive them, roll them, push them or what... but yes... two in here.. on the metal ramps!  Next time I should take notes!!)

Slap me in the face now... I do not know his name... but he was with Grinder... He was the one telling us about the truck... He was so super nice to Broxton!!!!  
This is the driver of Grinder... His name is Lupe and he used to drive another of their trucks.. 
(I learned this from a fan there!)
Broxton was just so happy to be seeing these trucks!!!!
We then headed to Grave Digger...
This was a name I had heard of...
This is Grave Digger The Legend.  
Of course, all the kids wanted to know how they got in the trucks.. With the other trucks, they climb in from the underside... Wit Grave Digger... He has a door that opens! So, we actually got to look INSIDE IT!!!!!
Grave Digger The Legend was at Little Caesars.  They gave out slices of complimentary pizza and cookies.  They even had a cake in the shape of Little Caesar!!!!  The staff there was super nice and I even got to try the White Chicken Garlic Pizza... HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!  Broxton was chowing down on the pizza!
We had the chance to meet Adam... The driver... He is the son of the original driver of Grave Digger.  Kinda neat to meet him and he was just as nice as all the other guys we met!!!!
We had a great mommy/son day with all free activities (including lunch!!)  The only thing that cost money was the gas...oh... and the MONSTER TRUCK TOYS that we just HAD TO BUY!!!!!!!  Ha ha... Great Memories and Great times!!!!!!!!!  

Let me tell you this...
If you are a fan... You want to go to the meet and greets next year.  
If you are not a fan... You want to go to the meet and greets next year... You will be a fan before you leave!!!!

Now, since I love all of my readers so very much...
When Broxton got an autograph from the driver, I asked for an additional one for you!!!
What does that mean?!

One Lucky Reader will win:
An driver autographed picture of:
Grave Digger The Legend.
(It is a photo of the truck with the driver autograph.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway*** This is not a sponsored post.  I just thought it might be fun to share and do a giveaway with you! ***


  1. I am not really a fan, but my son is. His favorite is Gravedigger.

  2. I'm not really a fan but my son likes Gravedigger

  3. cute pics! What would u do if u had a girl!? lol

  4. I am not a fan but I would love to see the show myself!

    madamerkf at aol dot com


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